The King’s Daughters Society of the Congregational Church, Phoenix, N.Y.

King’s Daughters Society of the Congregational, Phoenix, N.Y.
 King’s Daughters Society of the Congregational Church

The society was organized in the year 1900 for the purpose of cheering the sick and aged in Phoenix by visiting and carrying fruit and flowers to them; also for relieving the poor in numerous ways, and for sending flowers to the hospitals. They bear the royal colors of purple and white; their motto: “ In His Name”.
”(Pictured and numbered members follow. Members not pictured : Laura Manning, Louise Manning, Fanny Kalar)."

Members pictured in photograph

1. Miss Marie Gerheardt, Leader
2. Miss Leila Merriam
3. Miss Huldah Candee
4. Miss Lena Patchen
5. Miss Rhoda Hazard
6. Miss Gertrude Wilson
7. Miss Eva Ostrander
8. Miss Sarah Rhodes
9. Miss Fern Butts
10. Miss Algenia Rhodes

Source:  Grip’s Historical Souvenir of Phoenix and Vicinity, Series No 14, Published by The Seaman Press, Pulaski NY, 1902 – Transcribed, bbt2000

Many thanks to Berit Taggart for contributing this information.  Berit is researching the following names and would love to hear from anyone on them...Becker and Collison.  "Both families resided in Oswego county (Schroeppel Census 1860, 1865,1880 ) from the mid-1800's through early 1900's. Information has been slim so far, but I am undaunted!"

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