Mowers Family Reunion Book

This was sent in by Kathleen Novicki, who wrote, "I have transcribed this from a copy that Ken Mowers, a descendant of the Mowers family from Oswego Co., sent to me.  The spelling and punctuation remain as written.  Thanks Ken for giving it to me and allowing it to be used on the web!" 

Part 1:

August 10th 1895

The near friends and relatives of Henry Mowers met at this residence for a surprise and the events of the day were so pleasing to all present, That it was sugested, That we form into an association, and meet to gather every year, To renew our friendship.

Forty-one were present.

After dinner the people called togather.
Joseph Nichols acted as chairman.
The folowing officers were elected.
Emma A Mowers President
Jane Nichols 1st Vice President.
Naomi Jacobson 2nd Vice President.
Lydia E. Mowers Secretary.

The place of meeting was to be at Uncle Henry’s and to be the Saturday nearest his birthday, which is the 10th of August.

After a prayer by Joseph W. Nichols, the company dispersed.  Hoping to meet again next year. 
Lydia E. Mowers Secretary

Lydia E. Mowers Secretary.

A Surprise party chronicled.

Now it came to pass in the third year of the reign of Grover (whose) surname was Cleveland) That there dwelt in the land of Williamstown, near Kasoag,  A man Henry of the tribe of Mower, who also dwelt, with one Ebenezer of the tribe of McLean.

Now this man had many friends, and his sayings and doings were pleasing to all, who dwelt in the land.
And his children communed with one another and said, Behold this man is old and per adventure life to him is a burden. Let us take our wives and our children and go up togather and make glad his heart and this saying pleased all the tribes that dwelt in the land of Camden, Parish, Williamstown, Fraichuer and Albion.
On the tenth of the eight month, of the thrid year of the reign of Grover These tribes laded their beasts of burden with their wives and children and good thing of the land, and they journed to the land of Williamstown.

Now when Henry whose surname was Mower saw the coming of the tribes, He was astonished and said: What meaneth this? And his good wife answered and said Father knowest thou not,  That this day thou hast attained to the age of three score and ten and nine years and these thy children and thy kindred have come to make merry with thee?  And the old man rejoiced and said, Behold thou hast come a long journey and the sun has waxed hot; Let us prepair a feast, for this people under the shade of thee trees before the dwelling, and let us eat, drink and be merry.  So the feast was spread and there sat down beneath the trees, Old men and wemen and young men and maidens and children to the number of two score and one.

Now when the end of feasting drew nigh Joseph of the tribe of Nichols of the land of Williamstown, called the people togather, and said as it seemeth good in the eyes of all these tribes gathered here this day, and they will remember their kindred, let us appoint one day of each year to come up and feast with him; for is he not oldest of all the tribes?
And it shall be called the Mowers reunion.  And this saying pleased them all, and they selected officers who should preside over the gathering togather of the tribes.

Before they departed many presented him with gifts-apparel and things pleasing to him.  And low! A Benjaminite of the land of South Albion, aroze and said, apparel and fancy things have I none, but such as I have give I thee, and he gave him silver, and the young men and others did likewise untill the old man’s face beamed with joy.  And his pockets jingled with silver.

Then the old man said, although you have secretly planned this against one, you have rejoiced my heart, and may this joy and much more come likewise to thee.

At the going down of the sun, the old men and wemen and the sons and daughters of the kindred tribes were wending their way homeward, feeling that a plesant day had been spent in the land of Williamstown.
Now the rest of the acts of these tribes are they not written in the chronicles of the book of Charity, the scribes and Ebenezer the prophet?

The second chapter of the chronicles of the Mowers tribe

Now it came to pass again in the forth year of the reign of Grover Cleveland, That the sons and daughters of the different tribes of Mowers communed amoung themselves saying the time of feasting draweth nigh.  Let us prepare our selves and journey to the land of Williamstown that lieth round about Kasoag, where dwellith Uncle Henry who has reached the age of four score years.

