Lucinda Smith King's Bible Entries 

John King
 Lucinda Smith
      Were United By Me In The Bonds Of 
 Holy Matrimony

At the home of the bride on the 10th day of October in the year of 
our Lord 1872 In the presence of George King and Lizzie Upcraft.
                 Signed Rev. E.A. Wilson Pastor of the Freewill Baptist church, North Scriba,

                           Oswego, N.Y.


John King and Lucinda Smith
Benjamin Hannah and Clara E. Smith
Richard Soule and Libbie E. Foot
Norman A. Farr and Mollie L. Simmons
Charles A. Padden and May Farr
Fred Kelly and Nora M. Cass
L.J. Rhinehart and Clara E. Morey
Frank Hammocker and Hattie L. Smith
Oct 10th 1872
Aug 2nd 1890
June 25th 1891
Nov 30th 1892
Mar 22nd 1893
Dec12th 1894
Aug 19th 1895
Dec 22nd 1898


John King
Lucinda Smith King
Jane Smith Rhinehart
Mary Smith Kelly
Orin Smith
John Smith
born Oct 15th 1837
born May 12th 1847
born Dec 8th 1840
born Aug 8th 1842
born Sept 26th 1844
born Mar 1854


Jeremiah Smith 
Mrs. Mary Kelly 
Mrs. Eliza Scott 
William Newman 
Mrs. Lottie Coon 
Lula Smith 
Mrs. Laura E. Smith 
Samuel Ellsworth 
Sarah Ann Woodruf 
Jane Ann Rhinehart 
James Rhinehart 
Lucinda King 
William King 
Mary A, King 
William King
Thomas Soule
Mrs. Catherine King
Hazel King
Mabel King
Sarah McLaughlin
Jesse King
Rachel Soule
Martha Barker
George King
Jan 5th 1872
June 15th 1882
Feb 8th 1888
Apr 2nd 1888
Dec 26th 1890
June 6th 1891
Dec 27th 1893
Oct 2nd 1894
Jan 4th 1903
Oct 15th 1905 
Aug 1910
Dec 14th 1909
Oct 11th 1881
March 4th 1882 
July 3rd 1889
March 8th 1890
Sept 20th 1897
June 1898
Jun 23rd 1907
April 1908
Oct 5th 1910 Cal
Jan 2nd 1911
Aug 8th 1911
age 64
age 40
age 84
age 72

age 2 yrs 1 mo
age 83
age 66
age 68
age 65
age 6

age 78
age 76
age 12, son of  George and Sarah Jane King

dau of George and Sarah Jane King

The Bible Records were generously contributed by Brandon Bellinger, who has many ancestors that hail from Oswego County.  John and Lucinda lived on the King farm, Lake Road in Scriba, and did not have any children.  John was the brother of Brandon's 2 gr- grandfather William King.  You can read Lucinda's Diary listed on the Treasure's of the Past page.

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