Aunt Lucinda's Diary

"Aunt Lucinda's Diary" was generously contributed by Brandon Bellinger, who has many ancestors that hail from Oswego County.  Brandon writes, "This is the diary of Lucinda (Smith) King, from Scriba, which covers the years 1888 to 1892.  She was the wife of John King and lived on the King farm on Lake Road in Scriba. John was the brother of my 2 gr grandfather William King.  It's entries gives you a glimpse of everyday life from birth, marriage, and death.  John and Lucinda did not have any children." 
(Many thanks to Brandon for this very interesting diary.)

October 1888

One of Helen's babies laughing at Deacon Crankett.
(Caption under picture).

Oct       1888 

We are having great deal of foolish excitement over the coming election.
     Oct 30 Tuesday                                                1888
Minnie Coe is here making over my brown cashmere drefs (dress). She is pleasant and chaty.
 Oct 31 Wednesday                                            1888 
Minnie finished my drefs (dress) today.
Nov 29th Thursday Thanksgiving Day                                    1888 
We was invited to Jimmy Rhineharts thanksgiving dinner today, but I was sick I could not go. We have prayer meeting this evening.
(James Rhinehart and Jane Anne Smith, Lucinda's sister and husband)
Dec 2nd Sunday                                                1888
A mild muggy day, muddy roads. We do not attend church.
     Dec 24th Monday                                             1888
John and I took a sleighride today. This is my first sleighride this winter. I called on Mrs. Burch who has suffered from rhumatism so long that she is a cripple. She hasen't walked for seven years.
(John King, Lucinda's husband)
Christmas Dec 25th Tuesday                                       1888
John and I went to Mr. Bradwicks to dinner today. We had a very nice dinner of chicken, plum puding, vegetables, peaches, pickles and all good things. It is a warm muggy day and muddy roads.

     Dec 31 Monday              1888

We had a new years supper at Mr. Jewells this evening. After supper we had a watch meeting. We had a pleasant time. We held our meeting until twelve o'clock, then went home. The roads were muddy and nasty.

     Jan 1st Tuesday              1889

John and I went to mothers today. Aunt Lottie was there. We had a good time. Little Clarence is so noisy and gleeful and so lovable that we are all the time admiring him.
(Jermiah Smith and Laura E. Alebeo, Lucinda's parents)

Jan 3rd Thursday                1889

We had a prayer meeting here tonight.

     Jan 5 Sat               1889

John and I went to Oswego today. The roads are very muddy and bad.

     Jan 6th Sun             1889

Old Mrs. May is dead and was buried today. She lived in Mayville just a little ways from mothers. It is a rainy disagreeable day, so cannot attend funeral.

     Jan 21 Mon              1889

James Melligan died this morning at about ten o'clock. He died very sudden of heart disease.

     Jan 24 Thurs             1889

James Melligan was buried today.

     March 22rd Fri      1889

This afternoon as I was busily engaged making my husband, John, a blue checked frock. I heard a knock at my kitchen door and hastily dropping the blue checked frock I stepped to the door and was met by George King's sixteen year old daughter Maud, looking very fresh and blooming from her walk over bad roads. We are having plenty of the suns bright rays now and so when we walk out we have to pick our way the best we can over dirty snow, in some places, and dirty mud in other places. Well blooming Maud came to invite me to go to thier house tomorow to a carpet rag bee.  After doing her errand and chatting with me a few minutes blooming Maud makes her exit, and I return to the blue checked frock.
(George King, his wife Sarah Jane Upcraft, and daughter Maud, John King's brother)

     March 23rd Sat                          1889

My courage was at a very low ebb this morning, when I thought of the bee, and the dirty snow and the dirty mud, but my husband John thought I had better go so after dinner I combed my brown back hair, and my brown front frizes, and tried to brighten my brown face and donned my brown cashmere, and donning hat and shawl, brown mittens and brown legins I started.  When I reached John Donohue's being very tired I called there. Mrs. Donohue went too. I will not attempt to describe our perilous walk, her carying the baby, and I a black bottle and black satchel, and a paper parcel, and trying to dodge around the mud.  But we did get there at last and had a very pleasant afternoon. 

     Apr1st  Mon                  1889

We had a slight fall of snow last night. Today John hitched our sorrel colts on the sleigh and took me to mothers. I found mother about the same as usualthough not very smart. Oh Clarence you big fat boy how I do admire and love you.

     Apr 2nd Tuesday         1889

We went to Oswego today with our waggon, the snow being gone. The roads are muddy and bad.

     Apr 11th Thursdy      1889

I received a letter from Mrs. Grills today. She sent me these flowers.