Now this Henry being lift alone, Took to wife a daughter of the tribe of one McLean, whose people called Esquire accordingly on the 8th day of the 8th of the year, one thousand eigth-hundred and ninety-six.  The assembled to gather of the tribes of Mowers and McLean from Jefferson, Fulton, Oneida, Onondaga and Oswego Counties to the number of 114.  After the feast and the election of officers for the ensuing year, the absent ones were affectionately remembered.  Mrs John Mowers, and Mrs Stephen Brownell,  who were lying dangerously ill at their homes.  Now the band of musicians from Fraicheur were present and while the people were listening to the strains of the music the friends showed their regards for their aged Uncle by contributing their mites untill more then $10 filled the hearts of Uncle Henry and his wife with unspeakable joy, to which gift he feelingly responded.  And the people said one to another, as long as this man shall live and our lives are spared, we will meet with him, one day in each year upon his birthday.

Now the rest of the acts of the tribes are they written in the book of Lydia, the scribe, and Georgianna the president. 

The Third Chapter of Chronicles of Uncle Henry Mowers Birthday Party

Now it came to pass in the first year of the reign of William Mc Kinly.  The governor over all the land where dwelt the Mowerites.  That James of the tribe Gummins, who dwells in the land where roameth the bear, the deer and the coon.  Said unto his wife and children, We let us journey to the land of Williamstown, where dwelleth our kindred and testeth our dead, for soon will be the time of rejoicing with our aged Uncle.  Let us meet with the tribes there and make merry with them.  And these sayings pleased all that were in his house, and they started on their journey.

In the tenth day of the eight month of the year 1897 They reached the dwelling of Henry of the Mower, where they assembled old men and wemen, young men and maidens and little children to the number of 153, who strove to be merry, despite the falling rain and the disapointment  of not seeing those who expected to be present as the feast was being prepared, behold there came in the midst of them, William of the tribe of Davy, from the land of Minnesota, who once dwelt among us and took to wife a fair damsel, who was want to wild the rod over the youth of the land. Now amoung the number were seen Esquire Degarmo with wife and mother, of Parish; James the tribe of McLean, with Henry, the son of Ebenezar, who for many years have dwelt in the sunny south in the land of Virginia; Jessie, of the tribe of Crossley, with his wife, her son Henry, sister Mary Crossley and niece, Mrs Crout; also Dana Davenport, a granddaughter of the host, with her husband F. J. Davenport and son Master Ruel H. all fresh from the City of Salt.  A daughter Mrs. H Mulvinhill, with her husband C. Mulvinhill, son and daughter Dan and May, from Rome.  There too was Mrs. B. F. Joy, with here two sons and daughter, from Brooklyn, who comes in each year to greet us with her smiles; and Thomas Everleigh.  The champion of the wheel, who comes from the eastern coast of the United States, altho he is a single man.  Prominently were seen those who wear the ministerial garb; Jabes Ford with wife and daughter of Camden and William Baker, who assists in the pulpit and in song with his guitar.  Esquire Maccauley and daughter Eliza, of Williamstown executed some fine pieces on the flute.  Mrs M. D. Pratt and Miss Leona Ford graced the organ and the martial music by the Fracheur band all tended to make the occasion enjoyable.

Dinner being over a birthday poem was read by Otis Mowers a selection addressed to the aged by Mrs. F.S. Mowers recitations were given by Lewis Gardner, Barney Mowers, George Wright, Mary Mulvinhill, Mary Wright, and Sadie Jacobson.  Now George a son of Abraham of the tribe of Jacobson, who always brings his hat passed it around.  And as his years increased, and the storms of life grow fiercer Uncle Henry will tell you how much joy he realized from his birthday gift of $11.29

The forth chapter of Chronicles of Uncle Henry Mowers birthday party Aug 10th 1898

In the second year of the reign of William McKinley, when the kindred tribes of the Mowers were preparing themselves to attend the feast of their uncle at the time when the days of his years attained four score and two, they said one to another, wheather shall we go?  For on the tenth day of the eight month the people in the land of Amboy have proclaimed to meet at the waters of the North Pond, and there discourse with him those battle scared worthier, who served their country in her time of need, and hear them recount their defeat or triumphs on the field of battle.  So some went one way and some another.  Thero no one came up from that Country, saw George of the tribe of Ware, who said to his good wife, We have never met at the feast of those kindred.  Let us go and learn of them and their doings.  Now this saying pleased his wife and they went.  Now of the other kindred, who journed from afar to meet with them for the first time were: Frank B King with his sister Josephine Crossett and family of the tribe of Samuel of Orwell. Everette J of the tribe of James whose surname was Mellen who dwells in Parish and his brother James who dwells in Syracuse with his sister Miss Dora of Herkimer.  Miss Minnie of the tribe of Elisha who surname is Roberts, of New York Mills.

