Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Bonnie Shumway, Town Historian of Mexico, N.Y., for contributing this cemetery list and making it available to online researchers. Bonnie has also contributed a wonderful History on the Town of Mexico, and can be read on the Mexico Town Page.  Many thanks also to volunteer, Dianne Thomas, Volney Town Editor, for transcribing this list, and who luckily, likes long and detailed projects. Dianne also volunteers her time transcribing for several other websites, and enjoys being involved in genealogy.
**For further information on any of the names, please contact the local Town Historians / Historical Societies.
ABBOTT Grace (A. Violet)     see RIO
ANDERSON Ethel M. 1889 1976 per SSDI: 4/27/1889-6/1976 Oswego, Oswego Cnty, NY
ANDERSON Stanley E. 1886 1970 per SSDI: 10/30/1886-1/1970 Mexico, Oswego Cnty, NY
ARTHUR Charles D.   1872 aged 52y,6m; husb of Louise M.
ARTHUR Charley W.   1872 aged 3m; son of C.F. & L.M.
ARTHUR Louise M.   1897 aged 79y; wife of Charles D. ARTHUR and Edmund WHEELER
ARTHUR Lucian D.   1872 aged 19y,10m; son of Charles D. & Louise M.
BAUER Rosa 1918 1918 dau of George & Mary (HOFFMAN) Bauer
BRADLEY Catherine 1831 1909 wife of Francis
BRADLEY David VT 1882 son of John
BRADLEY Francis 1825 1914 husb of Catherine
BRADLEY (P)(F)rankie   1862 aged 6y,3m; dau of Francis & Catherine
BRADLEY Harper J. 1870 1919 son of Francis & Catherine ??
BRADSHAW Dorothy     see RIO
CARPENTER E.R. 1827 1910 husb of Louisa M. & Mary E.; Civil War Vet
CARPENTER Louisa M.   1871 aged 43y; wife of E.R.
CARPENTER Mary E. HUNTINGTON   1886 aged 55y,7m,21d; wife of E.R.; dau of Frederick & Mary HUNTINGTON(see MCMULLEN also)
CARTER Elizabeth     see KENYON
CASS Ferderick (sic)   1865 son of F(E) & M. Cass
CASS Susahhah   1855 aged 55y,11m,12d; wife of Alvan (see Ferderick also; 4 more graves)
CLARK Clinton 1815 1885 or 1886 husb of Lydia L.
CLARK Frances E. 1856 ????  
CLARK Mrs.   1851 aged 48y,2m; wife of Joshua
CLARK Louisa A.   1850 aged 21y,4m,8d; dau of J. & L?
CLARK Lydia L. 1818 ???? wife of Clinton
CLARK Lydia M. SPARKS 1840 1884 wife of Charles E.
CLARK Newcomb   1848 aged 23y,4m; son of J. & L.
