John Gratton's Ledger
New Haven,NY 1827

Many thanks to BRANDON BELLINGER for contributing this Ledger Book of Ancestor, John Gratton. Brandon has also sent in the Ledger Book for 1828 which will be completed soon. There are lots of names listed throughout and gives an idea of what business your ancestor may have been in. Here are the ledger entries for 1827 and 1828. I have also attached a glossary (below ledger)to help define some of the words used in the ledger.
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January 3        
Goorge W. Allen to mending sled D   25
Hezekiah Nichols to making bedstead D 1 50
January 11        
William Taylor to making two rockers to a great chair D   18
January 25        
Barton & Doolittle to evener for sley (sleigh)     25
Henry Stacy by two bushel of wheat Cr 1 50
Lovell Bullock by sheep Cr 4  
Feb 3        
Cooley Snell to making cradle D 1 00
Feb 13        
Doolitle & Barton to putting in thill into Mr, Taylors cutter D   63
John Devereux by his account Cr 5 12
Angel Snow to fitting one sley (sleigh) shoe D   50
  to sley (sleigh) tung & ....     88
Stephen F. Kinney to mending cutter D   38
Luther Clark to a bedstead D 2 00
March 3        
Cooley Smith to a clock neck D 1 25
Horace Wells to mending sled D   78
Palmer Hewitt by drawin 213 spokes from Cicero Cr 1 00
Daniel Hitchcock by 2 bushels wheat Cr 1 50
March 10th        
Warner Drake by 6 1/4 butter Cr   78
  by 5 lb 13 oz butter     73
  b 3 lb 10 oz butter     40
Ansel Snow by 542 ft ash board Cr    
Jefse Haladay by 296 ft ash board Cr    
(Jesse Halladay) by 529 ft ash board      
March 17th        
Ezra Bromley by 11 lb shugar (sugar) Cr    
  to a set of cart wheels D 10 00
  by 38 lb shugar (sugar)      
March 19th        
Ansel Snow by a hog Cr 3 00
March 24th        
Horace Wells to a cart axletree D 2 25
  to the making cart tung      
Barton & Doolittle to timber for rack D   63
  to work on rack      
Ezra Bromley by 71 1/2 lb shugar (sugar) Cr    
March 27        
Roswell Farman to last lent Paid    
Ari Rowe to cash Paid    
March 30th        
Barton & Doolittle to making a ..... stock D   63
John Doolittle to a dragg (drag) D 1 50
Daniel Hatch by 1 bushel of corn Cr   50
  by 11 1/2 lb pork      
  8 cents lb Cr   92
Ari Roe by bafs (bass) boards 138 ft at 70 cents Cr   96
(Ari Rowe) pr hundred      
April 10th        
Warner Drake by 6 1/4 butter Cr   78
  by 5 lb 13 oz butter     73
  by 3 lb 10 oz butter     46
Ansel Snow by 542 ash boards Cr    
Jsfse Holaday by 296 ft ash boards      
(Jesse Halladay) by 529 ft ash boards      
April 20th        
Wm Fellows to a set of sulky wheels sent by Wm D   50
  by 60 ft of oak board ........... Cr    
C & S Doolittle to a waggon (wagon) reach & evener D   56
April 25th        
Gideon Waugh to spoking and reaming a cart wheel D 4 30
& Robert Douglass to painting cart wheel      
Larson Simmons by 4 1/2 lb soe leather Cr    
  to 88 cents cash D   88
April 28th        
Reuben Austin to springing in spoke D   25
Orin Wilmarth by ash & mapple logs that made 561 ft Cr 2 45
  ... pr hundred      
May 1st        
Mathew McNair to repairing waggon (wagon) by D 2 00
  Zados Henry      
Roswell Farman by 1/2 bushel corn Cr   75
May 4th        
Henry Stacy to waggon (wagon) tung D 1 00
Levy Rowe to evener D   25
(Levi Rowe)        
Horace Wells to painting cart wheel with three coats D 1 38
Philander Hawley to painting cart wheel with two coats D 1 00
(Philander Holley)        
May 7th        
William Drake by 4 lb butter Cr   50
  by 2 dozen hens eggs     16
  by 4 geese eggs     5
  by 2 dozen eggs     16
May 18th        
Wm (William) Burt by cash Cr 2 00
Horrace Wells to waggon (wagon) to Oswego D   50
