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 George Scriba was granted the original land deeds for what became known as Scriba’s Patent.  He sold these lands to the earliest settlers.  A complete list of his sales is not available, but the New York State Archives do have the Scriba Papers.  In these documents the original tax list of 1811 can be found. 

This list was prepared by Tax Assessors: Joseph Bailey, Elijah Everts and William Huntley.  The complete list originally included names from New Haven, Parish and Mexico.  Eighty-one identifiable names came from Mexico with their lot numbers.  Some of these early sales have deeds that cannot be found today.  Early records were rather casually kept.  Thus this tax list is of special importance.  It is impossible to evaluate the completeness of the names, but Tax Assessors of every era tend to strive for total inclusion. 

Aldrich, David 87 Kingsley, John 69&70
Alfred, Shubal 51 Lamb, James 67
Allen, Comfort 145  Lamb, David 91
Allen, Perry 133 Manwaring, Samuel 35&36
Ames, Leonard 62 Manwaring, Samuel, Jr. 35
Beebe, Alexander 55 Matthews, Edmund 39&49 
Beebe, Joseph B. 57 Matthews, Levi 40
Bliss, Jonathan 58 Mead, Lewis 132
Brewster, Sardius 79  Morton, Asa 66&67
Burke, Elijah 144 Morton, Bailey 65
Burnham, Dyer 66 Morton, Gad 64
Carr, Ebenezer 55 Morton, John 64
Cole, William 54 Murdock, Daniel 63
Cone, Guerdon 107  Norton, Timothy 81
Cook, William 45 Parkhurst, Jonathan 153
Crossman, Roland 50 Peck, Dennis 50&61
Davis, Asa 90 Platt, Jonas 25
Davis, Phineas 53 Pratt, Nehemiah 97&110
Douglas, Stephen 120 Pratt, Peter 80
Everts, Ebenezer 19&27  Rice, Joseph 98
Everts, Elijah 18  Richardson, Oliver 94&95
Everts, Luther 5 Richardson, Rufus 63&52
Everts, Samuel 11 Roberts, James 9
Everts, Samuel, Jr. 4  Roberts, Joel 10
Everts, Solomon 54 Root, Thomas 66
Everts, Walter 18 Savage, Joel 68&69
Franklin, Luther 107 Shelby, Brainard 53
Gafford, Richard 42? Slack, Israel 79
Gates, Ephraim 41  Smith, Noah 59
Gaut, Mary 104 Steel, Seth 82
Green, John 131 Tiffany, Calvin 55
Hawley, Henry 79  Tubbs, Dean
Higbee, Isaac 145 Tyler, Asa 47
Hosmer, Sherman 81 Webb, Lucias 74
Huntley, Lorenzo 133 Wheeler, Thomas 99&86
Huntley, William R. 118 Whipple, Barnet 117
Johnson, Obadiah 37 Whitney, Eliphalet 74
Kellogg, Martin 66 Williams, David 105
Kenyon, John 39 Williams, David Sage 118
Kingsbury, George 33 Wiman, Horace 60
Wright, Benjamin 26

Many thanks and appreciation to Esther Rancier for contributing this information.

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