CLARK Ray Henry   1894 aged 7d; son of John & Victoria
CLARK Ruth   1894 aged 7m; dau of John & Victoria
COLE Louisa M.     see WHEELER
CORDIER Frederick   1865 aged 3y,2m
CORDIER Mary   1899 aged 64y,6m; wife of Theodore
CORDIER Theodore   1857 aged 23y,11m; husb of Mary (E.S. - 1851)
DAVIS Amanda 1827 1835  
DAVIS Eli 1825 1858  
DAVIS Elijah 1792 1851 husb of Susanna
DAVIS Helen 1840 1844  
DAVIS Mary     see HAGER
DAVIS Meribeth HIMES   1910 aged 62y; da of Bennett & Mary (MILLER) HIMES
DAVIS Susan 1820 1835  
DAVIS Susanna 1797 1888 wife of Elijah
DAVIS Renette L. REMINGTON 1854 1906 or 1866 dau of Ben & Augusta A. REMINGTON
DE FOREST James B.   1849 aged 32y
DELANO Rebecca   1855 aged 66y; wife of P. Delano
DUEL Mary     see MOORE
DUNBAR Miles   1837 aged 70 y
DUNN Clarence Cortland, NY 1936 aged 2 min;
DUNN Jennie 1871 1909 small stone 1870-1909
ERKELA Adelina LUETELA 1886 Finland 1925 dau of John LUETELA; wife of Emil; informant Emil Erkela
ERKELA Senja 1911 1922 dau of Emil & Adelina
FISH Jane Louise   ???? aged 3y,2m
FISH Mary L. LONGWORTHY Madison Cnty 1900 aged 67y; dau of A. & Polly G. LONGWORTHY
FLINT Abby     see TULLAR
GILLETT Charity   1875 aged 69y,10m; wife of Joel
GILLETT Ellery C.   1965 aged 35y
GILLETT Emeline A.   1906 aged 63y,6m,10d; dau of Charity (FRENCH) & Joel Gillett
GILLETT Henrietta   1860 aged 42y,10m,12d; wife of Horace
GILLETT Joel   1846 aged 40y,11m; husb of Charity
GILLETT Lucinda   1856 aged 77y; wife of Marcus
GILLETT Marcus   1862 aged 81y; husb of Lucinda
GILLETTE Everett H. 1826 1910 husb of Helen C.; son of Joel & Charilty (FRENCH) Gillette
GILLETTE Helen C.(G.) WHITNEY 1824 1907 wife of Everett H.; dau of Elizah & Lucy WHITNEY
GILLMORE Sarah M.     see TILTON
GRANT J. Ralph 1877 1962 husb of Susie M. LANGSHORE
GRANT Neil Rexford 1920 1921 son of J.Ralph & Susie M.
GRANT Susie M. LANGSHORE 1885 1966 wife of J. Ralph; dau of Edwin & Carolina (PIPER) Langshore
GRAVES Eleanor   1852 aged 18y,1m; dau of H.S. & H.C. (?)
GRIFFIN Edwin 1815 1900 husb of Lucretia L.; son of Stephen & Betsey (STRONG)Griffin
GRIFFIN Lucretia L. 1818 1883 wife of Edwin
GRIFFIN Will H.   1875 aged 26y,6m,26d
HAGER Mary DAVIS 1818 1851  
HARRINGTON Earl 1931 1932 son of Ernest & Mabel (DEMMON) Harrington
HARRINGTON Myrl 1931 1932 son of Ernest & Mabel (DEMMON) Harrington
HENDERSON Carley   ---- son of W.H. & Mary E. Henderson
HENDERSON Ella   ---- dau of W.H. & Mary E. Henderson
HENDERSON Joseph   1878 aged 50y; husb of ????
HENDERSON Lois A.   1863 aged6y,1m,21d; dau of J.M. & Sally
HENDERSON Mary E.   1868 aged 42y; wife of W.H.
HIMES Meribeth     see DAVIS
HOGOBOOM Catherine W. SMITH   1907 dau of Webster & Olive A. (EVERTS) SMITH
HOGOBOOM Deborah P. 1811 1839 wife of Samuel C.
HOGOBOOM Elisha 1804 1887  
HOGOBOOM Frances A. WHITNEY 1841 1898 wife of Samuel J.
HOGOBOOM Hannah Mary TALLMADGE 1825 1886 wife of Samuel C.; dau of James & Maria (LAWRENCE) TALLMADGE
HOGOBOOM Isabella   1865 aged 58y; wife of Samuel C.
HOGOBOOM Mercy 1805 1852 wife of Samuel C.
