Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Bonnie Shumway, Town Historian of Mexico, N.Y., for contributing this cemetery list and making it available to online researchers. Bonnie has also contributed a wonderful History on the Town of Mexico, and can be read on the Mexico Town Page.  Many thanks also to volunteer, Dianne Thomas, Volney Town Editor, for transcribing this list, and who luckily, likes long and detailed projects. Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy.
**For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Town Historians / Historical Societies.
ARNOLD Ann G.   no dates wife of Josiah Richard ARNOLD
ARNOLD David T.   1876 aged 81y,3m,17d; husb of Uretta Arnold
ARNOLD Josiah Richard   1906 son of David & Uretta; aged 69y; husb of Ann G.
ARNOLD Uretta   1878 aged 82y; wife of David T.
BIDDLECOM Betsy C.   1847 aged 25y,4m,27d; dau of Lyman & Mercy
BIDDLECOM Betty A.   1863 aged 5y,10m; dau of L.J. & N.J.(?)
BIDDLECOM Lyman   1875 aged 75y;husb of Mercy
BIDDLECOM Martha A.   1858 aged 23y,3m; wife of Anson
BIDDLECOM Mercy   1886 aged 86y; wife of Lyman
BIDDLECOM Eli G.   1861 aged 31y
BOOMER or ROOMER Alanson   1856 aged 19y,2m
BROWN Bateman A. 1830 1903 son of Abram; husb of Nanch HARRIS
BROWN Clarissa A.   1864 aged 62y,6m; wife of Hosannah
BROWN Hosannah   1868 aged 74y; husb of Clarissa A.
BROWN Nancy HARRIS 1837 1912 wife of Bateman A.
BUCK Edward in VT 1887 aged 78y; son of Jonathan & ???(HIMES) BUCK
BURLINGHAM Calivin D.   1851 or 1874 aged 51y,4m,23d or 54y; husb of Margaret
BURLINGHAM Emma A.   1846 aged 9y,9m,19d; dau of Calvin D. & Margaret
BURLINGHAM Margaret   1871 aged 74y,11d; wife of Calvin D.
BURLINGHAM Deborah   1865 aged 89y,8m; wife of S. Burlingham
CALKINS Albert 1841 1925 son of James & Delia (POND) Calkins; husb of Stella
CALKINS Delia Ann (Adelia) POND 1814 VT 1897 dau of Otis POND; wife of James Y.
CALKINS Eliza M. 1812 1854 wife of Stephen W.
CALKINS Estella HUBBARD VT 1900 aged 47y; dau of John & ??? (RICHARDSON) HUBBARD
CALKINS James Y. 1812 1901 son of Luther & Cinthia (WOOD) Calkins; husb of Delia Ann POND
CALKINS Julia A. 1853 1926 dau of James & Delia
CALKINS Juliaette V.   1873 aged 34y; wife of A.G. COURTNEY
CALKINS Nancy H.   1872 aged 42y; wife of Luther E.
CALKINS Stephen W. 1810 1853 husb of Eliza M.
COMSTOCK Emma A.   1864 aged 20y; on fam. Plot of Israel & Jennette
COMSTOCK G.   1841 aged 3y; on fam. Plot of Israel & Jennette
COMSTOCK Isreal   1848 aged 78y; husb of Jennette
COMSTOCK Jennette   1849 aged 75y; wife of Isreal
COMSTOCK M.   1856 aged 2m
COUCH Horace   1857 aged 69y; husb of Mary
COUCH Mary   1866 aged 81y,7m,18d; wife of Horace
COURTNEY Juliaette V.     see CALKINS
CRANE Charles E.   1841 aged 7y,4m,11d; son of Ezra & Mary A.
DAVIS Benjamin R.   1852 aged 54y,10m
DAVIS Cynthia   1856 aged 81y
DAVIS David T.   1851 aged 10y,1m, 26 or 30d
DAVIS Ichabod   1835 aged 73y ??
DAVIS Jessie E.   no dates aged 14y,3m,17d; dau of D. & ?? C. Davis
DAVIS John W.   1819 aged 19y,6m; son of Peleg & Lucy
DAVIS Lovina   1834 aged 34y; wife of Peleg
DAVIS Lucinda J.   1854 wife of G.P. Davis
DAVIS Lucy A. 1809 1890 wife of Peleg
DAVIS Lydia M.   1835 wife of Peleg
DAVIS Maria Adelaid   1857 aged 14y; dau of P. & L. ???
