This was contributed by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.  
Many thanks and appreciation for sending this list of names.


Source:  The following newspaper article appeared on page one of the January 30, 1941 issue of the Fulton Patriot:

Through the courtesy of George Knight of 261 South Third street, we publish herewith a clipping from the Fulton Patriot and Gazette, under date of Thursday, March 2, 1865, which gives the list of drafted men in Volney.

A.B. Spencer
Stephen Gordon
Anson Thomas
Jed Foster
W. Danks
T. Rockborough
Mich. Hart
George Hill
Rev. E. Lord
James Stevens
Charles Calkins
William Wough
S.W. Williams
James Fitzpatrick
Charles S. Barrows
W.S. VanBuren
Gilbert Williams
Lebot Myres
H.N. Gilbert
Henry Miller
Calvin Phillips
H.N. Pond
Oliver Sikes
Octavo Brescur
Henry Hart
J.H. Townsend
Charles M. Perry (or Terry?)
David Colton
Emory Wheeler
H.H. Haynes
J.D. Brown
Roger Slater
E.M. Baldwin
Oliver Baldwin
Mat Keller
Rensalaer Lamb
Theodore Crosby
Jno. Gillis
Howard Allen
Jno. Souri
F.W. Clark
James Conlin
Henry Boardman
Larkin Torry
A. Stanton
C.A. Clark
Milo Sweeting
J. Southworth
P. Locke
James Hubbard
H. Rockwood
James Gillhooley
S. Fredenburgh
E.L. Wemple
V. VanBuren 3d
Peter Pulver
P.V. Taft
Calvin Reynolds
Joseph Hebeaux
James Quaife
Stephen King
H. Chamberlain
William Jackett
H.H. Perkins
Loren R. Clark
Hugh Hastings
H. Knott
A.R. Tucker
J.H. Howard
N. Crouch
L. Patterson
Chas. Whittaker
Henry Martin
W.H. Church
H.W. Burdell
Thomas Williams
A. Fitzpatrick
Jno. Frink
S.K. Ball
George Althouse
A. Hotchkiss
Andrew Clark
H.M. Wright
W.R. Rugg
E.P. Fish
W.R. Sherman
Schuyler James
Nicholas Moses
Sanford Brando
Adam Helmer
S.H. Moss
S.P. Richardson
Timothy Vickery
H.G. Goodrich
William Walker
J. DeBois
William Nelligan
P. McIntyre
L. Moss
F. Sharp
Jas. Seymour
George Washburn
Eugene Sullivan
George Voker
George Chapman
James A. Graham
Stephen View
George Clark
F. Baker
Chas. W. Fox
R.G. Bassett
Jno W. Pratt
Thomas Malony
C.W. Garlock
Abram Howe
Thomas Kempster
John S. Fairbanks

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