Marriages in Oswego County, N.Y. 

Pulaski Democrat - April 4, 1897
Pulaski, New York
Mrs. Ella Edick and Mr. W. O. Ball

     A very quiet home-like wedding occurred last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Manwarren, it being the marriage of their eldest daughter, Mrs. Ella Edick and Mr. W. O. Ball of Mexico, Elder Curtis officiating.

Pulaski Democrat - May 1894
Pulaski, New York

Alice Marian Monroe and Ansel W. Brown

     Married in Baldwinsville, N. Y., May 2, 1894, at the residence of the bride's parents,
by Rev. E. A. McMaster, of the First Presbyterian church of Baldwinsville, Mr. Ansel W.
Brown, of Pulaski, N. Y., and Alice Marian Monroe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
     We condense the following account of the glad occasion from the Baldwinsville
Gazette: "Only relatives and immediate friends were present. Miss Laura E. Baldwin
presided at the organ and shortly after seven o'clock the bridal party entered the parlor to
the music of Lohengrin's wedding march. The ceremony was most impressively
preformed by Rev. Edward A. McMaster, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of this
village, after which the bride and groom received the congratulations of the guests. A
substantial wedding supper was served and Mr. and Mrs. Brown left on the 9:23 train for
Oswego, going thence to Watertown to visit relatives of the groom. They will reside in
Pulaski. Of course there were many wedding gifts, but these only in small degree testified
to the friendship of the donors. Among the out of town guests were John N. Carlisle and
wife, of Watertown; D. C. Monroe and wife, Mrs. Candace C. Brown and Edmund
Brown, of Pulaski; O. A. Rodgers and wife, Fremont Champlain and wife and George
Champlain and wife, of Syracuse.
     The bride is one of Baldwinsville fairest young ladies, while the groom is in every way
worthy the charming bride he has won. Mr. and Mrs. Brown enter upon their new life
with brilliant prospects, and that they may love long and be happy is the wish of every
friend, including The Gazette." And in all these good wishes and congratulations the
publisher of the Pulaski Democrat most heartily concurs.

Pulaski Democrat - November 29, 1916
Pulaski, New York

Catherine Carlisle and Frederick Taylor 

Catherine Carlisle, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John N. Carlisle, Weds

     Announcement was made, Saturday in New York and Watertown, of the marriage of
Miss Catherine C. Carlisle, only child of Mr. and Mrs. John N. Carlisle, of Watertown
and Albany, to Mr. Frederick Taylor, son of Mrs. Emma Flower Taylor, of Watertown.
The wedding took place at Walton, New Hampshire, October 21. Miss Carlisle was a
student at Wellesley College and Mr. Taylor at Yale. The bride is well known in Pulaski
where she has been a frequent visitor at the home of her uncle, Ansel W. Brown. The
groom is grandson of the late Roswell P. Flower, of Watertown. They will reside in

Pulaski Democrat - September 1900
Pulaski, New York

Harriet Daphne Brown and Henry D. Price

     A very pleasant home wedding occurred at the residence of Warren Walworth on the
lake road, last Wednesday afternoon, at four o'clock, the contracting parties being Mr.
Henry Price and Miss Hattie D. Brown. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. Foster
Wilcox. The happy couple were the recipients of many beautiful gifts, which bespoke the
high esteem in which they are held. Mr. Price is a prosperous young man who enjoys the
acquaintance of a wide circle of friends and Miss Brown is a well known trained nurse,
who has won much distinction in her chosen profession. Her many friends join in wishing
her all the happiness she so richly deserves. Guests from out of town were: Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Moody and daughter, Dorthy, Brooklyn, NY; Mrs. Pauline Twitchell, Cleveland,
Ohio and Mrs. A. Champney, Antwerp, NY. Mr. and Mrs. Price left on the evening train
for a trip east.

Pulaski Democrat - February1899
Pulaski, New York

Gertrude Virgil and Rev. Wallace E. Brown

     Married February. 8, 1899, Gertrude Virgil and Rev. Wallace E. Brown of the Olivet
M. E. church of Syracuse, at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse W.
Calkins of this place. The bride is a very estimable and talented young lady, being a
graduate of Mexico Academy and of Syracuse University. She has hosts of friends here
whose good wishes follow her to her new home.

