Information was obtained from the History of Oswego County, N. Y., 1789 – 1877, published by
Everett & Ferriss, 1878.  Many thanks to Jan Turner who transcribed this article. 



     A class of the Methodists of Gilbert’s Mills and vicinity was formed in the year 1826, and Hymen Sutton was chosen class-leader, and held that position in 1831.  In that year, there was quite an extensive revival, which was not confined exclusively to the Methodists, but to all religious denominations then represented in that locality.  Prior to this year the services consisted of week-day preaching once in four weeks.

     Among the members of the class in 1831 (no records exist, and our informant, Mrs. Dr. W. B. Coy, could not remember farther back) were Hymen Sutton and wife, Elias Newton and wife, Asa Bailey and wife, Ira Sutton and wife, Artemus Ross and wife, Patten Parker, wife, and daughter (Mrs. Coy).  Worship was held in private dwellings and in the school-house until 1837, when the church edifice was erected at Gilbert’s Mills, but owing to a lack of funds it was not completed until 1839, and was dedicated early in 1840.  The dedicatory sermon was preached by Rev. Isaac Stone, the presiding elder of the district.

     Among the first preachers were Revs. Densmore, Elisha Wheeler, and Charles Northrup.

     The present pastor is Rev. Le Roy Grant.  The trustees for Gilbert’s Mills charge are A. C. Snyder, Hiram Parker, and William Diefendorf.  The stewards are William P. Wallace (recording steward), Wm. H. Eggleston, Sylvanus Scudder, Oscar Smyth, William Ellsworth, Aaron Kellar, John Perry, A. G. Clark, and G. Groff.  The present membership is twenty-one.

     The Sunday-school was first organized as a union school about contemporary with the formation of the church, and was conducted as such until 1861, when the schools were separated, and the Baptists and Methodists each have one now.  The present superintendent is Mrs.    Adelphia Grant, Mrs. S. P. Coy assistant superintendent, and Addie C. Grant secretary.  The present number of teachers and scholars is thirty-seven.


     The first Methodist sermon in this village was preached in the school-house, by the Rev. L. Adkins, in 1838, at which time the society was organized with ten members, namely: Liberty Worden and wife, Thomas Flower, Harvey Loomis and wife, J.R. Names and wife, I.N. Butts and wife, and Mrs. Davis.  This little band had a hard struggle for many years to maintain its existence.  They commenced to erect the present church edifice in 1838, but did not complete it until 1856.  The pastor under whose labors it was built was Rev. P. H. Willis, but it was not dedicated until Rev. W. L. Lisdell had been appointed as pastor.  It is a plain fram church, and cost about four thousand dollars, and will accommodate about three hundred persons.

     The first trustees were I. Butts, M. Chesebro, Wm. Gilbert, Thomas Flower, G. Morehouse, and Dr. Cobb.

     The present membership of the church is two hundred.  The pastor is Rev. A. H. Shurtliff, who has been with the church one year. During the past winter he held very successful revival meetings, as which about three hundred conversions were made.  The Sabbath-school numbers one hundred and seventy-five members, and is under the admirable superintendence of Prof. Boothley, than whom no better Sabbath-school disciplinarian or teacher exists in the State.  A devotion and earnestness pervades his management of the school that is highly commendable.  Among the teachers are also Prof. B. G. Clapp and wife.  Both church and Sunday-school are in a prosperous condition.

     There is quite a prosperous society of Methodists at Hinmansville, but we were unable to procure the necessary information for its history.

     An Advent church also exists in the town, but no one of its members to whom we applied took sufficient interest in it to furnish the data for a historical sketch; hence the omission.


     Prior to 1830 meetings were held, and the ordinance of baptism was celebrated in some few instances by ministers of the Baptist denomination.  The church society, however, was not regularly organized until February 26, 1831.  The organization was effected by Rev. Elder Benjamin McKoon, who had previously preached in the vicinity, and who afterwards became the pastor of the church. The constituent members of this religious body were Josiah Chaffee, Charles Smith, Jonathan Babcock, Albigence Chaffee and wife, Percy Ayre, Polly Gardner, Clarissa Dayton, and Johanna Chaffee.

     The first deacons were Stephen Griffith and Harlow Merrill.  The first clerk was Deacon G. W. Turner, who has held the office forty-five years consecutively.

     The list of pastors from 1831 to 1877 includes the following names: Elders Benjamin McKoon, Ansel Griffith (brother of Deacon Stephen Griffith), - who held the pastorate of the church for thirteen years, and was an earnest and efficient divine, - John R. Page, Stephen Krum, Joseph Wilson, John Noye, William Russell, William C. Byer, David J. Whiting, H.A. Barker, William A. Stone, Amos E. Wilson, S.W. Schoonover, and G. H. Button, the present incumbent.

     The church edifice was erected in the summer of 1837, prior to which the society worshiped in the school-house or in private dwellings.  Deacon Turner, who did the carpenter work on the house, informs us, from records in his possession, that the frame was raised in July, 1837, but the sacred edifice was not completed until 1839, in the spring of which year it was appropriately dedicated to the worship of God, the sermon for the occasion being preached by Elder Robert Hunt, and the pastor in charge, Elder Griffith, assisted in the exercises.  The house is still standing, but in 1875 extensive repairs, alterations, and improvements were made to it, and in October of that year it was rededicated by Elder R. L. Howard, assisted by the pastor, Elder Schoonover.

