1903 Articles From "Grips"
Historical Souvenir of Mexico, 
Oswego County, NY

Many thanks and appreciation to Esther Rancier for contributing this information. Esther is researching in Richland and Mexico the Soul/Soule, Brace and Daniel P. Smith families, and would appreciate hearing from anyone researching these surnames. 
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Starr Clark's Tin Shop was Whig headquarters in the village of  Mexico fifty or sixty years ago - where Simon's billiard room now is. Over sixty years ago Clark was the only man who took a daily paper in the village. He was a friend and correspondent of William H. Seward and that gave him a political prestige here. It was here that the Whigs gathered to hear the latest news and draw political sustenance from the fountain head. 

SOURCE: "Grips" Historical Souvenir of Mexico, N.Y. (1903] p. 85. 


Wellwood (South Mexico) was settled by James Wellwood in 1838. It is only within the past few years when the post office was started that it was named Wellwood. The postmasters here were Mahlon Remington, Ellsworth Remington, Mrs. Emma Preston, and William Harris. The South Mexico Methodist church was organized March 1, 1849 with 120 members and they built and dedicated their church in March, 1851. The early pastors were Charles Northrup, Anson Tuller, Harris Kingsley and J. C. Brown. 

SOURCE: "Grips" Historical Souvenir of Mexico, N.Y. [1903] p.32. 


The strawberry industry of the town is of great importance. Mexico being one of the main shipping points in the county. The soil is adapted for berry culture giving the fruit a size and flavor which brings the best prices on the market. Most of the farms in the town grow berries. At times in a favorable season there are as many as one hundred and fifty teams drawn up at the cars that are always being loaded in a single day. 

SOURCE: "Grips" Historical Souvenir of Mexico, N.Y. [1903] p. 80. 


The Oswego & Utica Railroad Company was chartered May 13, 1836, but did nothing for the next several years. On April 23, 1839, the Oswego & Syracuse RR Co. was incorporated, the road being completed in November 1848, and in May 1851, the road was constructed as far as Pierrepont Manor. The Oswego & Rome Railroad Company constructed a road from Oswego to Richland station via Pulaski and Mexico in the fall of 1865. The Oswego Midland Railroad Co. was incorporated Jan. 11,1866. The road, extending from Oswego to Jersey City, a distance of 325 miles, was completed in 1872. It is now known as the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad. The Syracuse Northern Railroad Company was chartered in 1870 and on the 18th of May in the same year construction was begun. The road was opened, Nov. 9, 1871. It is now part of the Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg system, leased by the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company, and extends from Syracuse to Pulaski, where it connects with the Oswego and Mexico branch of the same system. The Lake Ontario Shore Railroad, also a part of that system, was constructed in 1871 connecting Oswego with Lewiston on the Niagara River. A branch road extending from Woodard, a station on the Syracuse Northern Railroad to Fulton and there connecting with the New York, Ontario and Western Railroad, gives the New York Central entrance to Oswego direct from Syracuse. The R. W. & O. system was leased to the New York Central in March, 1891. 

SOURCE: "Grips" Historical Souvenir of Mexico, N.Y. [1903] p.43. 

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