     Apr 21 Sun Easter      1889

We went to church today for the first time this year.

     May 4th Sat       1889

I sent a letter to Mrs. Grills today.

     May 5th Sunday      1889

Went to church.

     May 7th Tuesday      1889

Orin's wife has a pair of twin girls born yesterday. 
(Orin Smith and Lucy, Lucinda's brother and wife) 

     May 8th Wed       1889

John and I went to see the little twins this evening, one weighs 5 lbs and the other 4lbs, they call them Lillian and Lulu.

     May 11th Sat       1889

This is some paper I have just put in a bedroom upstairs. 
     May 16th Thursday                                      1889
I received a letter from Jefse (Jesse) today.
(Jesse King and Martha, John King's brother and wife)

     June 2nd Sun       1889

We attended church today.

     June 4th Tues       1889

John and I and our neighbor Mrs. Burke went to Granby today. We went to the farm where I spent the first six years of my life. I ran over the places where I used to play in childish delight.

     June 9th Sun       1889

We had a hard rainstorm this afternoon. The rain seemed to pour, the lightening was sharp and the thunder loud.

     June 14th Friday      1889

We went to Oswego today. We are having so much rain that the farmers can not get much chance to work.

     July 3rd Wed       1889

Little Willie King was killed today. He drove to the cheese factory with his father's milk, had just started to come home with the whey when some way the horse gave a sudden jerk or twist and the can and boy was suddenly thrown off, and poor Willie was instantly killed. The parents are nearly distracted with grief. They have had eight children and this is the first one they have lost. Poor George is heart broken. 
(Willie-William King was the son of George King and Sarah Jane Upcraft. He was 12 years old)

     July 4th Thursday      1889

I was very sick last night and have been in bed nearly all day, but am rather better tonight. This is a sad fourth to us.

     July 5th Friday      1889

Willie was buried today. I was not well enough to go. They say it was a large funeral.

     July 7th Sun       1889

John and I went to church today.

     July 14th Sun         1889

Went to church today.

     July 21st Sun       1889

Went to church. Rev. Elder Nesbit preached from text, St. Luke XXI 19 In your patience passef (passes) ye your souls.

     Aug 4th Sun       1889

I called on aunt Lottie Newman this afternoon. Uncle Asa Farill is visiting her from the west, also his wife Aunt Helen. Uncle Asa is 87 years old and quite feeble. They came yesterday.

     Aug 9th Friday      1889

I went to aunt Lottie's today to visit with Uncle Asa and aunt Helen. There was quite a little crowd there. It was the 27th aniversary of Aunt Helen and Uncle Asa wedding day.

     Aug 13 Tues       1889

Will King and his wife came out from the city today. They brought their two lovely blackeyed boys. They will stay with us a few days.
(Will-William Henry King brother of John King. William Henry King, married Mary Emma Farrell, their sons wereWilliam John and Frank Farrell) 

     Aug 15th Thurs      1889

We all took a ride to Mr. Soule this afternoon. Mr. Soule is looking very poorly.
(Thomas Soule husband of Racheal King. sister of John King)

     Aug 16th Friday      1889

We went to Oswego today and carried our company home and done our shopping and came home. We have had a very pleasant visit with our friends.

     Aug 28 Wed       1889

John and I went to campmeeting today at Dempster Grove New Haven. I had the pleasure of shaking hands with the Rev. Charley Walton of Mexico. When I taught the school at Denton's corners nineteen years ago he was a boy sixteen or seventeen years old, and I used to see him occasionally there.

     Sept 1st Sunday      1889

John and I went to campmeeting again today. I saw my dear old friend Celinda Merriam Young today. She looks so good and natural. I also heard Charley Walton preach. I feel well paid for going to campmeeting.

     Oct 10th Thursday            1889

This is the 17th annversary of our weding day. We do not celebrate it except by hard work. It is a bright sunshining day. We hope there are some happy days in store for us yet.
     Oct 16th Wed       1889
John and I went to the church this evening to a social. We had oysters, ice cream, and cake.

     Nov 20th                1889

We received a letter and some papers from Jefsies (Jessie) wife. These leaves were in the papers. They are now living in Kent Washington Ter.
(Jesse King and Martha, John King's brother and wife)

    Nov 28th Thanksgiving day    1889

We were invited to Mr. Rhinehart's today but being a wet uncomfortable day we did not go.

What I do thou knowest not now, but thou shalt know hereafter.

I know not what Thou doest yet I will wait
Till I behold Thee in heaven's cloudlefs (cloudless) sky,
Till I have reached that glory circled state,
In whose bright radiance darknefs (darkness) melts away,

I know not what Thou doest yet I will know
And know to praise Thee for my darkest days.

