Lakeside Press Various Clippings
1887 - 1896

Contributed by KielyJo Malone, Town Editor for Constantia.  Many thanks for her researching these items to share with us.

July 16, 1887
C. Ladue, who made a horse tradde last week, swapped again the other day for a yoke of cattle." Hoss "  trades are becoming very plentiful. Landlord Flairty swapped with a jewelry agent yesterday and got a 7 year old horse, gold watch and $5. This morning, ex-Justice Morse traded his colt for Ladue's yoke of steers. Landlord Beebe traded his brown horse for a bay horse, Monday, with a man in Florence and gave $25 to boot. 

August 20, 1887
There will be an excursion train tomorrow from Sylvan Beach. Tickets for the round trip from Cleveland 40 cents. 

August 27, 1887 
If the Central New York Telephone Company expects to do any considerable business throughout this vicinity, they will have to reduce their rates. The present charges are but little less than highway robbery. 

September 17, 1887
Frost last night. 

October 1, 1887 
The kids are clubbing the nut trees. 

October 15, 1887
The manufacture of window glass was resumed in the factories at this place and Bernhards Bay on Wednesday afternoon. 

December 17, 1887 
Frank Palmer is " kicking "  vigorously, and the cause thereof is his
brother crawling into his bed, past the midnight hour, two or three nights in the week, and using Frank's back to warm his feet on. 

December 24, 1887
The night express, due in Cleveland at 4:55 a.m. Monday was 7 hours late.  It met with a serious accident on the middle division.One of the side rods broke on the locomotive and crashed through the cab, fatally injuring the engineer. 

December 31, 1887
" Pike "  got a bad scare last night. For full particulars inquire at the the Globe. 

January 28, 1888 
The telephone office here has been fitted up with a new pattern
switchboard and long distance transmitter. 

February 11, 1888
The village board failed to put in an appearance Monday evening. 

March 3, 1888
Thursday afternoon, 24 sleighs by actual count, contained not less than 60 persons, crossed over on the lake from this place to Bridgeport to take in a horse trot. 

March 24, 1888
The price of eggs is steadily on the decline, the lastest qoutation here being 16 cents per dozen. 

May 12, 1888 
The band will give a dance Tuesday in App Hall. The canal boat built by Ezra Dickinson for G. Pickett, Constantia will be launched today. 

June 16, 1888
The Cleveland G.W. Band has arranged for a moonlight excursion to Frenchman's Island. 

July 7, 1888
Excursion Boats are violating the law by not having life preservers on board. 

September 29, 1888 
Grape thieves are numerous. 

October 6, 1888
Visit New York via New York O&W $5.65 round trip- good for 10 days. 

October 27, 1888
Cheese factories are closing up until spring. 

November 17, 1888 
Houser's dog was cut in two by the cars yesterday. Houser said when notified of the affair, " Next time he stay home." 

January 26, 1889
The C.D. Henry People's Theatre began a weeks engagement here in Audas Hall Monday evening. 

March 2, 1889 
A big wave of drunkenness spread over Cleveland yesterday. Landlord Beebe has the gout. E.H. Hoose has been unable to any work at the glass factory for six weeks because of rheumatism in the arm. 

April 6, 1889
A check of $100 was received here yesterday to pay a prize drawn in the Louisana lottery. Four Clevelanders get $25 each. 

May 11, 1889
The hotel Getman opening. The formal opening of the new Hotel Getman took place Tuesday evening of this week. Invitations to the number of 300 had been distributed far and wide. The evening was perfect. The Cleveland Band gave delightful selections and a pleasure steamer lay at the dock for the use of guests. It was nearly midnight when the last of the
guests were served, and then the large dining room was cleared for dancing, which was highly enjoyed until about 4 o'clock in the morning. 

June 1, 1889 
Three young Cleveland Sports went to Syracuse yesterday to order new suits. 

June 15, 1889 
" Hungry Lane " is in need of consdierable repair. Sexton Robus desires us to announce that he will next week cut the grass in the cemetery and will sell it to the highest bidder. 

July 20, 1889 
Oatmeal water is the cheapest and one of the most healthful hot weather drinks. It is simply oatmeal stirred into cold water and allowed to settle
before drinking. This is what the glass workers drink. 

August 31, 1889 
The Lakeside Cleveland Press was 16 years old last week. It was started in 1873. 
Mrs. Bonneau received $808.12 additonal pension money this week and is to get $24 each month. 

September 14, 1889
Bernhards Bay Cheese factory patrons held a lively session this week, being called together to take action in the case of J. ickham charges with sending watered milk to the factory. 

November 9,1889 
The state game protector who was here this week said that Cleveland was the only place along the entire shore of Oneida Lake where net fishing was not engaged in. A decided compliment to Cleveland. 

November 16, 1889
Ex-Landlord Flarity is getting quite gray. 
Louis Best goes next week to Lancaster Ohio to blow double thick glass. 

January 25, 1890
Three tons of coal were burned in the Getman house in two weeks. 

March 8, 1890
50 years, or one half century ago, Postmaster A.D. Brooks of Bernards Bay first set foot in the town of Constantia. In company with a friend, he journeyed from Massachusetts by rail to a point on the New York Central
Railroad near Utica and walked there to Cleveland and engaged in making chairs. Tomorrow will be the 50th anniversary of his arrival in
Fred Houser is putting up several hundered tons of ice. ( It is told this was put in Sawdust and kept for use in the summer months ) 

April 5, 1890
Albert Morse, one of the oldest, most prominent and influential of our residents departed this life at 5:45 Thursday morning. He was born at McConnelsville, Oneida COunty, October 27, 1808. Shortly after reaching manhood, he moved to Cleveland where he was for a time connected with Constantia Iron Works. 

August 9, 1890 
In 1880 the population of Cleveland Village was about 750. Now it is 842. 

July 6, 1895 
T.D. Deans is manager of the Cleveland Canning Company. 

September 7, 1895 
About 30 of the relatives and friends of the Bernhard Family gatehred at the old homestead Monday of this week to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the settlement of Bernhards Bay by John Bernhard, who came from Holland to State Island is 1792. In the fall of 1795, John Bernhard came to Bernhards Bay with his wife and only child, John Jr., who was 9 years old.  At the time the place was a wilderness. 

February 15, 1896
Barney Delehunt has quit the glass factory work and is employed in an Elmira grocery store at $10 a week. 

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