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The First Baptist Church of Mexico was organized as the Baptist Church of Mexicoville, Jan.24, 1832, by the Rev. Jonathan Goodwin, who came to this town from Connecticut in 1829. Preaching in this vicinity for three years, his labors crystalized in the organization of this church. His ripe age, experience, wisdom and spiritual endowment fitted him for effective service. Born at Lebanon, CT, in the year of our nation's birth, 1776, called of God, pastor of the Baptist Church at Mansfield, CT for twenty successive years, he was the man for the work. Serving the infant church as pastor three years, he returned to labor in his native state. Re-visiting Mexico in '56, he was taken ill and at died fourscore. He was buried in the Primitive Cemetery. He was the noble grandfather of our honored townsman, George H. Goodwin. 

The church records were burned in 1864, but the known constituent members were Rev. Jonathan Goodwin, his son Calvin Goodwin, Deacon Reuben Smith and wife, Calvin Tiffany, and Mrs. Robinson. The first annual meeting of the Oswego Baptist Association was held with this church, which reported 56 members, with Rev. J. Goodwin, R. Smith, M. Clark and C. Tiffany, delegates.
In 1835, the Baptist Church in Northwest Mexico, united with this and adopted the present name. There were 115 members, with Rev. S. Davison, pastor. In 1836, Rev. Wm. Frary was pastor here and at New Haven. In 1837 Rev. Nelson Camp was called. In 1838 the first baptisim occurred. The number was 93. In 1839 Rev. S. Pomeroy as pastor; 4 baptized; the church numbered 89, and the first exclusion occurred. The association again met here. From 1839 to '45 data are lacking.

In 1845 Rev. David McFarland became pastor and found 112 members. He labored four years, baptized 18 and left 110. Rev. Nelson Ferguson followed two years, baptized 2 and left 83. Rev. T. Theall served nearly a year. From 1853 to '55 they had supplies, trials, discouragements. Rev. Chancellor Hartshorn preached one year and left 76. Destitute one year. In 1857 Rev. Judson Davis came supplying also Colosse. He gave up Colosse the second year. Things brightened. During his pastorate of four years and nine months, 32 were baptized. In 1861 they numbered 114. In 1862 Rev. S.S. Utter of blessed memory came. A year of godly toil, and five were baptized. He left 100. Rev. George R. Pierce followed, was ordained, and preached earnestly for a year and a half. 

In July 1865, Rev. Lawson Muzzy, wise and beloved, became pastor, leading the church in godly paths for nine years - the longest pastorate in the church's history. His memory is fragrant. The church edifice was rebuilt of brick in 1872, and re-dedicated Jan.12 1873, Rev. L Butterfield preaching the sermon. Rev. E. B. Hutchins was called, ordained and labored for two years. Rev. J. H. McGahen had a four years' pastorate of blessing and 53 were added to the church. Rev. C. M. Booth followed until March 1884, with 18 additions. Rev. G. W. Barnes came in March, 1885, and left in February, 1889. Additions, 29. Rev. G. H. Button followed for one year. Then the church was pastorless until May, 1891, when Rev. S. M. Wheeler was pastor until February, 1892. Elder Button labored four weeks evangelistically and 18 were baptized. The veteran Rev. E. F. Maine, supplied them two years and three months and the savor of his name lingers sweet on the field. Rev. J.M. Berry was the next pastor for two years. Rev. H. Wayne Wolcott came in December, 1896, laboring until June, 1900. A fine chapel was built, roll call held, and a parsonage secured. Rev. George A. Fairbank became pastor July 1, 1900, was ordained Oct.30, and labored efficiently with divine blessing. With his busy wife he lives in the hearts of the people. 

The present pastor, Rev. S. S. Bidwell, came Jan. 1, 1903. The outlook is good skyward, and somewhat cheering to human vision. The present membership is 102. Deacons S[amuel] C [lark] Green[e], E. L. Jones, and H. F. Kenyon; trustees, S[amuel] C [lark] Green[e], Daniel Wyant, Herbert Adams, Fred Hamilton, E. W. Jones and Charles Loomis.

Taken from "Grips" Historical Souvenir of Mexico, N.Y. [19031 p.36].

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