I know not what Thou doest, yet I will hope
In Thee till lifes wild roubled stream be past.

     Dec 20th Oswego    1889

I revceived a letter from Mrs. Grills. She sent these flowers.
I am visiting in the city at Will Kings's. They have two little boys one 3 years old, the other nineteen months. They are unwell and somewhat worrisome. 
(Will-William Henry King son of Willam King, brother of John King. William Henry King, wife Mary Emma Farrell, sons William John and Frank Farrell) 

     Dec 21st Sat Oswego    1889

Emma and I made some calls this afternoon. We went to her brother Frank Farrell's. They have a little tiny baby only a few days old. I had a good look at their parlor. Their chairs and window curtains and everything was just lovely. We called at Emma's father's this evening. They too have a beautiful house and music and nice lamps, and beautiful things without number.
(Mary Emma (Farrell) King,  her brother Frank P. Farrell and his wife Maria L. Glyn, the baby was John B, Emma's parents were Capt. John Farrell and Margaret Keenan)

     Dec 22nd Sun Oswego   1889

I went to Trinity church today. Text Mathew II, 10 When they see the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

     Dec 23rd Mon Scriba    1889

John came after me today, so I am home again.

            Christmas Dec 25 Wed    1889

George King and his family was here today. There was only eleven of us at the dinner table, We had the usual plum pudding, mince pies, etc.

The snow lay on the ground, the stars shone bright
When Christ our Lord was born on Christmas night.

     Wed Jan 1st      1890

Elder Widrig and his wife was here today also some of my folks. We had a pleasant time. We had plum pudding again. We have had no sleighing yet. This morning the ground was frozen hard, this afternoon the weather has moderated and we are getting some rain. The weather is variable.

     Sun Jan 19th     1890

I went to the methodist church today. Text Romans V, 6th For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.

        Jan 25th Sat New Haven    1890

I am paying a visit to my folks. They are not very well. They have most all got bad colds. The dear little twins Lillian and Lulu are sick with colds. Lulu the smallest of the two looks so white, that I am almost afraid we shall loose her.
(Jermiah Smith and Laura E. Alebeo, Lucinda's parents)
(Orin Smith and Lucy, Lucinda's bother and wife, children Lillian and Lulu)

        Jan 26th Sun Scriba    1890

John came after me today and brought me home again.

            Jan 28th Tue     1890

A great many people are sick with bad colds, or something like a cold only worse, they call it La Grippe.
           Apr 23 Wed     1890
We here that Mr. Young and Mary Woolson are to be married this evening.
(Isaac P. Young, Mary E. Woolson daughter of Roswell Woolson and Sophia Fertile)

May 1st 1890 

    (Newspaper clipping)
 Our Merchant, I. P. Young, and Miss Mary Woolson, of this place,  were united in  marriage at the home of the bride's brother in Oswego  on Wednesday evening of last week. All unite in wishing them a long life of wedded happiness.

          May 6th        1890

Lucy's little twin girls are a year old today. They are poor little sickly darlings.
(Lillian and Lulu)
         May 8th Thurs       1890
We are having a cold wet spring. John is sowing oats today. 

         May 11th Sunday     1890

John and I went to mothers this afternoon. I was so glad to see the little twin girls. Lillian and Lulu looking fully well for such sickly little things as they have always been. They are lovely babies.

         May 12 Monday     1890

This is my birthday. I am 43 today. May the Lord make me patient and submifsive. (submissive)
(When a few years are come, then I shall go the way whence I shall not return.

        May 18th Sunday     1890

John and I went to the methodist church today.

 June 29th Sunday     1890

John and I and Mary Burk and some other girls took a ride to mothers this afternoon. The little twins are growing.
(Lillian and Lulu)

       July 20th Sunday     1890

We had the pleasure of listening to Clinton Wilson today. We thought it was most excellent.

       July 27th Sunday     1890

Mr. A. H. Burck was buried today. Funeral at the house. We do not attend. 

       July 30th      1890

I received a note from Clara Smith today inviting us to her wedding on Saturday evening next.

       Aug 2nd Sat      1890

Arrayed in our best plumes we attend the wedding. The bride is lovely in her bridal white, the bridegroom splendid in grand attire. The guest are numerous, the presents beautiful. All seems to go well at the marriage feast. Ben and Clara are married. May the good Lord blefs (bless) and protect them.

       Aug 22 Friday     1890

I have company from Oswego town today Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Coe. They are such kind pleasant people, goo to look at and to talk to. Oirn and Lucy and little Lulu came here this afternoon. We have a pleasant visit.