Chancey B. Doolittle to making whiffletree D   19
May 20        
William Fellows to a set of one horse waggon (wagon) D 1 25
C.B. Doolittle to a pr of thills for Snell waggon (wagon) D 1 50
(Chancey B. Doolittle)        
Daniel Hitchcock to repairing on horse waggon (wagon) D 1 00
John Wheeler to one horse waggon (wagon) to D   50
Mitchel Farman to one horse waggon (wagon) to D   38
May 22        
Luther Clark his account of timber from Welles Book      
  March 3d      
  804 ft of hardwood Cr 3 50
  337 ft Bafs (Bass) boards   1 27
  to plank 37     15
  to 470 ft of scantlin (scantling)   2 3
May 28        
George W. Allen to calf skin 7 lb 3/4 D   93
  to 1 dollar for a pr of shoes   1 00
Samuel Babbit by drawing .... .... .... Cr 1 25
  by drawing wood with 2 yoke of      
  oxen and one hand with them   1 50
June 7        
Jonathan ..... to a pair of thills for one horse D 1 50
  waggon (wagon)      
Zadock Farman to making shovel handle D   25
  to one horse waggon (wagon) to D   50
Richard Easton to one horse waggon (wagon) to Mexico D   19
Wm Bullen to work on one horse "waggon (wagon) D   50
  seat for Col Hewitt      
June 14        
Levy Roe to springs and mending seat to one D 1 38
(Levi Rowe) horse waggon (wagon)      
Mitchel Farman to work on Col Hewitts one horse D   50
  waggon (wagon)      
Horace Wells to making and putting on a tee D   25
  on your ox      
June 22        
Chancey B. Doolittle to work on gearing to horse D   25
  waggon (wagon)      
  by horse 1 1/2 day plowing corn Cr   75
Orin Willmarth by 1 1/2 days work plowing corn      
(Orin Wilmarth)        
June 29th        
Chancey B. Doolittle to one day work on frame D 1 00
  to springs for Devereux waggon (wagon) D   75
  to spring for Cooley Snell waggon D   38
July 4th        
Philander Holley to making cart tung D 1 00
Cooley Snell to shovel handle D   50
July 9th        
C. B. Doolittle to putting in stake D   19
(Chancey B. Doolittle)        
Horace Wells to making grindstone frame and cradle D 1 25
  and hanging grindstone      
Ezra Bromley to work on scraper Paid    
Ari Roe to wood for a cart   20 00
(Ari Rowe)        
Daniel Hall to the use of my waggon (wagon)      
  to Oswego D   19
  to Oswego D   38
Zadock Farman by making bed cord Cr   25
Roswel Farman by hemp for bed cord 4 lb Cr    
  2 oz      
Warner Drake by 5 lb of butter Cr    
John Cherry by hog Cr 3 50
July 18        
Freeman Phillips to one horse waggon (wagon) to D   38
Roswel Farman to one horse waggon (wagon) to D   38
Ansel Snow to one horse waggon (wagon) to D   38
July 23d        
Wm Williams to 1 days work of frame D 1 00
  to Robert work     25
August 1st        
Richard Easton to three ....... ...... D 3 00
Barnum B. Barnes to a cart body D 7 50
Capt Dellanough to one horse waggon (wagon) to D   38
(Henry Delano ?) Mexico      
August 8th        
Cyrus Severence to a wheel barrow D 2 50
Charles Stacy to one horse waggon (wagon) and D 32 00
  harnefs (harness)      
  to waggon (wagon) tung and springs   3 00
  springs for seat      
  by tung for one horse waggon (wagon) Cr 1 50
Warren Allen to work on gigg (gig) D 4 50
August 13th        
J. W. Worden to springing in spoke Paid   25
(Joseph W. Worden)        
August 18th        
Reuben Austin to repairing waggon (wagon) gearing D 1 69
C. B. Doolittle to 1/3 days work laying barn floor      
(Chancey B. Doolittle)   D   33
August 22        
Ruscoe & Phillip to cart D   12
  to goods out of Bartons store   1 32
Wm Williams to M Shingler D 1 50
C. B. Doolittle to 8 1/2 lb iron D   60
(Chancey B. Doolittle)        
Amos Gratton to 34 1/4 lb iron D    
September 7th        
