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1860 Gazetteer
1895 Landmark's History  Book, Town of Oswego, Oswego County, NY


DEEDS IN SEARCH OF DIANNA (LIVINGSTON?) - there are many deeds listed with various names

Citizens from the Town of Oswego - list of early names
Irish Born Residents ca. 1870 - Town of Oswego
Menuez-Menuey-Menuay Family, Town of Oswego/Mexico NY

1901 Utica Saturday Globe, Oswego, NY - Obit of Mrs. Sally Doolittle


Town Historian
  Justin D. White
  2320 County Route 7
  Oswego, NY 13126
  (315) 343-2586

Information was obtained from the Historical & Statistical Gazetteer of New York State, R. P. Smith, Publisher, Syr., 1860, by J. H. French.

Oswego---- (town)---was formed from Hannibal, April 20, 1818.  A part of Granby was annexed May 20, 1836.  It lies upon the shore of Lake Ontario, on the w. side of the river.  Its surface is generally rolling, ending in a bluff shore upon the lake.  The streams are the Eight Mile, Rice, Snake, and Minetto Creeks.  A fall in Oswego River within the limits of this town affords an abundance of water-power.  The underlying rock is principally red sandstone, and the soil a gravelly loam.  Boulders and water-worn pebbles are scattered over the surface, making it very stony in places.  Minetto,1(p.v.) situated on Oswego River, 4 mi. from the city, contains 150 inhabitants.  South West Oswego is a p.o.  The first settlement was made in 1797, by Asa RICE, from Conn.  Reuben PIXLEY came in 1800, and Daniel BURT in 1802.2  There are now in the town 2 churches;  M.E. and Bap. 

1.  A sawmill at this place is one of the largest in the State, and is capable of sawing 20,000 feet per 24 hours.

2.  Among the early settlers were Nathan, Nelson and ____ BECKWITH, in 1804.

Eleazur PERRY, in 1805.

Jonathan BUEL and Jacob THORPE, in 1806.

Daniel ROBINSON, in 1809. 

The first birth was that of Thomas Jefferson RICE, in 1801.

The first marriage, that of Augustus FORD and Miss RICE, in 1800.

The first death, that of an infant child of Asa RICE, in 1798.

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