First Congregational Church of Richland, NY
Early Membership Records 
(1846 to 1854)
Many thanks to Nat Siembor for taking the time to work on this project, getting these names and contributing this wonderful list from the Congregational Church of Richland, NY.

Folks, I am sorry, but I do not have these records. I transcribed them from a microfilm of them, which I borrowed from Cornell University. If you have any questions about the originals, you will probably have to contact them. 

In general things are quite legible, however, I am human, and therefore I do make mistakes. The time I have spent with this set of records allowed me to get used to the recorder’s methods of making various letters. As a check on my work, I turned to an index of the 1855 NY state census to verify names, and found most surnames and often apparently the same people, still living in the Town of Richland. However, there are some names, which no matter which way I squint, look as I have transcribed them, so I indicated my suspicions with a question mark.

Here are some in question: <<Grout>>;. This is what it looks like on paper, but it may be Grant; there are no Grouts in 1855 in Richland, according to the index, but there are Grants, many of whom have given names matching the Grouts. In the church records, the<<ou>>; appear to be clearly written, so maybe the 1855 is wrong.

<<Might>>;. Again-- this is what it looks like, and there are quite a few to compare: that is the recorder’s <<M>>, not his <<W>>. There are no Mights, but a number of Wrights are listed in the 1855-- I know there is a pun in there but I am not touching it!

<<Mastin>> or <<Martin>>: This was too close to call. The recorder’s letter <<r> and letter<<s>>; are often very similar.

On the left hand margin you will notice a set of numbers. These are the recorder’s, NOT mine. Where there were duplicate numbers, I left them, if numbers were skipped, I skipped them. The page numbers in the right hand with column refer to the pages of membership names, but may not be the actual page numbers in the manuscript.

Quotes: All the comments left by the recorder in the margins are indicated in quotes; they are often death dates, but some are dates of dismissal, or entrance into the church. A few list a maiden or married name of a woman. All which I saw, I included, even if illegible or confusing.  --Nat Siembor

Richland Congregational Church membership list:

124 Allen Elvira B. Allen <<letter May 4,1849<< p5col2
100 Averill Louisa Jane Averill 'Woodruffe'<< p5col1
95 Bennet D. Minerva Bennet (?) <<sister June 30 1855<< p4col2
113 Bennett Margaret Bennett <<died June 15/50<< p5col2
96 Bently Sarah Bently p4col2
195 Brady Mary Brady p7col2
81 Brayton George Brayton <<letter<< p4col1
94 Brayton Lucy Ann Brayton <<dismissed<< p4col2
112 Breed Ann Breed p5col1
113 Breed Lucy Breed p5col2
45 Brown Electa Brown p2col2
30 Brown Russell Brown p2col1
102 Bunce Maria Bunce p5col1
164 Carter Anne Electa Carter formerly Holmes p6col2
143 Champney Mrs. Ruth E. Champney <<Sept 2 1849<< p6col2
191 Clark Eliza Clark p7col2
111 Clark Elizabeth Clark/Crawford <<dismissed<< p5col1
99 Clark Lureba (?) Clark p4col2
177 Clark Mary Eliza [M?]Clark p7col1
136 Clark Nancy Clark <<dismissed 4 Mar '52<< p6col2
128 Clark Sherman Clark <<dismissed<< p6col1
189 Collins Anson Collins <<Rec'd Mar 3 1854<< p7col2
190 Collins Caroline Collins <<Rec'd Mar 3 1854<< p7col2
39 Cook Caleb Cook <<died<< p2col1
54 Cook Harriet Cook p2col2
198 Cook Mary M. Cook p7col2
34 Crandell Caleb Crandell <<died<< p2col1
49 Crandell Mary Crandell p2col2
91 Crawford June Crawford p4col2
51 Crippen Freelove Crippen p2col2
129 Crippen Sam'l Crippen <<letter Nov '49<< p6col1
33 Doane Bernice Doane p2col1
34 Doane Gilbert G.Doane <<name Erased Nov/50<< p2col1
48 Doane Irene Doane p2col2
40 Doane Simon Doane p2col2
28 Dodge Chester Dodge p2col1
163 Dodge Clarissa D. Dodge p6col2
146 Dodge Gennet Dodge <<May 3<<.......<<letter<< p6col2
120 Dodge Mary M. Dodge <<letter<< p5col2
43 Dodge Mrs. Matthew Dodge p2col2
101 Dodge Ruth Dodge p5col1
84 Dodge William C. Dodge <<letter<< p4col1
131 Duncan Ansonette Duncan <<Sep 2<< p6col1
142 Duncan Mrs Angeline Duncan <<Sept 2 1849<< p6col2
108 Duncan Rebecca Duncan p5col1
145 Farr Mrs.Catharine Farr <<June 7<< p6col2
172 Filbrick Eunice Filbrick p7col1
11 Frary Anson Frary p1col1
80 French John R. French <<dismissed<< p4col1
55 French Nancy French p2col2
21 Gates Bestey Gates p1col2
15 Gibbs Emeline Gibbs p1col2
4 Gibbs Joseph Gibbs p1col1
83 Gilbert Alfred W. Gilbert p4col1
68 Gilbert Elizabeth Gilbert <<died Jany 1850<< p3col2
58 Gilbert George G. Gilbert <<dismis'd 1 Nov/5<< p3col1
82 Gilbert John H. Gilbert p4col1
119 Gilbert Mary Elizabeth Gilbert p5col2
152 Gillespie --- Gillespie <<dismissed?<< (?) p6col2
92 Gillespie Wilmot p4col2
157 Gillespie Wilmot Gillespie p6col2
18 Goff Anna Goff p1col2
174 Green Helen Green p7col1
59 Greenwood Alfred Greenwood p3col1
69 Greenwood Clarisa Greenwood p3col2
75 Greenwood Polly Greenwood p3col2
130 Grout? Daniel Grout <<Nov 3 1849<< p6col1
127 Grout? Henry Grout p6col1
196 Grout? LovinaGrout p7col2
138 Hall Sarah Hall p6col2
64 Harmon Ambrose Harmon p3col1
61 Harmon Cyrus Harmon <<suspended<< p3col1
1 Harmon Dea. Thomas Harmon p1col1
79 Harmon James Harmon p4col1
97 Hill Hannah Hill p4col2
72 Holmes Harriet E. Holmes <<dismissed 5th Sep 1847<< p3col2
12 Holmes Mrs. Grace p1col2
22 Hornill (?) Polly Hornill (?) <<died 19th Jan 1847<< p1col2<BR>
115 Hubbell Jerusha Hubbell <<died Dec 1848<< p5col2
137 Ives Experience Ives <<died Dec 1850<< p6col2
129 Ives Reuben Ives <<letter<< p6col1
134 Ivoares(?) Lovinda Ivoares (?) p6col2
4 Jones Isreal ( ?) Jones <<died 10th Sept 1847<< p1col1
85 Jones William Jones <<suspended<< 30 June /48 p4col1