Andrew of the tribe of Crossley of Darritt Herbert of the tribe of Price who apropriator of a bakery at Rome furnished Uncle Henry with delicous Graham bread during his long illness while visiting another relation in that city last year.

Those togather, with those who came from Rome, Syracuse, Camden, Williamstown, Parish, Fraicheur, Albion, Altmar, Hong Kong, Orwell and New Haven numbered 136.  It rejoiceth our hearts to know that Franklin E and John J. have lost none of the gallantry of their younger days for did not their bravery bring the blush to the cheeks of the boys who came alone?

After the feast at the long table proper before the dwelling, the soul stirring music of the fife and drown of the Fracheur band reminded us that we were all soldiers in the battle of life, and wheather its storms are churning or other wise depends upon the pace which we keep step.

Then came forth a young lady of the tribe of  Peter whose surname is Truax who joined  himself to the tribe last year.  And played on an insterment of sweet sound to the delight of all.  And James B Mickle, Mrs. WE Carlton, Misses Dora Madison, Dora Edick, Bessie Drew, Hattie Sperling, May Wright, Myrtie Wright, and Master Otto Gardner stood up and said good things which they had learned. 

Edd Ford the chief speaker of the land when they assembled in their tabernacles of worship arose and spoke the minds of the people.

There was a manifest feeling of gratitude to god for the restoration to health of the one they met this day to know, and a wish that many days might be added to his life, and a peaceful rest at last.  Since our meeting last year, has accrued three deaths and nine marriages, after the song, “God be with you till we meet again.  And the benedicion and parting blessing, the company retired leaving a birthday gift to Uncle Henry of $9.55 nine dollars and fifty cents.

Now the acts and sayings of the tribes are they not written in the book of Lydia the scribe and Georgianna the president.

Lydia E Mowers

Part II

The fifth chapter of chronicles of Uncle Henry’s birthday party; 

Now it came to pass in the first year of the reign of Theodore Roosevelt, governor of the State of New York, that the time of the gathering togather of the different tribes of Mowersites drew nigh and the younger ones of the tribes, said one to another, each year our fathers, mothers, Uncles, and Aunts; go up to make merry, with our aged grandfather.  Why do we stay away?  And they reasoned among themselves; saying his age has now reached to fourscore and three years.  It would rejoice his heart, to see his children’s children even to the forth generation.

The god of our father’s, have caused his blessing to rest upon him, that he might dwell long in the land.

We will come and take our little ones and go up to the land of Williamstown on the tenth day of the ninth month at the time of the feast, on the day appointed from the morning till the going down of the sun.  Low, there appeared at the dwelling of Uncle Henry, a large company to the number of 153 whose every eye beaming with joy seemed to say we will rejoice and be merry this Joy yet with this as with earthly joys, there comes a feeling of sadness, when we think of the absent ones who met with us last year and whose faces we shall see not more. 

Since our meeting last year death has taken of the relatives, Darius Jackson, age 67, Mrs. Stephen Brownell age 56, Hiram Kent and Mrs Stephen Mowers of Stratford, NY.  David Mowers aged 28, Warren Crossly age 22, Samuel O Mowers age 19, Nila Gibbs age 9 mo, Walter B Roberts 1 mo. Warren Jacobson’s child, Viola Crim’s child, Ernest Pratt’s two children.  There have been five marriages Uncle Henry’s oldest granddaughter; who has drank the cup of single blessedness long enough.  Dora Mellen to Edgar Link; Mrs. Eva Mowers to George Dagher; Nelson Price to Miss Ella White; Miss Mamie Duell to Albert Lewis; Franklin Edwards to Miss Luciana Spencer; Those whose interested the company with music, recitation and select readings were, Mrs. Lana Davey Mrs. Frank Davenport, Lillian Truax, Dora Madison, Hattie Sperling, Grace Billhardt, Jennie Freeman, Mary Wright, Myrtie Wright, Sadie Jacobson, Marrietta Joy, Albert Joy, Otto Gardner, Irvin McLean, Barney Mowers, Chas. Allen, Walter J. Edmonds, a boy of eight who executed a piece on the organ and last but not least was the band of music from Fraicheur.  Rev. J. B. Ford made the closing remarks and the closing song “ God be with you till we meet again”,  Farewells were spoken and the tribes journed to their homes leaving Uncle Henry a present of $7. 56.  There were present on this occasion Henry Mowers, his daughter, Harriet Muvinhill, her two daughters; Dana Davenport, her son Ruell Henry Davenport; Hattie Rasback, her daughter.  Hazel Rasback and Walter J. Edmonds, making three children of the forth generation. 

