Alpha Theta Society, Phoenix High School

Alpha Theta Society, Phoenix High School
Alpha Theta Society, Phoenix High School

Alpha Theta is a literary society amoung young ladies of the  High school. Only those who have completed the first years work are eligible. The society was organized in the fall of 1900 for the purpose of promoting the social interests of the school and to help its members along literary lines. One of the greatest benefits is that most essential requirements, self-possession when one is called upon to speak in public. The programs consist of debates, plays, recitations, essays, charades, music, etc….The officers are Frances Ash, president; Lena Patchen, vice president; Blanche Sweet, secretary, Nora Regan, treasurer.

Pictured Members

1. Francis Ash
2. Lena Patchen
3. Blanche Sweet
4. Nora Regan
5. Sarah Rhodes
6. Florence House
7. Gertrude Wilson
8. Ethel Walters
9. Winifred Smith
10. Lucy Butts
11. Martha Sweet
12. Mary Pendergast
13. Ethel Butts
14. Edna Corey
15. Fern Butts
16. Leila Merriman
17. Anna Andrews
18. Louise Vickery
19. Neva Drury
20. Rhoda Hazard
21. Jessie Butts
22. Emma Pendergast
23. Anna Teal
24. Bessie Gregg
25. Carrie Denton
26. Goldie Cathcart
27. Algenia Rhodes
28. Lois Hawks
29. Minnie Johnson
30. Jennie Van Dusen
31. May Gregg
32. Satie Huntley


Source:  Grip’s Historical Souvenir of Phoenix and Vicinity, Series No 14, Published by The Seaman Press, Pulaski NY, 1902 – Transcribed, bbt2000

Many thanks to Berit Taggart for contributing this information.  Berit is researching the following names and would love to hear from anyone on them...Becker and Collison.  "Both families resided in Oswego county (Schroeppel Census 1860, 1865,1880 ) from the mid-1800's through early 1900's. Information has been slim so far, but I am undaunted!"

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