Pulaski Democrat - March 21, 1917 
Pulaski, New York

Flora Mae Calkins and Ralph Everett Hotchkiss

     Thursday morning at nine o'clock at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Grant Calkins, in the south-west part of the town of Richland, occurred the marriage of
Miss Flora Mae Calkins and Mr. Ralph Everett Hotchkiss. The wedding was without the
lease degree of display and only a few and very immediate friends witnessed the
ceremony which was performed to the Rev. Hamilton D. B. MacNeil, Rector of St. James
Episcopal church, of this village. The ring service was used and the marriage vows were
recited in most impressive manner. The bride wore her traveling gown which was of dark
blue. Mr. and Mrs. Hotchkiss left for Niagara Falls for a brief wedding trip and will be at
home to their friends at 55 Salina street after March 24th.
     The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Calkins. She has been a student
in Pulaski High School and has many friends in Pulaski who  will be glad of her coming
among them to reside. The groom is a native of Mexico and has been engaged as
salesman for automobile dealers the past eight years. He is now salesman for the Carnes
Motor Sales Co., of this village.

Pulaski Democrat - October 1900
Pulaski, New York

Ola Laura Taylor and Florance M. Calkins 

     A very pretty home wedding occurred at the residence of Mrs. Flora Tyler on the lake
road near Selkirk last Wednesday afternoon, when her daughter, Ola L., was united in
marriage to Mr. Florance Calkins of Yonkers. Promptly at four o'clock the bride and
groom, preceded by the bridesmaids, Misses Lois Tyler and Blanche Calkins, entered the
parlor and took their places beneath an arch of trailing pine, where, in the presence of
about forty guests, the Rev. D. G. Christman, pastor of the Fernwood M. E. church,
performed the ceremony. The bride was handsomely attired in a gown of white silk and
carried a bouquet of bride's roses, while the bridesmaids wore gowns of pink and white
and carried carnations of the same colors. Immediately following the ceremony a
bountiful collation was served and congratulations were extended to the happy couple.
The presents, which were numerous and elegant, betokened the high esteem in which the
young people are held.
     The bride is the eldest daughter of Mrs. Tyler and a young woman wise sterling
character and winning ways have gained for her a large circle of warm friends, while the
groom is the son of F. Mason Calkins of Daysville and a young man of more than
ordinary business ability. He now holds the responsible position of manager for
Woolworth & Company's Yonker's store, a position which he has attained by close
attention to duty and an application of sound business methods.
     Mr. and Mrs. Calkins left on the evening train for a short bridal tour, after which they
will take up their residence in Yonkers.

Pulaski Democrat - April 1893
Pulaski, New York

Anna F. Doane and Grant J. Calkins

     Hymenial.  Calkins-Doane. An event long expected, occurred last Wednesday
evening, April 5th, at the home of the bride's father, Samuel Doane, as Rev. A. Bramley
officiated in pronouncing Miss Anna Doane and Grant Calkins man and wife. The happy
pair left the same evening for Syracuse and elsewhere for the remaining part of the week.

Pulaski Democrat -  June 22, 1910
Pulaski, New York

Hazel Louise Calkins and Roy W. Hardie

     June 15, 1910 at the home of the brides brother, Claude S. Calkins occurred the
marriage of Hazel Louise Calkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Calkins, and Mr. Roy
W. Hardie, son of Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hardie also of this place. Owing to the severe
illness of Mrs. Mary Calkins, grandmother of the bride, the wedding was a very quiet one,
only the immediate relatives being present. The rooms were tastefully decorated with
flowers and vines, green and white being the prevailing colors. In the parlor was a bank
of ferns extending from floor to ceiling, before which the contracting parties took their
stand, and in a very impressive manner, Rev. P. O. Wilcox spoke the words which united
them for life.
     The bride was most becomingly attired in a blue traveling suit. The presents were
many, comprising those that were beautiful and useful, and among them was a large sum
of money. Following the congratulations and best wishes an appetizing and dainty
luncheon was served, the bride cutting the wedding cake.
     Mr. and Mrs. Hardie drove to Fernwood where they took the train to Niagara Falls and
other points west. They have now returned to this place and on Saturday evening a
reception was held for them at the home of the grooms parents, Mr. and Mrs. William D.
Hardie. They will soon go to Worcester, Mass., where they will make their future home,
Mr. Hardie holding a fine position in a Woolworth Syndicate store in that city.

Pulaski Democrat - July 5, 1911
Pulaski, New York

Margaret Myers Funnegan and Hoyt Jones Calkins

     Announcements have been received of the marriage of Hoyt Jones Calkins to Miss
Margaret Myers Funnegan of Tacoma, Washington. The wedding took place June 24,
1911. Mr. and Mrs. Calkins will reside at Tacoma. Mr. Calkins is the son of J. E. Calkins
of Albion and was a native of that town where he resided until a few years ago when he
went west where he has been very successful, and in the step he has taken his many
easterly friends wish him much happiness.

