Oswego, N.Y. 1906

The Ontario Knitting Company, Oswego, NY
The Ontario Knitting Company

     To the Ontario Knitting Company and the product it so extensively distributes belongs much of the credit of maintaining the wonderful supremacy which Oswego holds as a leading and rapidly progressing manufacturing center in New York State.  This aggressive corporation purchased the Conde Mills in 1903 and began the manufacture of the finest grades of cotton and woolen underwear.  With increased capital the Ontario Knitting Company commenced operations on an extensive scale, after thoroughly remodeling its plant and adding the entire machinery of the Kendall Knitting Company of Utica to the equipment of the Conde Mills.  By persistent attention to everything that makes for absolute perfection and by placing a superior grade of goods upon the market the trade of this flourishing establishment has so rapidly developed that it has become a leading factor among textile enterprises. 

    The Ontario Mill is the most complete of its kind in the United States, employs over seven hundred skilled operatives and has a capacity of 1,500 dozen garments per day.  The men's fine Balbriggan Underwear and Derby Ribbed Goods in cotton for women as well as the Derby Wool Goods for men's wear manufactured by this concern are the standard of excellence in their line.  These goods are manufactured exclusively for the wholesale trade and are widely distributed by commission houses throughout the United States and Canada.

     The Ontario Knitting Company operates its mill in connection with the Regal Textile Company of Syracuse, N. Y., Richelieu Knitting Company of Utica, N. Y., Camden Knitting Company of Camden, N. Y., Lion Manufacturing Company of St. Johnsville, N. Y., Oneida Hosiery Company of Oneida, N. Y., Standard Spinning Company of Oswego, Ontario Button Company of Amsterdam, N. Y., and the Utica Paper Box Company of Utica, N.Y.  The product of this industrial combination forms the largest aggregate output of underwear specialties of any similar mills in the country.

     The Standard Spinning Company manufactures cotton yarns for the knitting mills in this combination and conducts its business in a large and well-equipped factory on the river bank opposite the Ontario Mill.  This factory runs day and night and the same high standard of manufacture is maintained in the process of yarn making as in the producing of underwear.  Its capacity averages 8o,ooo pounds of yarn per week and this vast product requires the consumption of 10,000 bales of cotton annually.  The Standard Spinning Company gives employment to three hundred experienced mill operatives.

     The officers of the Ontario Knitting Company are: 
William H. Stansfield, President; 
Charles A. Byington, Vice-President ; 
George E. Farrell, Secretary, and 
George A. Frisbie, Treasurer. 
James G. Merriman, Jr., is the efficient manager of the Standard plant.

Oswego Maize Products Co., Oswego, N.Y. 1906

General Offices, Oswego New York

Oswego Maize Products Co., Oswego, N.Y.
Oswego Maize Products Co., Oswego, N.Y.

W. P. BEARD5LEY, Vice-Pres.
J.W. HUTCHINSON, Secy.- Treas.
A. P. MURDOCH, Gen'l Manager



     We have strained every nerve to put Murdoch's Oswego Corn Starch and Oswego Velvet Gloss at the top, and everybody who has tried them seems to think we have done it. Both brands are made by the original Kingsford process by a former Kingsford Superintendent  They are pure, rich, perfect Starches and you'll unhesitatingly say so when you examine them. In manufacturing our Starch we use clear Lake Ontario water supplied by our own pumping and filtration plant.

Granite Cemetery Memorials, Oswego, NY 1906 


Some of the Oswego People for Whom I Have Furnished Memorials in Riverside and 0ther Cemeteries.

Edwin Allen
Charles Allison
Allen Ames
Leonard Ames
James H. Bradley
H. M. Britton
Weston Banker
Charles H Butler
J. DeWitt Case
W. C Chaffee
F. J. Chamberlin
Frederick 0. Clarke
N. J. Cuyle
Dr. J. Byron DeWitt
James B. Farwell
B. C. and Morgan Frost
N. C. Goble
William E. Goble
J. Edson Heath
S. Porter Hubbard
Theodore Irwin
Ira L. Jenkins
Karl Kellogg
Samuel Lippencott
Louis H. Luqueer
Col. Henry H. Lyman
Card T. Lyon
John F. Lyon
James H. McCarthy
James McChesney
William McChesney
John H. McCollom
James D. MacFarlane
David Mannering
Thomas Mathews
Gilbert Mollison
Col. John T. Mott
Joseph B. Nelson
Charles North
John R. Noyes
Clarence A. Parsons
William B. Parsons
John P. Phelps
Col. Ward G. Robinson
William W. Rope
Hon. Ceorge B. Sloan
Rev. H. H. Stebbins
Henry Stevenson
Gen. Thomas Ward
George E. Watkin
E. R. Weed
Luther Wright

Source:  Photos and information from the book, "Oswego Yesterday & Today, A Souvenir of the Celebration of Old Home Week and of the Re-Garrisoning of Fort Ontario," published under the auspices of The Chamber of Commerce, Oswego, NY, 1906.  

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