DAVIS Marty (Mary)   1828 aged 43y?; wife of Peleg
DAVIS Melvin   1852 aged 15y,3m,15d; son of Peleg & Lucy
DAVIS Moris C.   1862 aged 23y; Civil War Vet
DAVIS Peleg   1867 aged 78y,6m,14d; husb of Marty, Lovina, Lydia & Lucy
DAVIS Philip   1826 aged 44y
DAVIS Family Monument     aged 11y; R. & L. Adams
DECKER Carlile   1843 aged 22y,3m,13d
DECKER Franklin   1840 aged 4y,8m,22d
DUNHAM Loren J.     Soldier from 1861-1865
ENSWORTH ------     see CARD
ENSWORTH Backus 1812 1882 husb of Emily A. & Hannah M.
ENSWORTH Emily A.   1838 or 1848 aged 26y,9m,4d; wife of Backus
ENSWORTH Hannah M.   1856 aged 24y,8m,27d; wife of Backus
HALADAY Emma E.   1862 aged 3y,5m; dau of J.H. & S.E.
HALADAY Flora Augusta     aged 1y,8m,10d; dau of J.H. & S.E.
HARRIS Nancy     see BATEMAN
HELBOCK female   1914 dau of Peter & Blance (FOX) Helbock
HILL Ranson   1841 aged 11m,20d; son of E. H. & (C?) J. Hill
HOWLETT Adelbert   1851 aged 3y,11m; son of D. & A.; grandson of Thomas & Liva Howlett
HOWLETT Angenett   1869 aged 45y,1m; wife of David
HOWLETT Liva   1856 aged 67y,7m; wife of Thomas H
HOWLETT Thomas   1854 aged 75y,1m; husb of Liva
HUBBARD Estella     see CALKINS
JORDIN Lena Bell   1888 aged 3m,12d; dau of Leroy Jordin
KANE Lydia   1868 aged 37y; wife of Perseavle (sic) Kane
KEELER Charlotte B.   1861  
KEELER Daniel   1869 aged 76y
KEELER Ellery H.   1827 aged 2y,1m,18d; son of D.H. & H. (?) M. Keeler
KEELER Hannah M.   1841 aged 37y,1m,13d
KEELER Isiah Jr. 1761 1852 Rev. War Soldier; Pvt. in Col Warner's Regt.
KEELER Martin   1844 aged 12 or 17y, 12d; son of D. & H.V. Keeler
KEELER Mary   1832 aged 35y; wife of Nathan O.
KEELER Ruth E.   1830 5m,18d; son of D. & H.M. Keeler
KEELER Sarah   1829 aged 32y; wife of Nathan
KENYON Mary Celia   1857 aged 15y,2m; dau of Daniel & Jerusha
KILBORN Abigail   1844 aged 30y,8m,18d; wife of David D.
KILBOURN Julia A.   1854 aged 21y; wife of Hourace C.
KING David   1861 aged 77y; husb of Hannah
KING Hannah   1861 aged 76y; wife of David
KNIGHT Archibald S.   1841 aged 11m, 21d; son of Wm & Lucy
KNIGHT Edward C.   1892 husb of Ruby
KNIGHT Francis W.   1845 aged 2m,11d; son of Wm. & Sabra
KNIGHT George M.   1826 aged 7m; son of Wm. & Sabra
KNIGHT Jane   1879 aged 52y; dau of Wm & Sabra
KNIGHT Lucy A.   1876 aged 56y; wife of William T.
KNIGHT Ruby   1845 aged 20y,6m,14d; wife of Edward C.
KNIGHT Sabra   1864 aged 79y; wife of William
KNIGHT William   1863 aged 83y; husb of Sabra
KNIGHT William T.   1885 aged 72y; husb of Lucy
LAMPHERE Infant   1895 child of Milton & Catherine (DYKE) Lamphere
MARKHAM Buchia   1889 aged 76y
MATTERSON Willie L.   1866 aged 1m,3d; son of L. & M.L.
MATTERSON Wright   1847 aged 41y,1m,2d
MATTESON Alexander 1819 1900 husb of Sarah HOWLETT
MATTESON Lyman   1865 aged 28y,5m,21d;
MATTESON Sarah HOWLETT 1819 1891 or 1894 wife of Alexander
MAXAM Chester L.   1816 aged 3m,9d; son of Lewis & Mary
MC DONAL (SIC) James   1865 aged 48y
MYERS Jacob   1858 aged 70 or 79y; husb of Sarah
MYERS Sarah   1857 aged 68y; wife of Jacob
MYERS Sarah   1860 aged 55y,2m; wife of William
MYERS Dau.   1859 aged 3y,10m; dau of A. & M.
