First Street from Bridge, Fulton, N.Y.
 First Street from Bridge, Fulton, N.Y.,
Early Postcard dated 1912

History of Oswego Co., NY
1895 Landmark's History  Book, Village of Fulton

Biography of Opal M.Peterson, Fulton, NY
Obituary and Biography of Peter Stewart Family, Granby ? Fulton, NY
Biography of  Dr. C. G. Bacon, Fulton, NY
Biography of EDWIN J.YOUNGS, Fulton, NY
Biography of Schenck Family, Granby and Fulton, NY

Citizens of Fulton Village
Crahan Family Biography ? photograph

Mt. Adnah Cemetery Part 1Part 2 (Chubb families)
Case Memorial Mausoleum, Mt. Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, NY Photo 
St. Mary's Cemetery

Civil War Pension File of Harrison Cassius Stewart, Oswego Co., NY

County Connections:   
Obituary of Guilford Dudley Mace, Jr.
Obituary of Mrs. Julia Moon
Tressa A. Hammond Moon
Obituary and Biography of Peter Stewart Family, Granby ? Fulton, NY
Misc. Obits of Fulton, NY

"Summer School -Fulton" - (140 k) *see below for smaller image.
Baldwin Moyer Family, Fulton, NY Photo - Click for large graphic
Unknown Moon? Family- Please help to Identify
The Circus Comes To Fulton, NY  - Great Photographs from 1928 - 1942
The 1932 Graduating Class Phillips St. Jr. High, Fulton, NY
Fulton, NY Postcard Folder

Oberlin College Graduates ? Non-Graduates


Residence of Dr. Charles G. Bacon, No. 33 Oneida St., Fulton, N.Y.
Residence of Dr. Charles G. Bacon, No. 33 Oneida St., Fulton, N.Y.
(Engraving from the History of Oswego County, N.Y.)



Summer School -Fulton , 1890'S
"Summer School -Fulton" , 1890'S
Contributed by Martha Magill, Herk/Montg Co., NY GenWeb

The back of the photo says "Summer School -Fulton" (for ma). On the matting that was around it someone penciled in "Mabel" and then there's a symbol pointing her out - she's the first woman from the left in the top row. 
  The dress is classic 1890s, with muttonchop sleeves on the women.  The original photo is an albumen print, mounted on decorative cardstock.
    **If you can identify anyone in the photograph, or know where it was taken in Fulton, please email me here, and it can be added with the picture. 

Click photo to view larger image (140 k)  Graphics Intensive

This may be Falley Academy where my Great Grandmother Arminda Wright and other ancestors attended and taught. Mark Snyder.

      Boy that fella on the extreme right (halfway into the window against the wall) sure looks like a Moyer.  Only Fulton resident was Fredrick J. Moyer, born in Canastota 23 Nov 1873, so he would have been 17 at the time, shows up in the 1930 census in Fulton at 602 Burt Street, married Mary Elizabeth Carr after 1915, employee at the Oswego Falls Paper Corp. 

      I am enclosing a family photo and he would be third from the left in the second row.  Why he was in photo is unknown, if it is even him.  I just had to send it along, as I just thought he looked
familiar.  I have yet to identify all the family, but I have suspicions but no proof of their identities.  darn. 

Baldwin Moyer Family
Baldwin Moyer Family, Fulton, NY
Click photo to view larger image

The front two are Fred's parents Alice E. Baldwin and John Moyer, second from right, second row is Joseph Moyer and his daughter Vivian now 87 living in Kane Pa. His wife Edith Ward
is behind him to right. William Moyer is on his left.  John L. Avery I believe is second row extreme left next to Hazel his wife. In front of him is ? Marjorie Moyer age 13. One of the ladies in the rear is my Grandmother Margaret Anna Moyer and husband Joseph Derouin. Arlene Moyer may be the baby on left age 2, Beverly Moyer the infant born 1917.  But at this stage it is
guesswork. Anyway, I need a second opinion of Fredrick and the guy at the school. He does look older than 17, well it was fun doing the e-mail.....Grayce Ezarik at: ?> 



Unknown Moon? Family
Would like to Identify them.  Can anyone Help!!!