Marriages since the first meeting at Uncle Henrys Mowers.  There has been the following marriages among the relatives.

Elihe Roberts to Brewer.  Maude Roberts to Charles Gibbs.  Cora Nichols to Frank Dillinback.  Dennis Nichols to Maude Scram.  George jacobson to hatie Hughes.  Ella Nichold to Alystine James.  Henry Mellen to Nellie Martin.  Libbie Brownell to Peter W. Truax.  Phebe Brownell to Willard E. Carlton.  H-Franklin Mowers to Katie Benway. George E Mowers to Myrtie Waite.  Warren Jacobson to Maude Kinsman.  Eva Mowers to Geo. Dahger.  Lizzie Boshart to Geo Roser.  Myrtie Jacobson to J. Zimmerman.  Berta Coffey Abram Nichols. Franklin Edwards to Lucine Spencer.  Nelson Price to Ella White.  The oldest grandaughter of Uncle was married Sept 1898 Miss Dora Mellen to Edgar Link.  Minnie Duel to Albert Lewis.  Ivartus Miller to Mary Widrig.  Emily Miller to James Potter.  Minnie Roberts to James Jeffers.  Otis N. Mowers to Hattie Griffin.  Jesse jacobson to Nellie Johnson.  Bertum Mowers to Hattie Shadduck.  Nov 28 1917 Henry Barney Mowers to Reba May King
June 14, 1939 Henry Barney Mowers to Mrs. Essie Joyner

Georgiana Mowers
Amelia Miller
Joseph Nichols
May Link
Susannah Mallory
Martin Price
Mrs Abram Mowers
Mrs. Darius Jacobson
Mrs. Chole Loomis
Joseph Mellen
Reba May Mowers
Bert Mowers

Since the first meeting at Uncle henry Mowers have accored the following deaths among the relatives.
Mary Jane Mowers.  James Henry Coming, Herbert Bossheart, John Price, Marion Elizabeth Edwards and twin daughters.  Catherine House.  Ernest Pratt. Two children.  Mrs Stephen Mowers, Hiram Kemp  Samuel Mowers, Mary Brownell, Darius Jacobson, Warren Crossley  Daniel Mowers  Danarie Mowers  Nilo Gibbs, Walter Brewer  Roberts  Reba May King Mowers, Mar, 22, 1936 
Henry Baarney Mowers Dec. 16, 1943 Barney did seven years after his dear wife he thought so much of.  He loved her so well.  He never did get over mourning for her.  May God in heaven be kind to them both.  For one who loves as he did should have some reward in the great beyond.  God bless them both!

Henry Mowers, Georgia Mowers, Herman Mowers, Mary Crossley, Sarah Crossley, Jessie Crossley, Henry Crossley, Mrs. Callahan, Eff Mc Clean, James McClean, Henry McClean, Irvin McClean, Lilliam E.Truax, Cora Mabel Ford, Peter Truax, Wm.W Barker.  Mrs. E. McCauley Mrs S Brownell  Mrs. P.J. Devereex/  Henrieeta Roberts.  Laryd Watkins, Eliza Gillett.  Mrs. R.S. Fenton  Anna Fenton.  Viletta I.D. Garns, Francis Mowers  Mary DeGramo.  Elizabeth Gardner.  Arthur W. Davey.  Flora Weade Davey) Mrs. W.F.) Bryon Fenton (Rev. Jabey Ford Camden, N.Y.) G.M. Loness wife 
Mrs. R.F Joy 3 children.  Dora Madison  Nancy Loomis  George Jacobson  Harry Edick  Frank Edwards  George Wright  Mr. A Wright.  Eva Wright, George Wright, Mae Wright,  Mertie Wright, Mrs. M.D. Pratt, Lester P. Pratt, Mr. Manley Pratt.

