Stevens School District No. 5, 
Orwell Road, Town of Sandy Creek
Taught Eighty Years Ago

Source:  Centennial Souvenir History 1825 - 1925 of the Town of Sandy Creek, Oswego County, New York, Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of the Town July 2-3-4-5, 1925.  Compiled by T. T. Davies, Historian. Article by A. F. Widrig.

This school record of District 5, dates back to the early forties.  The first entry is a rate bill for school tax as follows:  The parenthetical statements are added to show better who these people were or where they lived.

   District No. 5, Stevens District, Rate Bill:

A. B. Stevens (Father Albert R. Stevens) $1.36
H. Stevens (Father late Henry Stevens)  $  .87
Truman Salisbury (On hill this side school) $   .30
Carlton Durfee (Now Cornwall Keene farm)  $1.21
J. W. Porter (Long John Porter, next farm to school house). $  .88
Calvin Parish (Father to Elvin Parish)  $  .89
Elijah Ames (Beyond Gardner Snyder farm)  $  .41
Lorenzo Salisbury (Father G. N. and Fayette M. Salisbury)  $  .84
Miles Blodgett (Tanner and Farmer)  $  .43
John Porter (Short John Porter, now Foster Mead farm) $  .39
W. G. Rich (Frank Blodgett farm) $  .44
Seth Porter (Gardner Snyder farm)  $  .70
Ephriam Goff (Miles Blodgett's step-father beyond tannery)  $  .16
Benj. Covey (Hedger farm) $  .25
Reuben Salisbury (Farther end of Pruyn farm.  Father Lorenzo Salisbury,  Grandfather M. J. Salisbury.) $  .25
Emery Bartlett (Now Claude Porter place.  Father of Perry Bartlett Sr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Richardson.) $  .19
Probably all money raised by the district for that term. 
    The first date given in the record is that of November 20, 1843;
but a term of school previously taught of which the roll is given (teacher unknown) shows the names of the pupils enrolled as follows:
John Stevens, parent Miron Stevens
Esther Derphy,   parent Carleton Derphy
Lydia Derphy,  parent Carleton Derphy
Hiram Porter, parent John Porter
Merrick Salisbury, parent Lorenzo Salisbury
Albert Tracey, parent Starks Tracey
Juliett Stevens, parent Harlow Stevens
George Stevens, parent Asahel Stevens
Harriet Stevens, parent Asahel Stevens
Ira Stevens, parent Asahel Stevens
Sarah Jane Hendrickson, parent A. Hendrickson
Charlotte Lester, parent Samuel Lester
Frances Bartlett, parent Emery Bartlett
Melissa Covey, parent Benjamin Covey
Betsey Snyder, parent Johnathan Snyder
Melinda Snyder, parent Johnathan Snyder
Lucretia Snyder, parent Johnathan Snyder
Hiram Snyder, parent Johnathan Snyder
Samuel Snyder, parent Johnathan Snyder
Polly Sparks, parent Murtle Sparks
Abagail Sparks, parent Murtle Sparks
Elizabeth Bartlett, parent Emery Bartlett

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