    The present officers of the church and society are Stephen Griffith, G. W. Turner, and Elias Thomas, deacons; G. W. Turner, clerk; Avery Smith, X.A. Willard, and Stephen P. Mason, trustees.  The present membership is one hundred and six.

    There has been a Sabbath-school connected with the church most of the time since its organization, sometimes in connection with other religious denominations.  There is now a flourishing and prosperous Sabbath-school, numbering eighty teachers and scholars, with Elmer W. Coe as superintendent.

     [Note.- We wish here to compliment the efficient clerk of the church, Deacon G. W. Turner, for the admirable manner in which he has kept the church records for nearly half a century.  There is so great a laxity in this matter in the churches generally that when we meet with a well-kept and accurate record, we feel as though those who have been instrumental in its preservation deserve an everlasting crown of glory, or some other inestimable reward - EDITOR]


     was organized September 2, 1846 with eighteen members, namely: Walter Peck, Thos. Clough, Albert Clough and wife, Almira Clough, Harvey Hollister and wife, Stephen Bachelder and wife, G. W. Oakes and wife, Sally Ann Rice, Chas Highby and wife, Joel Morseman and wife, John G. Hull and wife.

     The first church officers were Walter Peck, deacon; Harvey Hollister, treasurer; John G. Hull, clerk.  The succession of pastors has been: Elders J. B. Page, O.W. Smith, W.W. Sterricker,  S. Bathrick, B. H. Damon, C. Putnam, D. Jackson, C. Cook, S. Aldrich, E. Crowell, Wm. McKee, J.H. Durkee, the present incumbent.

The church edifice was erected in 1851, during the pastorate of Rev. W. W. Sterricker.  The building committee were Walter Peck, John P. Rice, W. W. Sterricker, David S. Tabor, and Josiah Chaffee.  The dimensions of the building are forty by fifty-eight feet, and its cost about two thousand dollars.  The present membership is one hundred and thirty-five. Deacons, Josiah Chaffee, S.M. Parsons, and J. P. Burleigh.

     A flourishing Sunday-school is connected with the church, having a membership of one hundred and twenty.  Superintendent G. H. Parsons; Secretary, William Thompson; Treasurer, Mrs. Saddlemire.


     was organized June 14, 1837, with the following constituent members, namely: John Squire and wife, Mrs. Delia Buell, Hezekiah Barnes and wife, Catharine Barnes, Mrs. Theodosia Wall, Mrs. Anna Bourke, Isaac Wing and wife, Simeon Chapin, Ira Davis and wife, Mrs. C. Davis, Mary Ann Hill, Samuel Merry and wife, Huldah Candee, and Julia A Candee.  Rev. J. Eastman officiated at the organization of the church.  The first deacons were Hezekiah Barnes, James B. Richardson, and Samuel Merry.

     The pastors and stated supplies have been as follows: Benjamin Cadwell, in 1841; A. C. Lathrop, G. N. Todd, L. Dada, H.S. Redfield, S. R. Vorheis, J.V. Hilton, Ovid Miner, Rev. Mr. Bosworth, E. Perkins, J.H. Munsel, H. P. Black, the present incumbent.

     The first church edifice was erected in 1837, and served the congregation until 1875, when the present substantial brick house was built.  It was dedicated January 31, 1875.  The dedicatory sermon was delivered by Rev. Mr. Robinson, of Homer.  The building has a seating capacity for about five hundred persons, and cost twelve thousand dollars.  The present membership of the church is one hundred and seventeen.

     The present officers of the church and society are: Samuel Merry, C. W. Candee, David Porter, and Van R. Sweet, deacons; and C. W. Candee, E. G. Hutchinson, G. H. Northrup, Samuel Flynn, A.P. Hart, and David Porter, trustees.

     From 1841 to 1863 the church connected with the presbytery of Oswego, under the accommodation plan.

     The Sabbath-school was organized about 1845.  The present membership is one hundred and fifty.  The superintendent is Deacon David Porter; and the secretary, F. A. Cartter.

     The church and Sabbath-school are both in a prosperous and flourishing condition.


      was organized in 1870, and their present neat and commodious building was erected the same year, and dedicated in June, 1871, by Rev. S. Rice.  It is thirty-two by fifty-six feet, and cost three thousand five hundred dollars.  It has a seating capacity for about two hundred and fifty.  The present membership is sixty-six.   Trustees, Phineas Converse, Nelson Corey, and Stephen Chappell; Treasurer, Stephen Chappell; clerk, Orrin Wallace.

     The Sunday-school was organized in July, 1871, under the superintendency of Rev. S. Rice.  Membership, thirty-five; volumes in library, sixty.  O.P. Burleigh, superintendent; E.L. Kimball, clerk; Florence Gregg, treasurer.

    We are indebted to the following gentlemen for information and assistance in the compilation of the above history of Schroeppel:

     Thomas R. Hawley, Reuben Sutton, Andrus Gilbert, Deacons Stephen Griffith and G. W. Turner, A. W. Schroeppel, Joseph Vickery, Dr. D. Conger, M. M. Carter, A. H. Brainard, Esq., Enoch S. Brooks, Captain Amasa P. Hart, J. M. Williams (editor of the Phoenix Register), Samuel and Edmund Merry, C. W. Candee, Harvey Wendell (for access to the township records), and many others not mentioned.

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