115 Knowles L. Louisa Knowles <<erased<< p5col2
24 Knowlton James Knowlton p2col1
76 Lamphear Elizabeth Lamphear <<letter Sept 21 '49<< p3col2
109 Lane Margaret Lane p5col1
74 Lane Mrs. Lane p3col2
176 Lewis Ann G. Lewis p7col1
98 Lewis Mary Jane Lewis <<letter<< p4col2
23 Lloyd Ann Lloyd p1col2
11 Lloyd Peter Lloyd <<dead<< p1col1
183 Loomis(?) Lois Loomis(?) p7col1
185 Maltby Anton Maltby p7col1
65 Maltby Charles R. Maltby p3col1
167 Maltby Electa Maltby <<died July 4 1855<< p6col2
78 Maltby Hiram Maltby p4col1
31 Maltby James M. Maltby p2col1
182 Maltby Marcha Maltby p7col1
118 Maltby Martha Maltby <<sister Feb 18,1855<< p5col2
51 Maltby Mary Maltby p2col2
92 Maltby Rachael Maltby p4col2
46 Maltby Sarah Maltby p2col2
25 Maltby Timothy Maltby p2col1
156 maltby Ralf Maltby p6col2
158 Mansfield Charles F. Mansfield p6col2
35 Mansfield Leonard Mansfield <<<<dismissed<< p2col1
101 Mansfield Minerva Mansfield p5col1
50 Mason Phebe Mason p2col2
88 Mastin/Martin? Eliza (?) Mastin or Martin p4col2
110 Matson Louisa Matson p5col1
173 Matthews Caroline Matthews p7col1
123 Matthewson Ann Elizabeth Matthewson p5col2
52 Matthewson Electa Matthewson p2col2
114 McCullock Experience McCullock p5col2
6 Meacham Asa Meacham p1col1
26 Meacham Chauncey Meacham p2col1
151 Meacham Eunice Samantha Meacham <<1850 Nov 1<< p6col2
9 Meacham Isaac H. Meacham p1col1
86 Meacham Jabez Meacham <<died Sept 17/49<< p4col1
10 Meacham John Meacham p1col1
60 Meacham John Meacham 3rd(?) <<dead<< p3col1
199 Meacham Julia A. Meacham p7col2
22 Meacham Maria S. Meacham p1col2
41 Meacham Mrs. Betsey Meacham p2col2
139 Meacham Mrs. Mary Meacham <<letter Apr 1/49<< p6col2
13 Meacham Sally Meacham p1col2
15 Meacham Sarah Meacham p1col2
38 Meacham Silas M. Meacham p2col1
2 Meacham Simon Meacham p1col1
148 Meacham Susannah Meacham p6col2
4 Meacham Thomas S. Meacham <<died 20 [illeg]1847<< p1col1
44 Mellen Mrs. Muir(? Mellen) p2col2
126 Merriman Marshall Merriman p6col1
40 Miller Mrs. Sally Miller <<dead<< p2col2
29 Mullen(?) Henry Mullen p2col1
106 Murdock Esther Murdock <<Rhoades<< p5col1
66 Murdock Hannah Murdock <<deceased<< p3col2
56 Murdock Hiram Murdock <<sister<< p3col1
155 Nelson Luther Nelson p6col2
154 Nelson Prudence Nelson p6col2
120 Nicols --- Nicols p5col2
71 Noyes Mary Ann Noyes p3col2
122 Owens S. Owens p5col2
125 Owens William Owens <<died bef 1854<< p6col1
15 Paine Hannah Paine <<dismissed Mar 17, 1850<< p1col2
4 Paine William W. Paine <<dismissed Mar 17, 1850<< p1col1
110 Palmer Julian C. Palmer p5col1
115 Patterson Louisa Patterson <<died1849<< p5col2
159 Peckham Joseph Peckham p6col2
160 Peckham Julia Peckham p6col2
17 Phillips Chloe Phillips p1col2
5 Phillips Elihu Phillips p1col1
57 Pierce Benjamin Pierce p3col1
67 Pierce Sally Pierce <<deceased<< p3col2
62 Porter H. Clinton Porter p3col1
63 Porter Harvey Porter <<sister<< p3col1
16 Porter Ruth Porter <<sister<< p3col2
107 Pride Bathsheba Pride p5col1
37 Pride J. Cephas Pride p2col1
36 Pride John C. Pride <<<<dismissed<< p2col1
79 Pride Joseph Pride <<suspended<< p4col1
141 Pride Miss Anna Maria Pride <<dismissed<< p6col2
149 Prior(?) Minerva Prior(?) <<<<dismissed<< p6col2
58 Reece Elmer Reece <<name Erased<< p3col1
68 Reese Pamelia Reese 'name Erased Nov/50<< p3col2
98 Rhoades Algernon C. Rhoades <<dismissed 1 Oct 1848<< p4col2