ORMSBY "Our Baby"   1861 aged 11m,11d; son of Morris & Mary
ORMSBY Candace   1917 aged 29y; dau of Philander & Luna
ORMSBY Ebenezer   1832 aged 72y; husb of Experience; Rev War Soldier 1775-1783
ORMSBY Experience   1855 aged 86y,10m; wife of Ebenezer
ORMSBY Liva (?)   1847 aged 13y,2m; dau of Philander & Laura
ORMSBY Marshall   1859 aged 5m, 26d or 1y,5m,25d; son of Morris & Mary
ORMSBY Philander   1856 aged 56y,5m,16d; husb of Luna & Laura;
ORMSBY Baby   186? aged 2m,26d;
PARDEE Eve   1854 aged 66y; wife of Calvin
PHELPS Aron   1863 aged 83y; husb of Lucy
PHELPS Eliza   no dates  
PHELPS Lucy A.   1862 aged 86y; wife of Aron
POND Caroline   1849 aged 27y; wife of Daniel
POND Daniel   1891 aged 74y; husb of Caroline; son of Otis & Polly
POND Edmund   1846 aged 2y,7m; son of Daniel & Caroline
POND Frances   1849 aged 10m; child of Daniel & Caroline
POND Hiram   1877 aged 69y; husb of Philanda
POND James S.   1863 aged 18y,4m; son of Hiram & Philanda; died at Farabault, MN
POND Miranda M.   1842 aged 20y; dau of Otis & Polly
POND Nellie   1859 aged 3y,1m; dau of Hiram & Philanda
POND Otis   1855 aged 86y; husb of Polly
POND Otis   1845 aged 4y,10m,12d
POND Philanda BROWN 1818 1894 wife of Hiram; dau of H.C. BROWN
POND Polly   1840 aged 55y; wife of Otis
POND Willie L.   1862 aged 9m
RATHBUN Abigail HARRINGTON   1829 aged 53y; wife of Gideon; dau of Henry & Freelove HARRINGTON
RATHBUN Gideon   1852 aged 82y; husb of Abigail
RICHARDSON John W.   1807 aged 84y,6m; son of Marcus & Srah (FARMER) Richardson
RICHARDSON John H.   1862 aged 17y,9m; son of J. & L.J.
RICHARDSON Mary J.   1882 aged 52y,4m; wife of John
RICKARD Ann G.   1891 aged 51y; wife of Josiah
RICKARD Josiah   1906 aged 69y; husb of Ann G.
ROBERTS Devillon   1856 aged 5y; son of Philemon & Lydia
ROBERTS Hannah   1858 aged 77y; wife of James
ROBERTS James   1871 aged 89y; husb of Hannah
ROBERTS Joel   1845 aged 1y; son of Philemon & Lydia
ROBERTS Lydia   1887 aged 69y; wife of Philemon
ROBERTS Philemon   1885 or 1895 aged 73 or 78y; husb of Lydia
SHORT Phebe C.   1848 aged 21y; wife of Chester F.
SMITH A.D.   1859 aged 62y,17d or 64y,17d; husb of Ruby TRACY
STEVENS Emma J.   1861 aged 87y,20d; dau of G.P & Martha E.
STEVENS Martha E.   1856 aged 26y,11m,24d; wife of G.P.
TANNER Lorretta M.   1815 aged 3y,10m,15d; dau of E. & Cynthia Tanner
TRACY Ruby   1874 aged 71y,5m,5d; see Ruby TRACY SMITH
TURK John 1808 1888 husb of Mary Dana
TURK Josephine   1863 aged 17y; dau of John & Mary Dana
TURK Mary Dana 1809 1888 wife of John
TURK Sarah J.   1863 aged 17y; dau of J. & M. Turk
WAUGHN Eliza E. VT 1908 aged 72y; dau of Justin & Betsy (WHITE) LOOKER
WILEY Infant son   1841 son of Jacob & Sarah Ann
YOUNG Hiram L. Jr.   1851 age unknown; son of Hiram & M. Young
YOUNG Richard M.   1851 aged 4y,3m; son of Hiram & M. Young
YOUNG Simon W.   1851 aged 1y,7d; son of Hiram & M. Young (all 3 sons died within 1 wk; 2 died the same day

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