MEXICO, N.Y. CA. 1903

Many thanks and appreciation to Esther Rancier for contributing this information on the West Baptist Church. Esther is researching in Richland and Mexico the Soul/Soule, Brace and Daniel P. Smith families, and would appreciate hearing from anyone researching these surnames. 
Esther Rancier at: erase@pacbell.net 

*As always, for further information on any of the names, please contact the local Historical Societies and/or Town Historians.


Mrs. Lawton
Mrs. Emily Tuller
Mrs. E. J. Parmelee
Mrs. Willis Tiffany
Mrs. H.H. Dobson
Mrs. Geo. W. Stone
Marietta Byington
Mrs. N.W. Woodruff
Mrs. H. Humphreys
Mrs. W. H. Richardson
Mrs. Carl Taylor
Lillian Hardy
Mrs. Geo. Mathews
Mrs. Dr. Geo. P. Johnson 
Mrs. Lula Davis Burlingham
Mrs. Byron Miller 
Mrs. Hardy
Mrs. J. M. Smith
Mrs. Charles Evarts
Mrs. Carrie Becker
Mrs. G. A. Davis
Mrs. Holliday
Mrs. Dr. Green
Mrs. Emory
Mrs. E. Gates
Anna Bard
Lena J. Severance
Mrs. J. Porter
Mrs. E. I. Stone 

SOURCE:  "Grips"  Historical Souvenir of Mexico, N.Y [1903] p.40.

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