Stephen Snell to work on your fathers      
  waggon (wagon) wheel D 3 00
Lyman Hatch by 1 lb 2 qts rye Cr   40
  to repairing waggon (wagon) D 3 00
C. B. Doolittle to framing and hanging barn doors D 1 00
(Chancey B. Doolittle)        
George W Allen by cash & kittle (kettle) D 3 75
September 19        
C. B. Doolittle to framing for barn doors D    
(Chancey B. Doolittle)        
James Cogill to work on one horse waggon (wagon) D 3 00
September 21st        
Wm Taylor to making cart tung D 1 00
September 28th        
Charles Stacy to seat for one horse      
  waggon (wagon) D   75
Samuel Palmer to 2 axletree, two ....... and stakes D 4 75
  sand board & reach & one spoke and      
Wm Taylor to bedstead D 2 00
  by a short piece of bafs (bass) board Cr   6
  for head board      
Sam Palmer by work of yourself and boy Cr 1 00
  to mending one horse waggon (wagon) D   38
October 1st        
Chancey B. Doolittle to wheelbarrow D 2 00
Polly Coe to 4 yds of flannel at 50 cents a yard D 2 00
  by weaving 13 1/2 yards      
  flannel at 8 cents pr yd Cr    
  by 21 1/2      
  by 14      
  by 5      
October 16th        
Robert Jerritt to boiling oil and grinding and mixing D   50
(Robert Jerret) paint      
Cooley Snell to mending one horse waggon (wagon) D 2 25
Ansel Snow by a sheep Cr 1 88
  by a goat   1 50
November 5th        
Hezekiah Nichols by pasturing cow from 15th of      
  September until the 5th of November Cr    
  by a ......   6 00
  to a one horse waggon (wagon) thill D   63
John Caston to a waggon (wagon) reach for one      
  horse waggon (wagon) Paid   38
Alexander H. Burton to a pump staff D   50
November 8th        
John B. Doolittle commenced school for $13 pr month      
November 14th        
John Doolittle to an inch auger D   50
Joseph Boynton by 4 aples (apples) Cr    
Walter Hewitt by 106 lb of beef at 2 1/2 cents pr pound   2 65
November 20        
Roswel Farman by work laying brick for chimney Cr    
George W. Allen to one dollar for cash D 1 00
Chancey B. Doolittle to sley (sleigh) tung an root D 1 25
Daniel Jones to neck yoke D   25
November 26th        
Reuben Lyon to making trundle head stead D 1 50
  to sled tung     50
Stephen F. Kiney to thill and 2 crofs (cross) pieces and D 1 25
  putting on the irons      
November 28        
Truman Farman to work on sled D 2 00
  by birch log Cr   70
Philander & Charles to bedstead D 2 00
Holly to maple plank     20
Luther Clark to work D 2 00
  to pay to Doolittle   3 22
  to 88 cent to Amos Gratton     88
December 8th        
A. H. Barton to work on rack D   50
Lyman Hatch to axletree D 1 50
  to putting in box     13
Ansel Drake to hand sled D 1  
Mrs Coe to one bushel and 4 qts corn D   56
  to 4 qts corn     50
Calvin Burlingam to Bafs (Bass) Board 114 ft D 1 14
  to Bafs (Bass) Board 48 ft     48
December 14th        
L.. H. Harmon by Iron Cr   13
Henry Stacy to bedsted (bedstead) D 2 00
Barnum B. Barnes to waggon (wagon) thill D   63
..... Holly by scantling for bedsted (bedstead) Cr   28
(..... Holley)        
John R. Gear to work on horse sled D   58
December 20th        
Henry Stacy by drawing two loads of      
  plank from Cheever mill      
  by two bushels of wheat Cr    
Robert Jeritt by 2 bushels of corn Cr    
(Robert Jerret)        
Horace Wells to shoeing sled D   38
James Cogill to a sley (sleigh) D 8 00
Arnold Morey to bedstead D 2 00
Orrin Wilmarth to fitting on sled shoe D   31