       Aug 23 Sat      1890

John and I and Mr. and Mrs. Coe went to campmeeting at Dempster Grove, New Haven. It was very good indeed.

       Aug 24th Sun     1890

John and I went to campmeeting again today. I met my dear friend Celinda there again. She looks as natural as ever. She is very fine and drefsy (dressy).

Schedule for Sunday services at Demster Grove

       Sunday Services

6.00 A.M.       Consecration Meeting, F.F Clark, leader.
9.00 A.M.       Love Feast, H. M. Danforth, P. E., leader.
10.30 A.M.     Public Worship; Sermon, F.H. Beck.
12.00 P.M.      Intermission for Dinner.
1.00 P.M.       Young People's service as follows:
            (a)       Hannibal Chapel, Children's Meeting, E. G. 
                       Newman, Conductor.
            (b)      Vermillion Chapel, Young Men's Meeting,
                       F. S. Thrall Conductor.
            (c)       Trinity Chapel, Young Ladies Meeting, Mrs. 
                       T. R. Shepherd, Conductor.
2.00 P.M.       Public Worship, sermon, T. B. shepherd.
                       Followed by general prayer meeting in
                       chapel tents.
6.00                Y.P.S.C.E., Meeting in New Haven Chapel, 
                       C. H. Basset, Leader
7.30                Public Worship, sermon Jabez Stallwood.

Are You a Christian?

   "Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye
   shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven" Matthew xviii 3.

       Would You Like to Become a Christian To-Day?
   "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved."
    Act xvi, 31.
   "Behold, now is the accepted time." Cor., vi,2. 


Sept 3rd Wed     1890

We went to Oswego Co. fair today.

 Sept 4th Thurs     1890

We went to the fair again. We had a very pleasant time both days.

 Oct 1st Wed 1890

Aunt Lottie and uncle Joe was married tonight. We went to the wedding.

 Oct 3rd Fri 1890 

We visited Seymour Coe's folks today. 

 Fri Oct 10th 1890

The 18th anniversary of our wedding. We entertain a few guest, only a few.

 Dec 14th 1890

We went to the methodist church today. I spoke with aunt Lottie, and went into the Bible clafs (class) with her and we had a pleasant little talk about Jesus and his disciples. Elder Wridrig led the clafs (class).

                                        Christmas Dec 25th Thursday 1890

We called on Aunt Lottie's this morning. She had a shock of paralysis a few days ago, and now seems very near death. She knew me and spoke to me. We spent the day at Mr. Rhineharts.

 Dec 26th Friday 1890

We called at Aunt Lotties again this morning and found he smiling in death. She died at about 12 o'clock last night. Gone to her rest. We went from aunt Lotties to mothers where we found Clara and Ben.

 Dec 28th Sunday 1890

Aunt Lottie was buried today.

 Dec 31st 1890

Clara and Ben and Hattie visited us today.

 Jan 1st 1891

God Blefs (Bless) Our Home.

 Jan 26 Mon 1891

We received a letter from Jesse and his wife. These flowers were sent by their little girls.

Flowers pasted in diary                            Flowers pasted in diary

  From Jessie King                                        From Mabel King 

 Feb 9th Monday 1891

Mrs. Horton is here making my new black brilliantine drefs (dress). Her little grandaughter May is with her.

 Feb 10th Tuesday 1891

May is such a funny little thing, she keeps us laughing.

 Feb 11th Wed 1891

Orin and Lucy and the little girls and the boy Clarence came to visit us today. Also Mr. and Mrs. Ed Profser (Prosser). The dear little girls are beautiful. 

 March 31 1891

We went to mothers today to celebrate her birthday. She is now 80 years old.

 June 9th 1891

Little Lulu one of the dear little twins is dead and was buried today. We would like to have seen these little ones grow up together to womanhood, but one has gone from us and the other is so frail that we are afraid she will not be with us very long.

 July 18th Sat 1891

John and I went to Fulton today. We found our relations quite well.

 July 19th Sun 1891

Lottie and Nettie and I went to church this morning. We heard a beautiful sermon.

 Jan 2nd  1892

I have just finished weaving a rag carpet for the bedroom upstairs. It is the first I have ever woven and I am very proud of it.

 March 31st 1892

Mother's birthday. She is 81 and very feeble. Mother and Orin and Clarence came here. Also the Rev Mr. Galloway and his wife was here and Mr. and Mrs. Jewell. It is a bright pleasant day but the roads are quite muddy.

 April 30th  1892

I have just finished weaving a carpet for Mrs. George King. 23 1/2 yds.

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