Click on Photo For Larger Image

I have been really struggling with my "Moon family", but I do know most lived in Oswego Co., NY...lots near Fulton.  I've searched the rootsweb/nyowsego site, not seeing many photos. I guess you could say I'm looking for a needle in a (local) haystack. I have been posting on these major message boards with many names for "my Moons" without much response, I thought contributing photos might trigger something for someone. Let me know if I can start sending some more....I have lots from an album belonging to my Great-Great grandmother (letters too).  I figure I'll never know, if I don't use the technology at hand.  Please contact me if you recognize anyone.

Contributed by Suzanne M. Kubacki at:

Posted 6/14/02


City of Fulton Historian
  Sean Fagan
  59 West Fourth Street
  Fulton, NY  13069

Nov. 8, 2001:
As a member of The Friends of History in Fulton. I would like to take the time to tell you that we have many sources available to those doing research on local history or their family's. We think that its very important that this information is shared with those who have an intrest in our local history.  Sean W. Fagan

Friends Of History in Fulton
 177 South First Street
 Fulton, New York 13069
 Phone  (315) 598-4616 
Tues-Friday from  9:00-3:00 or by appointment

Information was obtained from the History of Oswego County, N. Y., 1789 – 1877, published by Everett ? Ferriss, 1878. 

----The early history of events within the present corporate limits of Fulton has been given in the preceding excellent history of the town of Volney, written by F. W. Squires, Esq. The publishers subjoin the following sketch of later events and institutions in this prosperous village.

 Mr. William Schenck, who came to this village in 1812, states twelve buildings were standing at that time within the present corporate limits of Fulton exclusive of the Upper and Lower Landings.

 The first building was erected on Oneida street, and stood near the east end of the present Nelson Mills.  One of the first buildings in the village occupied the site of the present residence of Oliver French, on First street, and the other buildings were in that immediate vicinity, but their exact location is not known.

 The business of the village was confined to the Upper and Lower Landings until the year 1825, when the legislature of the state having appropriated one hundred and sixty thousand dollars for the purpose of building the Oswego canal, the location of the present village proper attracted the attention of various business men, and among them Lewis FALLEY, who became the first merchant, and occupied a building which stood on the present site of the Nelson coal office. The next mercantile firm was Cady, Case ? Co., who offered their wares in a building occupying the present location of Howe’s law-office.  Other early merchants who located during 1825 and 1826 were Leonard, Whitaker, Douglass ? Comstock, the Tousey Brothers, Oliver Burdick, John J. Wolcott, Chas. Tucker, and probably a few others whose names are not remembered.

 The corner-stone of the first lock on the Oswego canal was laid in this village, with Masonic ceremonies, July 4, 1826, in the midst of a large concourse of people, the address being delivered by Hon. David P. BREWSTER, of Oswego.  The Declaration of Independence was read by Peter SCHENCK, and the chaplain on the occasion was a Rev. Mr. IRWIN, a Methodist clergyman.  Hastings CURTIS officiated as marshall of the day, and K. E. SANFORD assistant.

 The completion of the canal, in 1828, ushered in an important era in the history of Fulton, and from that time to the present it has kept abreast with the rapid progress of the county, and to-day is ranked among the more pleasant and prosperous villages of which northern New York can so truthfully boast. 

The First Charter

In 1835 Fulton had so far increased in population and importance that it was deemed necessary it should partake of the privileges and immunities of an incorporated village.  Consequently, on the 29th day of April, 1835, it was chartered and its boundaries designated as follows:  “Beginning at the southwest corner of the State reservation at Oswego Falls; thence along the south and east sides thereof to State street; thence along the public highway northeasterly to the four corners at the eastern boundary of Steen’s location; thence along the line of said location to the north line thereof; thence west to the center of the Oswego river; thence along the center of said river to the place of beginning.”  The boundaries have subsequently been enlarged at several different times.  Aaron G. FISH was the first president of the village, and J. H. WOODIN is the present president.

The following constitute the present board of trustees:

Willard CURTIS
Prentice YOUMANS

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