auger - hand tool for boring: a hand tool with a corkscrew-shaped bit for boring holes, or a larger tool, using the same principle, for boring holes in the ground. axletree - shaft between wheels: a shaft that runs underneath the body of a vehicle such as a cart or carriage and connects a pair of wheels. bedstead - frame of bed: the structural framework of a bed, excluding the mattress and coverings. belt - band as part of machine: a band of strong flexible material used in machinery to transmit motion or power or to move articles bobsled - sled made of two short sleds: a long sled made of two short sleds attached one behind the other, used for recreation or for carrying things over snow. bolster - pad preventing friction: a pad or cushion fitted to machinery to prevent friction or give support. brace - clamp: a device that keeps something steady or holds two things together. cart - horse-drawn vehicle carrying goods: an open horse-drawn vehicle, especially one with only two wheels, used for carrying goods or as a farm vehicle. cutter - small sleigh: a small sleigh pulled by one horse, used in the past. drag - horse-drawn coach: a large coach, similar to a stagecoach but privately owned, with seats inside and on top and usually drawn by four horses. evener - pivoting bar on horse-drawn vehicle: a pivoting bar or set of bars on a horse-drawn carriage or other vehicle that equalizes the force of two or more whiffletrees (regional). felloe - outer-rim of a wheel, one of the wooden sections of the rim of the wheel. gig - one-horse carriage: a light open two-wheeled carriage pulled by a single horse. It was a popular form of private transportation in 19th-century Europe and the United States. grindstone - stone wheel for sharpening: an abrasive wheel that sharpens or polishes something. harrow - farm machine for breaking up soil: a piece of farm equipment with sharp teeth or disks that is used to break up soil and clods of dirt and to even up a plowed field. hub - central part: the central part of a wheel or a similar device that rotates. rack - feed-holding framework: a framework containing hay or other fodder for livestock. ream - form hole with reamer: to form, enlarge, or shape a hole with a reamer. scantling [skantling] - thin piece of timber: a piece of timber with a small cross-section, for example, a rafter. shoe - metal strip on sled: a strip of metal along the runner of a sled. sleigh - snow vehicle pulled by horses: an open, usually horse-drawn vehicle on runners, used for travel on snow and ice. spider - frying pan: a cast-iron frying pan, originally one with legs or feet for cooking on a hearth (dated) (regional) spoke - supporting rod for wheel rim: any of the bars or rods that extend from the hub of a wheel to support or brace the rim. stake - post to retain a load: an independent upright post inserted into sockets of a flat wagon to keep long loads such as logs in place. stave - band of wood: a long thin piece of wood, one of several sealed together to make the the body of a container such as a barrel sulky - horse-drawn vehicle for one person: a light open two-wheeled vehicle for one person, pulled by one horse. Sulkies are today used mostly for racing. tallow - fatty substance used to make candles: a hard fatty substance extracted from the fat of sheep and cattle and used to make candles and soap. thill - wagon shaft: one of the two shafts of a carriage or wagon. tongue [tung] - pole on carriage: the pole at the front of a coach or carriage to which the horses' harnesses are fastened. trundle - cart with wheels: a cart with small wheels. whiffletree - crossbar for an animal's harness traces: a horizontal crossbar used to attach the harness traces of a draft animal that is then attached to a vehicle or device. Also called whippletree, Also called singletree, U.K. term swingletree. yoke - animal harness: a wooden frame for harnessing two draft animals

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