Sixth Chapter of Chronicles of Uncle Henry’s birthday party Aug 10th 1900: 

Now it came to pass in the forth year of the reign of William McKinley, the chief ruler over all the land, that ere the time of the feasting of the Mowerites drew nigh; Georgiana; the wife of Uncle Henry, and the president of the association fell sick and wasted away and on the seventeenth day of the senventh month of nineteen hundred, She died; and great lamentation was made for her.  For the many kind words spolen and good deeds performed, she is missed from the large circle of relatives and friends and in the Baptis Church in Camden, of which she was an honered member, and was also the first of that congregation of believers to answer the summons of the pale messenger; and on the nineteenth day many gathered at the home to mingle their teers with the weeping friends and follow to her last resting place, the one who had each year opened her heart and home to welcome the many relatives and friends who journed thither to enjoy one day in honer of her aged husband as he passed down the decline of life.  And on account of this sad event; the people questioned in their minds as to the prosperity of holding the feast this year as the time was fast approaching.  So when the day arrived many were undecided and remained home and the rain prevented some from being there, but sixty-nine who were present united in enjoying the dinner and praising the children who were prepared to take their part in the exercises, :  Hattie Sperling, Bessie Irish, Jennie Freeman, Grace Freeman, Sadie Jacobson, Marriatta Joy, Albert Joy and Lloyd Watkins.  The singing was fine.  Rev. J.B. Ford made some appropriate remarks remembering our worthy president, called from her labors, whome the people of the Community (unable to read this part) 

Of life, were reluctant to lose from their society, all were thankful that Uncle Henry was still  ?.  It was unanimously decided that Mrs. Harriet Melvihill act as our president.  Dring the past year, there has been seven deaths.  And three marriages : Mrs. Darius Jacobson of Vore?  Joseph Nichols of Williamstown, Mrs. Abner Mowers of Parish, Mrs Chloe Lomis of South Albion; Joseph Mellen of Brockville; Mrs. Delosa Mallory of Fraicheur; Mrs. Henry Mowers of Kasoag, Miss Minnie of the tribe of Elisha whose surname was Roberts, embarked on the sea of matromary, with James Jeffers both of Camden; Jesse son of Henry of the tribe of Jacobson, charmed by the voice of Nellie Johnson, took her to iwfe; both of Fraicheur and Berta, received our best wishes when he pledged his honor to Miss Hattie Shaduck and she became Mrs. Mowers both of South Albion.  A contribution of $4.12 was given to the son of our late president, Herman L. Mowers to help defray the expenses incurred by the sickness and death of his.  The company was dismissed with prayer by Rev. Ford, to meet in George Jacobson grove, Aug 10th , 1900.
Copied by Mrs. Henry Barney Mowers May. 1942

Barney Mowers born Dec 18
Amy Edick born Jan 5 1810
Nancy Sophia Mowers Feb 14, 1831
Caroline Mowers Born Mar 9 1832
Richard Mowers born Aug 9 1833
Noble Henry Mowers born May 21, 1835
Anna Marcia  Mowers Born Jam 5, 1837
Stephen Royal Mowers born Oct 12, 1839
Dorcas Jucina Mowers born July 3, 1840
John Joy Mowers born April 21, 1844
Francis Solomon Mowers Dec 20, 1845
Charles Mowers Born May 22, 1847
Margaret Elen Mowers born Mar 16, 1850
Thomas Vader Mowers Born Nov 4, 1853

