Phoenix, N. Y. Business Directory 1902

Official and Professional
TOWNS Supervisor F.L. Smith, Phoenix Clerk C.D. Ash, Phoenix Justices C.J. Fuller, Phoenix R.D. Latham, Phoenix W.H. Merriam, Pennellville W.E. Conrad, Gilberts Mills
VILLAGE: President O.M. Reilly Clerk S.J. Moyer Trustees John O'Brien, E.A. Tabor, W.H. Warner, John Wing CHIEF of POLICE: G.F. Henderson POSTMASTER: Arthur P. Merriam, Assistant: Miss Pendergast SCHOOL: President H.S. Van Wormer Secretary F. M. Pierce Treasurer E.G. Hutchinson Trustees: A.W.Hawks, O.M. Reilly, H.D. Merriam, E.A. Tabor, W.H. Murphy FACULTY Principal J. Schuyler Fox Preceptress Ruth L. Ward Assistants Gertrude M. Walker, Vera H. Beaman Drawing Adelaine E. Launt Training Class Mary Dugan Grades Minnie Jones, Alice C. Kitts, E. May Gregg, Isabella W. Williams, Eva M. Kimball, Grace A. Hubbard, Cerelle E. Smith
FIRE President E.A. Tabor Secretary F.E. Hooker Treasurer H.S. Van Wormer Chief Eng. Wm Spaulding Asst's E.S. Patchin, C.C. Kinslow Foreman D.C. Remington BOARD OF TRADE President Arthur P. Merriam Secretary A.C. Parker Directors F.W. Hakes, H.D. Merriam, A.E. Russ
PHOENIX BANK President J.A. Hawks Cashier A.W. Hawks Assistant Cashier E.G. Hutchinson Directors C.E Hutchinson, J.C. Hutchinson PHOENIX REGISTER Editor/Proprietor J.M. Williams PHOENIX PUBLISHING CO President M.C. Murgittroyd Editor George Hoyt PHOENIX ELECTRIC LIGHT & WATER CO J.I. VanDoren CLERGY Baptist Rev. R.M. Cloud Methodist Rev. H.S. Southal Congregational Rev.T.W. Harris Catholic Rev. P.H. Beacham PHYSICIANS J.E. Hamill, E.J. Drury, R.A. Wilcox, D.F. Young LAWYERS O.M. Reilly, Francis David, A.D. Merry, Ira Betts OPTICIAN C.J. Fuller DENTIST C.W. Richards INSURANCE H.A. Dygert, H.W. Vischer PENSION CLAIMS John O'Brien, W.H. Jennings HOTELS Windsor- H.D. Fox Kirk- M Dingman Howard- M.Carey Tivola- Jas.Otts RR BUS R.D.M. Decker Manufacturing & Mercantile BAKERY E.J. Denton BARBERS F.L. Potter, Mark Miller BERRY CRATE FASTENERS & HINGES M.C. Ryan BICYCLE REPAIRING William Turner BLACKSMITHS D.C. Remington, John Becker BOOTS & SHOES W.H. Jennings BUILDERS H.S. Van Wormer, W.H. Warner
CHEESE MFG A.P. Merriam CIGAR A.C. Moyer, Frank Spaulding CLOTHIERS H.D. Merriam , Moses Rambar COAL A.C. Parker COAL & LUMBER J.H. Loomis & Son, William Blake
DESK & KNIFE CO E.A. Tabor, O.M. Sherman DRUGS R.S. Kellar, H.A. Dygert DRY GOODS J.C. Hutchinson & Co., F.A. Carter, Vickery & Spencer, M. Katz
FLOUR & FEED A.C. Parker, Pierce & Pendergast FOUNDRY-Phoenix John O'Brien, Arthur Otts FURNITURE & UND. F.W. Hakes, H.S. Withers GROCERIES A.E. Russ, C.D. Ash, J.C. Hutchinson & Co
HARDWARE N.A. Hughes, Murphy Bros., E.E.Burleigh HARDWARE SPECIALTIES Geo. A. Colton & Son HARNESS Wm Stewart, F. W. Alvord
JEWELERS C.J. Fuller, O.E. Ward MACHINERY E.B. Bakery MEAT MARKET C.E. Babcock, George Wood MONUMENTS R.Y. Allen
PAPERMILLS: Oswego River M.C. Mergittroyd
Phoenix Toliet & Paper Mfg R.S. Hoffman, H.D. Wood Sweet Bros. T.C. Sweet, K.N. Sweet Phoenix Tissue Paper Mills Smith Murgittroyd Phoenix Tissue Mills L.J. Carrier PHOENIX HOT WATER HEATING CO Smith Murgittroyd PHOENIX SLIDING BLIND CO PHOENIXYEAST & SPIRITS CO Fred A. Bosse, Hunter L. Betts PLANING MILL J.H. Loomis & Son PLUMBER R.D. Latham POOL ROOM D. Donaldson PRINTING Fred Veal SILK MILLS Duffy Bros., A.F. Nellis TIN SHOP R.D. Latham, Fred Ketcham VARIETY STORE Arnice Archambo

Source: Excerpt from "Grip's Historical Souvenir of Phoenix & Vicinity - Series No 14 Published by The Seaman Press, Pulaski NY 1902 - bbt/2000

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