Information was obtained from the “History of Oswego County, New York", 1789-1877, published by Everett & Ferriss, 1878.


 Contemporary with settlement begins the history of religion.  It is needless for us to say that the efforts with which our forefathers aided every means of mental or moral instruction have been greatly blessed.  They labored for the right, for their own good, and for that of posterity, and their works attest their zeal.  Below we give a history of the different church organizations as obtained from the records and from the older members of the churches.


      The first movement towards the organization of a society at this point was made by William Kilburn;  he advocated the formation of a Methodist church here.  An interest having been aroused in the neighborhood, Rev. Burris Holmes, who becames its first pastor, was called to organize a society of that denomination, which he did in 1841.  It consisted of seven members, viz:  William and Margaret Kilburn, Mrs. James Adams, Isaac Sewel and wife, and Mr. Knight and wife.  Previous to the building of the church edifice, which was in 1853, the meetings were held in the school-house.  "The Scriba society was made a station, agreeable to request of the quarterly conference of the New Haven circuit, during the session of the Black River conference, held at Camden, Oneida county, New York, commencing May 31, 1854."

     It will be seen by the above extract from the church records that it had belonged to a circuit until this year.  Among the preachers prior to this we find the names of Rev. Messrs. Holmes and Hiscock; Benjamin F. Brown and E. A. Munson; Reuben Reynolds and Rev. Mr. Chapin.

    At the time of the building of the church M.M. Rice was the pastor.  Since then the following persons have officiated in that capacity:  Rev. Messrs. Isaac Turner, L.L. Adkins, M.D.L.B. Wells, William Jones, C. Phillips, Addison Wheeler, J.H. Buck, H.M. Danforth, S.B. Crozier, O.H. Holton, H.W. Howland, J.G. George, and the present pastor, W.F. Purrington.

    The church edifice is a wood structure thirty-five by sixty feet in size, nicely furnished, with good basement and gallery.  The church property is valued at six thousand dollars.  The present organization of the Sunday-school was effected in 1871, and Dr. A.C. Taylor chosen superintendent.

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    It has an average attendance of about one hundred twenty-five scholars, and a library of one hundred and seventy-five volumes.


    This society was organized in 1843 by a Rev. Mr. Fowler, and at that time contained but very few members. For a while it was prosperous, but was finally allowed to run down.  The early meetings were held in the town-line school-house.  This church was until recently a part of the Richland circuit.  By the annual conference of the Methodist Protestant church, held September 9, 1875, this class was made a station, and Rev. C.M. Boughton was appointed pastor.  The church building is located at North Scriba Station, and was dedicated by Reb. J. J. Smith of New York, January 20, 1875.  It is a wood structure thirty by forty-eight feet in size.  The society has a membership of sixty-seven.  there is a Sunday-school in connection with it.


     This, with the society of the same denomination at the centre, forms one charge.  Meetings were held here for many years, but there had been no regularly-installed pastor, or real organization of the society, until the spring of 1873.  Samuel Du Bois, Mrs. Ann King, Zachariah Allport, Daniel Bronson, Oliver Hall, Hugh Downs, David Whitaker, and Galen Hall were among those who early represented the religious interest at this point.  In 1873 a movement was made towards the building of a church, whereupon all members of the different denominations united in a general and successful effort.  It was agreed that it should take the name of the "Lansing Methodist Episcopal Church," on condition that the seats should be free and open to all religious denominations for worship.  The building is thirty-six by fifty-six feet in size, has a good basement, and is nicely located.

    It was dedicated December 10, 1873, by Bishop Jesse Peck.  The church property is valued at four thousand five hundred dollars.

 At present the church as sixty members and a Sunday-school of fifty scholars.


    This society was organized January 7, 1828, by the Rev. David Marks, and received the name of the "Free-Communion Baptist Church."  The original number of members was seven, viz.; Daniel Knapp, Daniel and Lucy Gorsline, Stephen Krumb, William Coon, Samuel Frazier, and John Sweet.

    On the thirteenth day of December, 1831, this organization was dissolved and the present society formed.  Meetings were held at the homes of its members and in school-houses until 1848, when a plain wooden meeting-house was built, forty-four by thirty-two feet in size, and located on the north road, six miles east of Oswego.  The present handsome church building, occupying the old site, is of the Gothic form of architecture.  The stone basement contains two commodious rooms, well furnished, - the second floor being divided into three apartments, viz.: a lecture, an audience, and a class-room, arranged with folding doors.  This church was dedicated December 1, 1875, by Rev. G. H. Ball, D.D.

    There is a good parsonage in connection with it.  The present value of the church property is about seven thousand dollars, and the membership one hundred and thirty-two.

    The following-named persons have filled the office of pastor since the institution of the church, viz.:  Revs. William Nutting, J. Wilson, A. Griffeth, and S. Krumb; and, since 1848, M. Stanley, L. Hanson, J. Noye, J.J. Allen, C. Prescott, J. Wilson, and A.E. Wilson, the present minister, who has entered upon the seventh year of his pastoral labors.  There are one hundred and thirty scholars in the Sunday-school.

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