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Many thanks and appreciation to Mary Menuey Thies for contributing her list of ancestors buried in the Rural-Union Cemetery in the Town of Oswego.  This is a partial listing.  Contributions or offers to read this or any cemetery in the county is most welcome.
My Menuez - Menuey ancestors are buried in this cemetery.  Mary Menuey Thies at: <>

     The Cemetery information  I was given was: "The Rural Union Cemetery" is located on the Cemetery Road in the Town of Oswego, off Route 104 West of the City of Oswego, New York --- {1825-1973}.
    This cemetery was started in the early 1800's as two separate cemeteries, adjacent to each other.  A few years ago they were taken over by the Town of Oswego.   The Town Board commissioned Beulah S. Schroeder of 1440 E. River Road, Oswego, New York to take the then existing records and put into order and set up a satisfactory system for future recordings.  As in many old cemeteries, the records were very poorly kept, or none at all.  All stones were checked and any additional data on the stones were put in the record.  In this record the date listed as the date of death may be the burial date as when stones wre found with date of death given, this proved to be so.  Where no stones were found the dates remain as recorded. 
    Some stones wer found for persons still living, but for Genealogical purposes she has included them.
    Sections in Rural are:  Old Acre listed as "A"; Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10
    Sections in Union are:   E. C. I. & J
    This record was done in 1974-1976
Mary Thies 


Henry Menuey {Jean-Henri Menuez} born 19 December 1784, Colombotte, Haute Saone, France and died 5 October 1861 Aged 77.
    His wife Frances {Francoise Bernard}, born 3 May 1792 in Colombotte, Haute Saone, France and died 30 November 1865 Aged 73y6m.
  Their children:
Johnglod Menuey  {Jean-Claude Menuez} born 5 March 1823 in Colombotte, Haute Saone, France and died 31 July 1850 aged,  27

Peter Menuey {Pierre Menuez} born 31 August 1829 in Colombotte, Haute Saone, France and died 31 March 1862 Aged, 33

Joseph Menuey/Menuay {Joseph Menuez} born 1 October 1827 in Colombotte, Haute Saone, France and died
while serving in the Civil War at Strasburg, Va. on 19 October 1864, aged 36

Anne "Frances J." Menuey {Anne Francoise Menuez} born 22 July 1831 in Colombotte, Haute Saone, France and died
8 March 1857, aged 25y6m, Wife of Joseph Mong

12/02/03 Additional Notes on the family from Mary Menuey Thies:
I have lots of documents from France and also some from New York on this family. 
     All of the Catholic records were taken to one church, which burned so I was not able to get any records from the church.  {I have birth records of all 11 children of Jean-Henri Menuez/Henry Menuey from France. 
    One thing I have tried to do since 1989 is find Joseph Menuez-Menuey-Menuay's Civil War information.  Two of us 10 years apart tried to get his records from Washington and they have nothing.  He isn't listed on your site either as serving from Oswego.  However, he has a soldier stone at the Rural Union Cemetery, as well as one by the family.  This seems so odd.  He was listed in 1864-1865 Oswego {City of} Directory the year {1864} he obviously joined the military -- was a Carriage Maker located at West Second and Bridge in Oswego {City of}, Oswego Co., New York.  I had a person take pictures of the tombstones etc. and the information from the soldier stone gave an incorrect date of birth and I "think" where he died.  It probably is so old and not easy to read.  They said he died at Strasburg, PA.  I've tried to find where battles were at the time of his death and always felt he probably died in VA.  Recently I found the book at an antique mall in Blue Island, Illinois and purchased it.  It is "The Civil War Day by Day - An Almanac - 1861-1865" --E.B. Long with Barbara Long".
  It is a wonderful book and it shows on October 19, 1864 {page 585} fierce fighting and many losses and do believe I have now identified where our Joseph P. Menuez/Menuey/Menuay actually died. As far as I can find, he was not married.  Nor was his brothers John and Peter.  I have never been able to find anything about Joseph Mong, who was married to Anne "Frances J." Francoise Menuez who died ae 25y6m.  If she died in childbirth, there is no mention of a child being buried with her and I have never found anything on a Joseph Mong. 
   We had another puzzle -- There is a Charles Bruce whose name, dob & death appears on the back side of the large, 4-sided tombstone for the Menuey family. 
    Another puzzle was that a Charles Bruce - is shown on the back side of the 4 sided, large tombstone for the Menuey's.
He was born in Scotland and died in New York City, New York.  Since I didn't know which area,  I was unable to get a death certificate for him.  It seemed so odd but in 1995, I THINK I found the clue.  Jean Henri Menuez/Henry Menuey had a brother Jean-Claude Menuez who was married and had children in France; he died in France and his widow married again and came to Calmoutier, Ohio with her 3 sons Vincent, Antoine, and Francois.  A descendant of Vincent married an Eli Bruce --- we feel this has to be the connection.  A descendant also remembers his mother saying they had visited the Bruce's in New York.  PERHAPS this is the answer but I've not been able to confirm it.
    Henry Menuey and his son Antoine {my great-great grandfathr} both worked as coopers in Oswego {city of} when they came from France.  Henry then had a farm at Mexico, Oswego Co., New York, which he desposed of prior to his death. 
    Henry's only child born in the United States was Paulina "Polly" {could be Apolline} Menuez was born at Mexico, New York according to Census records in 1836;  We next find her in Oswego {City of} City Directory for 1866-67 as being a Dressmaker and boarding with a family and obviously unmarried ae 31;  I finally found her once again in the 1870 Census of New York City, New York as follows:
    Roll 1010, pg. 594 - Paulina Menuey, Age 34 - Domestic Servant in House #353, Family 241 - home of:
    Abiel Marks, aged 56, retired broker
    Jane, his wife, age 50, keeping house
    Adeline, dau, age 15, at home

    Other Domestic Servants with  Paulina Menuey were:  Bridget Lyons, Age 30, white, female
    and Annie Keenan, aged 25, white, female

 Antoine Menuez/Menuey was the only child to live to an old age; marry and have children; and moved west to Dubuque Co., Iowa, then Buchanan Co., Iowa and later Nebraska where he died and is buried. 
    Whenever, I see old photographs in Antique Shops, it makes me sad and I'm sure someone in New York destroyed all family photos of the Menuey's or Paulina had them and who knows what happened when she died --- I have no idea where she died but prob. New York City and she is the only one not buried at Rural-Union Cemetery except brother Antoine. The mother, Frances
{Francoise Bernard} Menuey died after Joseph --- however, I am not sure just where Henry and Frances lived after selling their property in Mexico, NY.  I have the record of sale.
    I don't really know if any of this is of interest but thought I would send it and you can do whatever you want with it. 
I did have a book published by Higginson Books at Salem, MA. in the 1990's that is 2 volumes of about 1600 pages and have quite a bit of new information too.

Mary Menuey Thies

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