Bridgewater Monthly Meeting Records of the Quaker Church
Bernard's Bay, Town of Constantia,
Oswego Co., NY
 Kiely - These records are taken from the Bridgewater Monthly Meeting records of the Quaker church. A lot of the Quaker people in Constantia came from the Coeyman's MM in New Baltimore, Greene Co, NY and Rensselaerville MM in Albany Co., NY to Bridgewater. Coeymans and Renssalaerville were very close together, Rensselaerville being started from Coeyman's. Constantia was begun from Bridgewater and all the Constantia records that I have found are under the Bridgewater MM. Bridgewater was changed to Verona in 1840. I have included (?) where the writing is unclear. I will send more later!  Anne Hurst.

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Bridgewater Monthly Meeting record

30 of 10th mo. 1835 - the Friends appointed to attend Constantia meeting not being ready to report, that meeting is again allowed for 3 months under the care of the Committee. Acors Rathbun being appointed in addition to the committee. 
 Verona Monthly Meeting of friends held 7th mo 1st 1853
    Accounts are received from the preparative meeting and the representative present. The committee to raise this meetings proportion of money for building a meeting house at Constantia report it raised and paid as directed being twenty dollars and fifty cents. 
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Bridgewater/ Verona Monthly Meeting
1st mo. 25th 1853
Names of Friends in Constantia meeting - (* not explained; possibly original members or leaders) 
*John Bedell
*Dorcas, his wife 
James P. Bedell 
Jeremiah J (?) Bedell 
Henry C. Bedell
John G. Bedell 
George Bedell 
Deborah Jane Bedell
Hannah J. Bedell
*Deborah Powel
John P. Dickinson
Dorcas Ann Dickinson Spencer (?)
Amy Dickinson
Joseph B. Dickinson
John F./S. Dickinson
Merium G. Dickinson
Merium Mathews
Catherine N. Dolby
*Patience Dickinson
*Patience Hallock
Mary Ett Lawson
William Dickinson 
Charles Dickinson 
Mary Eaton
Angeline Beach
Jelian (?) Lyon
Willet Stratten
Sarah Stratten
Dorcas Stratten
Enos Stratten
Mary Eliz Hanegum
Phebe Ann Denis
Elizabeth Bedell
Jacob Dickinson
Mary Ann Powel
Ambrose Halstead
Film # 0017330 - Verona Monthly MeetingDeaths - (Very hard to read, last column of days almost impossible!)
Zebadiah Dickinson  3 month 3 1839 (?) 
Sarah Dickinson  19 of 4th mo 1842   63 yrs
Elizabeth Dickinson  6 of 1(?) mo 1845  40 or 90 yrs
Phebe Bedell died 27 of 3 mo 1846  52 yrs 1 mo(?)
Deborah Dickinson ___ of 5 mo 1852  61 yrs 7 mo 2(?)
Julina Lyon the 24 of 5 mo 1853 47 yrs
Moses Dickinson the 1st of 10 mo 1853 77 yrs 4 mo ___
Acors Rathbun the 15 of 9th mo 1855 53 
Sarah Rathbun 22 of 5th mo 1859 52 52 (?) y
Patience Dickinson 29 of 5th mo 1860 77 yrs
Amy (?) Rathbun 16 of 10th mo 1861 58 yr 4 mo
Solomon Rathbun 9 of 11th mo 1861 62 yr 3 mo
Martha Powell Died 24th of 8 mo 1868
Debora Powell   " 1st 10 mo 1867 - Rec'd by Cert. (i.e.  became a member by a certificate of removal from another monthly meeting when she changed  locations.)
Patience Hallock Died 25 of 9 mo 1875 Rec'd by Cert.(nee Halstead, dau. of David & Sarah Smith Halstead; wife of Epenetus Hallock)
Dorcas Bedell Died 1st of 10 mo 1875
Ferris Powell     "  27th of 3 mo 1876 (husband of Martha Haight Wing, dau of     Nathaniel & Mary Haight of Westerlo, Albany Co., NY)
John Bedell  Died 13 of 3 mo 1880
John S. Haight " 11 of 7 (?) mo 1880
Edward Hallock  " 1st of 2nd mo 1879

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