HOGOBOOM Samuel C. 1803 1890 husb of Deborah, Isabella, Hannah Mary & Mercy
HOGOBOOM Samuel J. 1839 1840  
HOGOBOOM Samuel J. 1840   husb of Frances A. WHITNEY
HOLMES Ann M. WHITNEY VT 1912 dau of Henry & Maunda (FULLER) WHITNEY
HOLMES Charles D. 1821 1897 husb of Ann; son of Burrows & Phoebe (NORTH) Holmes
HOLMES Earl D. 1897 1930  
HOLMES Erenest M. 1875 1944  
HOLMES Giles B. 1850 1930  
HOLMES Margaret H. 1877 1917  
HOLMES Neil Rexford 1912 1912  
HOLMES Ruth M. 1899 1901  
HOPKINS Amanda 1852 1911 wife of A. Hopkins
HOPKINS Donald Wilbur   1913 aged 5d; son of Erwin & Minnie R. (HUNERFORD) Hopkins
HOWARD Lucinda     see WHITNEY
HUBBARD John   1857 aged 21y,10m,23d; son of Shurman & Vina
HUBBARD Lucinda   1866 aged 42y,9m; wife of Seth
HUBBARD Sherman J.   1864 aged 1y,9m; only son of M. & E.
HUBBARD Stephen D.   1861 aged 12y,17d; son of Seth & Lucinda
HUNTINGTON Andrew (Rev) 1798 1869 husb of Elizabeth
HUNTINGTON Elizabeth   1858 aged 58yr; wife of Rev. Andrew
HUNTINGTON Frances L.   1837 aged 1y,5m; Frances & Fredericks(a) - children of F.A. & M.R. Huntington
HUNTINGTON Frederick A.   1871 aged 81y; husb of Mary H.
HUNTINGTON Fredericka   1841 aged 2y; same as Frances
HUNTINGTON M.J. 1878 1904 wife of Rev. Andrew
HUNTINGTON Mary H.   1870 aged 69y; wife of Frederick A.
JEREMIAH Joshua 1892 1962 husb of Mary; WW1 Vet
JEREMIAH Mary 1898 1944 wife of Joshua
JOHNSON Hosea   1861 aged 69y,4m,26d; husb of Rachel THURSTON
JOHNSON Rachel THURSTON   1876 aged 65y,4m,29d; wife of Hosea
JONES Caroline M.   1857 aged 15y,2m; dau of Francis & Lucetta
JONES Francis   1876 aged 77y,5m,21d; husb of Lucetta
JONES Lucetta   1868 aged 75y,1m; wife of Francis
JONES? R.A.W.     gravemarker on Jones, also one with no name
KELLEY Eliza     see TEMPLE
KENYON Amos   1837 aged 56y; husb of Rebecca
KENYON Elizabeth CARTER   1879 aged 63y; wife of Hiram
KENYON Florence M.   1864 aged 1y,15d; dau of E.R. & E.E.
KENYON Hiram   1873 aged 68y; husb of Elizabeth CARTER
KENYON John C. 1810 1894 husb of Lucy T. WHITNEY
KENYON Lucy T. WHITNEY 1824 1890 wife of John C.
KENYON Maria P.   1882 aged 62y,11m,11d or 66y; wife of Stephen
KENYON Rebecca   1871 aged 80 or 86y; wife of Amos
KENYON Rebecca     see WALTON
KETCHAM Elizabeth F.   1847 aged 15y,8m,7d
KNAPP Delight     see STEVENS
KNAPP Lucretia     see SPENCER
LAINE Frans Finland 1937 aged 58y,11m,6d;
LANGSHORE Caroline PIPER 1852 Germany 1934 wife of O. Edward; burial permit Carrie PIPER LANGSHORE
LANGSHORE O.E. (Eddie) 1876 1904  
LANGSHORE O.E. (Edward) or Edwin   1925 husb of Caroline; Civil War Vet
LANGSHORE Ross (Steves) 1909 1971 husb of Stella PIZON
LANGSHORE Stella PIZON   1982 wife of Ross (Steves); also married to a Duell
LANGSHORE Susie M.     see GRANT
LEHTINEN Amanda 1881 1938  
LEHTINEN Andrew Finland 1945 aged 73y,9m,15d
LICOURT Harold E. 1910   no other dates or info; see SSDI for other Licourt names
LONGSHORE Anna R.     see STEVENS (could be Langshore)
LUETELA Adelina     see ERKELA

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