166 Richardson Francis Richardson p6col2
150 Richardson M....Richardson p6col2
168 Roberts John G. Roberts p6col2
119 Robinson Anna Robinson p5col2
169 Robinson Edward M. Robinson p6col2
32 Robinson Jonathan E. Robinson <<<<dismissed<< p2col1
170 Robinson Laura Philomena Robinson <<dead<< p7col1
47 Robinson P. Almira Robinson <<dismissed<< p2col2
117 Rock... Rachel Rock(...) <<Peck<< p5col2
179 Rowe Emeline Rowe p7col1
178 Rowe Robert Rowe p7col1
86 Salisbury Charlotte A. Salisbury <<dismissed 30 (illeg)<< p4col2
76 Salisbury Edward Salisbury <<dismissed 30 Apr '47<< p4col1
147 Salmon Mrs.Sophia M. Salmon p6col2
105 Sanford Cornelia Sanford <<Murdock<< p5col1
115 Scott Aruba Scott p5col2
133 Sellick Mary T. Sellick` <<Feb 18,1855<< p6col2
140 Sharp S. Sharp p6col2>
73 Smith Love Smith <<sister<< p3col2
181 Snyder M... Snyder p7col1
192 Stebbins Jemima Stebbins p7col2
135 Stephens Fanny Stephens p6col2
104 Stodard Delia Stodard p5col1
42 Stodard Mrs. Betsey C. Stodard <<sister<< p2col2
27 Stodard Nathan Stodard p2col1
86 Stuart John Stuart (?) <<died Sep 2, 1851<< p4col1
72 Sykes Antoinette J. Sykes <<dismissed<< p3col2
8 Ter...(?) George W. p1col1
90 Terubs (?) Ruth E. Terubs ? p4col2
68 Thompson Aurelia Thompson p3col2
58 Thompson Daniel Thompson p3col1
162 Trumbull Anna Trumbull p6col2
161 Trumbull Simeon Trumbull p6col2
79 Tucker Julius Tucker <<dead<< p4col1
85 Tucker Sidney M. Tucker p4col1
61 Twitchell Leonard D. Twitchell <<dropped<< p3col1
61 Twitchell Marquis La F. Twitchell <<dropped Nov/50<< p3col1
99 Upton Phebe Upton <<dismissed 3rd May 1849<< p4col2
58 Wardwell Daniel Wardwell 'dismissed Nov/50<< p3col1
68 Wardwell Hetty Wardwell <<dismissed<< p3col2
72 Ware Elizabeth Ware <<dismissed Nov /50<< p3col2
175 Warner Ellen R. Warner <<dead<< p7col1
184 Warner Mary E. Warner p7col1
153 Waters --- Waters p6col2
20 Watson Betsey Watson p1col2
121 Watson Lydia C. Watson <<died July 6 '53<< p5col2
113 Webbs Clarissa C. Webbs (?) p5col2
87 Weed Almira Weed p4col2
101 Weed Angeline Weed p5col1
7 Weed Ezra ( Erna?) <<deceased<<<< p1col1
124 Weed Harriet Weed p5col2
180 Weed Harriet Weed p7col1
186 Weed Hoyt Weed p7col1
61 Weed James M. Weed p3col1
197 Weed John M. Weed p7col2
193 Weed Levi S. Weed p7col2
144 Weed Mrs.Margaret Weed p6col2
14 Weed Nancy Weed p1col2
16 Weed Nancy Weed <<sister, her 4th 1855 Mrs. Gabriel<< p1col2
19 Weed Polly Weed p1col2
76 Weed Sally Weed <<died<< p3col2
194 Weed Sarah Ann Weed p7col2
77 Weed Townsend Weed p4col1
3 Weeden Nehemiah S. Weeden p1col1
103 Wentworth Susanna Wentworth <</Robinson<< p5col1
188 Whitemore Nancy Whitemore p7col1
53 Whitmore Philomela Whitmore p2col2
132 Williams Benjamin Williams <<June 7<< p6col1
171 Williams Richard Williams p7col1
40 Willson Mrs. Lydia Willson <<dead<< p2col2
60 Wood Gilbert A. Wood p3col1
70 Wood Martha Wood p3col2
165 Wood Mary L. Wood p6col2
187 Wright Lydia Wright p7col1
99 Wright (?) Helen M. Wright (?) <<dismissed<< p5col1
92 Wright (?) Maria Wright (?) <<dismissed to N<< (illeg) p4col2
93 Wright (?) Mary S. Wright (?) <<dismissed to N<< (illeg) p4col2
89 Wright (?) Sarah E. Wright (?) p4col2
116 Wright (?) Sarah Wright (?) p5col2 >
81 Wright (?) William Wright (?) <<dismissed<< p4col1
81 Wright(?) William E. Wright(?) <<dismissed<< p4col1

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