Golden Rule Lodge, No. 245 ( No. 77 ) , I.O.O.F., Phoenix, N.Y.

Phoenix, N.Y. Golden Rule Lodge, No. 245 ( No. 77 ) , I.O.O.F.
Golden Rule Lodge

“The Golden Rule Lodge, No.245, I.O.O.F. was instituted Aug 15, 1846 by
 Henry L. Davis, D.D.G.M., for Oswego county, with the following membership:
O.W. Randall, S.S. Bachelder, Wm. Conger, J.G. Hull, U. Conger, G.W. Thompson, Edward Baxter, Amasa P. Hart, Dudley Fish, Samuel Avery, Jacob Nellis, Ashley P. Northrup, E.S. Chapin, W.G. Hatch, S.W. Alvord, Thomas Davis, Chas. Breed, and Curtis Munger. Meetings  were held in Hanchett block

In 1850, with district changes this Lodge number was changed to No.77. Meetings were held in Leslie block. In 1873 another move was made to Betts block, and in 1898 the lodge moved to new and elegant rooms in the Hansel block. . From 1846 to the present ( 1902 ) not a meeting night has been missed. 

The membership at present is 160. Officers are : IB Pomeroy, AF Munson, JE Jones, WD Thompson, TC Taggert, RD Latham, ER Sweet, F Hooker, Howard McGann, Floyd Turpening, Albert Huntley, EB Nelson, Geo.Sturgiss, Chas. Sixbury ( Chaplain ), E. Dykeman, D. Kautz.” 

Pictured members by number:

1. Deforest Crandall
2. EA Gutliph
3. WS Wallace
4. FW Hakes
5. John Wing
6. Orville Walker
7. SS Waterbury
8. Charles Dence
9. Charles Cory
10. Charles Sixbury
11. Ed. Hansel
12. Howard McGann
13. Edward Dykeman
14. Thorn Maxfield
15. Anthony Mickle
16. AB Ross
17. Frank Spaulding
18. Richard S. Kellar
19. ES Patchen
20. HS Dutcher
21. EC Vickery
22. HM Porter
23. James Brazier
24. Floyd Turpening
25. Frank Kellogg
26. WH Withers
27. Walter Horr
28. RY Allen
29. Albert Huntley
30. EJ Drury
31. ER Sweet
32. RD Latham
33. Bruce decker
34. Archie Fuller
35. WS Blake
36. Arthur Moyer
37. Mose Rambar
38. Warren Chawgo
39. Mortimer Becker
40. George Otts
41. Hiram McGann
42. Edward R. Fish
43. WD Thompson
44. John B. Payne
45. TC Taggert
46. George P. Breed
47. Amos Munson
48. LB Powers
49. MM Carter
50. JE Jones
51. Asa M. Burgess
52. FW Burleigh
53. Emory Smith
54. George Heselton
55. Harlow Sixbury


Source:  Grip’s Historical Souvenir of Phoenix and Vicinity, Series No 14, Published by The Seaman Press, Pulaski NY, 1902 – Transcribed, bbt2000

Many thanks to Berit Taggart for contributing this information.  Berit is researching the following names and would love to hear from anyone on them...Becker and Collison.  "Both families resided in Oswego county 
(Schroeppel Census 1860, 1865,1880 ) from the mid-1800's through early 1900's. Information has been slim so far, but I am undaunted!"

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