Stephen Brownell July 1915
Monroe Bennett Spet 23, 1916
Lettie Eely 1918
Margaret Hogan 80 Apr 2, 1918
Frank Hogan 34 years Oct 21. 1918
Uncle Tom Mowers Nov. 19 1918
Uncle Chas Mowers 72 May 2 1919
Lydia Mowers 72 May 30 1919
Frank Duell 60 July 5 1919
Uncle John J Mowers Aug 19. 1919
Wm. Mowers 20 Nov 16, 1920
Benjamin Mowers 40 Nov 24 1920
Phebe Carlton 1921
James Cummings Nov 1920
Mrs. D. Hogan 75 May 8 1923
Aunt Georgia Hogan 75 June 22 1922
Byron Alber 51 Mar 4 1924
Cousin Clarence Hogan 69 Nov 21 1922
Hattie Duell Bonta 62 Nov 7 1927
Mina Sperling May 1927
George Sperling 70 Jan 8 1928
Jessie Shadd Noel 24 July 12, 1928
Burton Mickel 48 Nov 28, 1928
Martha Brownell 70 Dec 16, 1928
Georg G Hogan 56 Aug 25 1930
Ephrim E Bruster 86 Jan 24 1930
Libbie Bruster 1928
Anna Bennett Dec 3 1930
Henry McClean 62 July 28 1931
Francis E Mowers 86 Sept 10 1932
Bert Mowers 71 May 1942

Harriet L. Blasier born jan 28, 1822
Uncle Abe Jacobson died July 1890
In Happy Valley Feb 14 1876 Leon E son of Frances and Lydia mowers age 2 years 4 months
1899 Mrs Stephen Mowers died at the age of year 44
Thomas Mowers died Nov 19 1918
Anna Mowers Dec 17 1874
Barney Mowers Nov 30, 1883
Richard Mowers Aug 28 1893
Anna Maria Mickle July 7 1890
Dorcas King 1889
Mary E Mowers June 17, 1894
Mary Jane Mowers Sept 16 1896
Joseph Blasier Apr 20, 1865
Noble Henry Mowers June 23, 1905
Nancy Mowers Jan 18, 1906
Margaret Ellen Cummings June 29, 1906
Charles Mowers may 2, 1919
Lydia Mowers May 30, 1919
Barney was married to Anna Edick Apr 28, 1830

Deaths of Relatives
Alma Brown 82, Dec 12, 1928 
Joseph Bennett 1896 
Aunt Georgia Mowers July 1, 19? 
Emmet Loniss 84 Jan 21, 1929 
Uncle John Hogan Aug 189? 
Mrs. Geo. Diamond 58 Feb. 4, 1929 
Grandma Eely 81 Feb 16 18? 
NB Jennings 77 June 25 1929 
Mrs James Gray 67 Apr 15, 1929 
Aunt Jane Mowers Sept. 16 18? 
HL Dewolf 79 Apr 19, 1929 
Grandma Bennett Oct 6 189?
Francis Dunn (shot) 28 Oct 25 1929 
Samuel Mowers 19 Feb 10, 1899 
James Gray 71 Nov 26, 1929 
Aunt Mary Brownell 57 May 13, 1899
Leaman D Brockway 84 Dec 26, 1929 
Cousin Frank Hogan Jan 19, 1900
Sep House 74 Jan 14, 1930 
Aunt Ellen Matthews born 1843 Mar 24, 190?
Mrs. Ella Tellcott 65 Mar. 17, 1930 
Uncle Henry Mowers 85 years 8 mo Apr 28, 1909
Melvin Alseser 79 Apr 26 1930 
Aunt Leive Hogan 57 Jan 24, 1909
Albert D. Edick 71 June 2, 1930 
Grandpa Eely 91 Jan 10, 190?
Mrs. C D Sargent May 30, 1930 
Lena May Mowers 5 mo 21 days Mar 18, 1905
Mrs. Evelyn Chateau 65 July 13, 1930 
Mamie Duell Lewis 23 Dec 31, 1905
WB Harter 69 Dec 3, 1930 
Nancy Mowers 75 Jan 18, 1906
Wm C David 71 Dec 18, 1930 
David Hogan 71 Mar 26, 1906
Louie P Paul 57 Mar 3, 1931 
Isaac Hogan Mar ?5, 1908
Geo. Diamond 62, Jan 13, 1929 
Grace Hogan 25 Feb 6 18? 
Mrs. Libbie Davey 65 Feb 5, 1931 
Elwood Bennett 57 Apr 29 1910
Rosanna Purington 92 May 6, 1931 
James Eely Mar 8, 1915
Luzerne Edick Mar 13, 1915

