The Enterprise Fire  Co. No. 1, Phoenix, N.Y.

The Enterprise Fire Department was organized in January 1852.There was no Chief Fireman for a number of years. Later, T.J. Davis was made chief. The company was reorganized and incorporated July 6th 1885. In 1902 there were 35 members.

Officers of 1852: 
Foreman:               T.J. Davis
1st Asst Foreman:   O.H. Smith
2nd Asst Foreman:  Enoch Conger
Secretary:              Jerome Duke
Treasurer:              E.F. Richardson

Officers in 1902
Chief:                   W.S. Spaulding
1st Asst Chief:       Chas. Sixbury
2nd  Asst Chief:     Wm. Blake
Foreman:               D.C. Remington
1st Asst Foreman:   E.S. Patchen
2nd Asst Foreman:  F. Gilbert
Secretary:              F. E . Hooker
Treasurer:              H.S. Van Wormer
President:              E.A. Taber

Captain of the Drill Company: Thorn Maxfield

Members pictured in a faded photo ( not included ): Thorn Maxfield, Capt., E.J. Hansel, Arthur Kirby, Frank Burgess, John A. Booth, C.C. Kinslow, Eugene Emmons, E.J. Vickery, Fred Veal, Floyd Turpening, Albert Meil, William Warner, Herman McGann, Fred Ketchum, Adelbert Waldrom, Charles Sixbury,  C.K. Williams, Henry Schultz, Edward Dykeman, E.B.Nelson, Lewis Henley, John Keller, E.R. Sweet, Wm Turner, W.S.Spaulding, Chief.

Source:  Grip’s Historical Souvenir of Phoenix and Vicinity, Series No 14, Published by The Seaman Press, Pulaski NY, 1902 – Transcribed, bbt2000

Many thanks to Berit Taggart for contributing this information.  Berit is researching the following names and would love to hear from anyone on them...Becker and Collison.  "Both families resided in Oswego county 
(Schroeppel Census 1860, 1865,1880 ) from the mid-1800's through early 1900's. Information has been slim so far, but I am undaunted!"

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