This list was compiled before 1827.  Later pastors added notations such as dismissal dates, death dates and suspensions. The dates upon joining are recorded for some and others have the kind of method they used to join the congregation.  The material in brackets has been added after the year 2000 by far-flung family members who are trying to fully identify each person. Those who have more data are urged to submit it for addition.


Many thanks to Esther Rancier for contributing this list of names from the First Presbyterian Church in Mexico, NY.  Esther is researching in Richland and Mexico the Soul/Soule, Brace and Daniel P. Smith families, and would love to hear from anyone researching these surnames. 
Esther Rancier at:  

**For further information on any of the names below, please contact the local Historians and/or Historical Societies. 

Shubal Alfred
Ephraim Gates
Miriam Southworth
Hannah Hosmer    -   Dismissed 1814
Eunice Williams
Rebecca Matthews
Mary Gates
Mary Wheeler   - Dismissed to New Haven 1822
Lucinda Alfred
Kezia Cook
Mary Cooley   - Dismissed 1819 to join Baptists in Parish
Polly Wheeler -  Dismissed to New Haven 1819
Thomas Hosmer  -   Dismissed 1814
Cloe Bradner  -   Dismissed to church in New Haven
Sarah Beebe
Bihary Cook
Luna V. Norton
Seth S. Southworth - Dismissed to New Haven
Asenath Williams
Almeda Southworth - Dismissed to Orleans Jan. 1832
Sophrenia Kellogg
Daniel Soule    - Dis. Feb. 29, 1820
Esther Delano  - Dismissed
Mary Green      - Dis. 1818
Levi Mathews
Mary Sam
David S. Williams
Ann Huntington
Pleiades Kingsley
Nancy Edgerton
Lucy Gates  -   Dis. April 1821. Return
Clarissa Goit   -  Suspended Jan. 1823. Exam. Apr. 1823 
Hannah Burke   -  dismissed
Asenath Bebee
Minot Farmer     - Dismissed 
Elizabeth Root   -  Died  March 11,1824
Sally Root
Dean Tubbs
Elizabeth Dixon
Zerivah Soule          -  Dis. Feb.20, 1820
Edmund Wheeler     -  Died Nov.28, 1820
Catharine Wheeler
Sally Davis
(The above was the wife of Phineas Davis of Rutland, Ma. who arrived in Mexico in 1799. Her maiden name was Smith, born in CT.)
Polly Davis
[The above was the wife of Asa Davis of Rutland, Ma. who arrived in Mexico 1800. Her maiden name was Herring, daughter of Benjamin Herring of Dedham, Ma. She died in 1855. Buried in Mexico.]
Simeon Hopson - On certificate Sept, 12, 1818
Naomi Hopson  - On certificate Sept, 12, 1818
Prudence Carr    -  Dis. Feb.12, 1825
Luiebby Wheeler -  Nov. 1818 Dismissed to New Haven 1822
Hess_____ Green    -  Jan. 1819
Hulda Hotchkiss    -  Apr. 1819
Prudence Whipple   -  Sept. 1819 Died June 9, 1825
Sally Cunningham    -  Sept. 1819
Sally Clark   -  Certificate Jan. 1820
Rhoda Whitney        -      _______1820
Sally Kingsbury    - Ex. Jan. 1820
Catharine Bebee  -  Feb. 1820 Dismissed 1825
Mary Goodenough     -   Feb. 1820
Elisabeth Ormsby   -  March19 on cert,
Abigail Pratt   -  March19 on cert,
Josiah Southworth  - July 11 Died July 25 1820
Asa Morton    -  Nov. 5, 1820
Elisabeth Southworth   -  Dismissed 1825
Mary Ann Matthews
Fanny Griffith       -  Feb. 1,1821 oncert.
Hannah Kellogg    -  2 March cert.
Hannah Shary       -  2 March on ex.
Esther Kellogg      -  march on cert.
Patty wife of Oliver Orvis     -  April 22
Thomas Root
Sache Rutherford     -  Died Oct. 2, 1820
Joseph B. Beebe    -  Died June 9, 1828
Ober Griffith
Samuel Hall   -  Sus. Aug. 1, 1823. Restored.
Jack Savage, Jr.
Samantha Savage
Henry Levi Woodruff
Polly Woodruff
Eliphas Orvis
Patty Cl              -    Died 1822
Martin P. Kellogg      -   April 22, 1821
Malvina Kellogg
John Lam            -  Suspended May 1823. Exam.
Polly Lam
Miriam Humaniston     -    Dis. 1823
Rhoda wife of Martin Kellogg
Mary Davis
Lewis Hilloy
Alanson Macumber
Laura Fish     -   Dismissed 1825 
Stephen Austin Savage   -   Dismissed 1831
Allen Beebe
Dolly Savage
Fr______ ly Alverson    -   Died May15, 1827
Abby Matthews
Amby Higley Savage   -   Dismissed 1831
Allen Bunsburn           -  June 10 Died Feb. 4, 1823
Edmund Matthews
Lucy Matthews
Sally Rice
Elisabeth Hillo
Blanche Beebe     -  June 10, 1821
David McBay        -   Dismissed May 1822
Miriam Williams
Esther Savage
Harry Rugbee   -    Joined Methodists 1822
Susan Banalisse Bates   -   Dis, June 1822
Eli G. Williams        -   Exam. 1820
Joel Savage            -   Cert June 1821
Abagail Savage       -   Cert June 1821
Abner P. Owen        -   Cert. Aug. 1821
Polly Owen             -   Cert. Aug. 1821
Susanna Bullard      -   Cert. Aug. 1821
Hannah Dana          -   Cert. Aug. 1821
John Howard Ivy      -   Suspended Sept. 1825
George Kingsbury
Jubin Wood
Malinda Wood
Mary Beebe
J____ Tubbs (Nora Slack)
Charles Matthews

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