Pulaski Democrat - December 1892
Pulaski, New York

Stella Joanna Tollerton and Frank A. Smart

Wedding At Daysville
     A very pleasant event took place on Thursday afternoon, December 22, 1892, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tollerton, of Daysville, N. Y., when their daughter, Miss
Stella, was united in marriage to Mr. Frank Smart, of Richland. At one o'clock p.m. the
happy couple, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Ball, cousins of the bride, entered the
parlor where they were met by Rev. Mr. Northrup, of South Richland, pastor of the bride,
who in a few pleasant and appropriate words, made them one for life. Hearty and sincere
were the congratulations which followed, after which a bountiful repast was served. The
social time that followed, enlivened with music and singing, seemed all to short. The only
event to mar the occasion was the sickness of the groom's sister, Miss Ettie Smart, who
was unable to be present. Only the near relatives of the bride and groom were present.
After a short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Smart will return and make Daysville their
future home. Stella has secured for herself a warm place in the hearts of the people of
Daysville, and Frank is also well and favorably known here, and we welcome him into
our midst. We join with their many friends in wishing them long life and much happiness.

 Pulaski Democrat - August 19, 1908
Pulaski, New York

Gertrude Minckler and Levi D. Tollerton

      The pleasant home of Mrs. Matie Price was the scene of a pretty wedding on August
12th, at five o'clock, when her sister, Gertrude E. Minckler, of Brooklyn, was united in
marriage to Levi D. Tollerton, of Mexico, Rev. George Shepherd, of Mexico, officiating.
After a wedding trip through the central part of the state, Mr. and Mrs. Tollerton returned
to Mexico, where they will make their future home.

Pulaski Democrat - January 31, 1912
Pulaski, New York

Inez Luella Manwaring and Delizon Mason Waite 

     At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Manwaring, in Daysville, on January 24,
1912, at half past four, occurred the marriage of their oldest daughter, Inez Luella, to
Delizon Mason Waite, also of Daysville. Mrs. Cyril Palms, of Ashwood, presided at the
piano, James Manwaring, a brother of the bride sane "O Perfect Love", after which the
bridal party entered the parlor to the Wedding March by Lohengrin and proceeded to the
evergreen arch trimmed with pink and white chrysanthemums. Ora E. Manwaring,
brother of the bride, acted as best man. The bridesmaid was Miss Gladys E. Manwaring,
cousin of the bride. Rev. P. O. Wilcox, of New Haven, performed the ceremony, using
the ring service, little Dorthy Calkins, neice of the groom, acting as ring bearer.
     The bride was handsomely gowned in white silk, lace trimmed, and carried a shower
bouquet of Japanese hyacinths. The bridesmaid was prettily gowned in white and carried
pink roses.
     The color scheme of pink and white was carried out in the dining room decorations.
     After congratulations, a fine wedding collation was served. Misses Ella Litts, Ethel
North, Velma Stewart, Lottie and Lulu Manwaring assisted in serving.
     There were many beautiful presents consisting of cut glass, silver, linen and cash.
     The wedding party consisted of about 50 guests. Those from out of town were: Mr.
and Mrs. Fred W. Slater, Sandy Creek; Mr. and Mrs. William Mills and daughter Helen,
Lacona; Mrs. Frederick Soule, Pulaski; Mrs. Alfreda Manwaring, Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Brown, Mexico; Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Dean, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Dean, Scriba; Mrs. Mary
Sherman and Mrs. Cyril J. Palms, Ashwood; Rev. and Mrs. P. O. Wilcox, New Haven.
     The bride is one of Daysville's most beautiful and accomplished young ladies. She is a
graduate of Pulaski Training Class and has taught in the schools of this town for the past
two years. The groom is a young man of high principal and integrity and very popular
with a large circle of friends. To this highly esteemed young couple a host of friends
extend their heartiest congratulations.
     They left on the evening train for an extended trip in the eastern part of the state and
will be at home to their friends after February 15th.

Many thanks to Julie Robst for contributing these family marriage notices.  Julie is researching the following surnames and would to hear from anyone on them:  Ball, Calkins, Cates, Litts, Manwarren, Pond, Price, Robst, Tollerton.   She can be contacted at:

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