Deaths of Friends
Lille Miller Sept 11, 1919 
John son 7 mo Sept 12, 1924
Dr, HC Baxter Nov 30, 1919 
Mrs Henry Stevens 78 years Feb 26, 1926
Frank Getman Feb 13, 1920 
Stanley House 86 Mar 13, 1926
Roy Weldon July 25, 1920 
Wm Edick 80 Mar 26, 1926
Ernest Sargent Jan 27, 1921 
Mrs. Clarissa Junde 87 Apr 5, 1926
Jan Thayer Apr 26, 1921 
Mrs. Cha Mc Jagger July 4, 1926
RC Robertson Aug 26, 1921 
Mate Lynch 70 July 18, 1926
LD Perkins 87 Oct 8, 1921 
Fred Church 61 Oct 11, 1926
Mrs. Catherine Richard 95 Oct 19, 1921 
Chas. House 74 Jan 6, 1927
Vivian L Roberts 24 Feb 15, 1922 
Mrs JP Cooke 65 Feb 12, 1927
CD Sargent Apr 25, 1922 
Mrs. Chas, Filkins Mar 27, 1927
Mrs H F Graves July 4, 1922 
Jessie Rider Apr 6, 1927
Chas, H Church Aug 13, 1922 
Leida Robertson 79 June 10, 1927
Dr, Frank Fowler 53 Feb 27, 1923 
Willard Edick 62 June 24, 1927
Mary Ledington 76 Mar 21, 1923 
Homer A Ledington 84 Jan 1, 1928
Emma Thayer Mar 1924 
HA Laudgraff Feb 4, 1928
HF Graves Mar 20, 1924 
Julia S Seemens Feb 9, 1928
Mrs Wm Owens Apr 24, 1924 
Mrs. LD Perkins Mar 8, 1928
Lida Sheldon Garber Apr 24, 1924 
Maud De Wolf 49 Constantine Mar 24, 1928
Mrs. Aubry Cone 57 May 30, 1924 
Myrtie Richardson 69 May 20, 1928
Clarence Filkins (killed in airplane)18 July 9, 1925
Grace West 57 May 6, 1928 
John McJagger 33 Sept 16, 1924
Lena Church 64 Sept 29, 1928 

William Mowers son of Mrs Geo Mowers
Died Willie Mowers Nov 16, 1920
Bennie Mowers Nov 26, 1920 of Willie
Bennie was son of Frank Mowers

Thomas Vader Mowers to Emma A Mowers
Otis Mowers to Hattie Griffin Aug 15, 1900
Henry Barney Mowers to Reba May King Nov 28, 1917
Otis Nelson Mowers Dec 22, 1867
Samuel Mowers
Henry Barney Mowers Aug 25, 1883
Pearlie Perl. E. Mowers Oct 3, 1899
Reba May King born Mar 25, 1900
Emma A Mowers born Mar 26
Thomas V Mowers born Nov 4, 1853
Hattie E Mowers born Aug 13

Thomas Vader Mowers Nov 19, 1918
Pearlie Mowers Aug 19, 1900
Emma Mowers July 28 1933
Reba May Mowers Mar 22 1936
Henry Barney Mowers Dec 16 1943

Henry Mc Lean born Feb 6 1869
Henry McLean  died July 28, 1931

Henry Barney Mowers married to Mrs. Essie Joyner June 14, 1939
Barney Mowers and Anna Edick Married April 28, 1930
Barney Mowers born Dec 1809
Anna Edick born Jan 6 1810
Nancy Mowers Feb 14, 1831
Carolina Mar 9 1832
Rickard Aug 9 1833
Henry May 21 1835
Mayar Jan 5 1837
Stephen Oct 12 1839
Dorcas July 3 1840
John Sept 2 1844
Francis Dec 20 1845
Charles May 22 1847
Margaret Ellen Mar 15 1850
Thomas Nov 4 1853
Dorcas died Oct 21 1889 age 48 years 3 months 18 days

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Many thanks to Kathleen Novicki and Ken Mowers for submitting this.  Kathleen has many ancestors from Fraicheur (Williamstown), including, but not limited to the following surnames:  ALLEN, JACOBSON, DAVEY, DAVIES, MOWERS, SPERLING, JOHNSON, GARDNER, PRICE, LONESS, SPERLING, and PHILLIPS.   Kathleen would love to share information. 
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