John Gratton's Ledger Book
New Haven, NY 1828

Many thanks to BRANDON BELLINGER for contributing this Ledger Book of her Ancestor, John Gratton. There are lots of names listed throughout and this gives an idea of what business your ancestor may have been in. Here are the ledger entries for 1828. I have also attached a glossary (below ledger) to help define some of the words used in the ledger. Brandon Bellinger at: (

January 3d        
Samuel Rowe to cutter thill and whipeltree D   75
  (whffletree) for Taylor cutter      
January 9th        
Hezekiah Nichols to work on mill D   50
Daniel Jones to making and painting sley box D 8 00
Stephen Bently to a cutter wood D 17 00
Reuben Doolittle to making a sley box D 1 50
  to painting box and sley   1 25
  to making seats and stakes     38
Polly Coe to one bushell of corn D   50
C. B. Doolittle to 146 ft of ash D 1 50
Chancey B. Doolittle        
January 29        
Hart & Bullen to cash D 3 00
George W. Allen to cash D 2 00
Samuel G. Babbit by 2 bu wheat Cr 1 50
Daniel Hitchcock by wheat Cr 1 06
January 30        
Jefse Holeda to a sley wood D 8 00
(Jesse Halladay)        
Feb 1st        
Barsley Snow to painting Sley Box and D   75
  putting on two ....      
R. T. Smith to mending cutter D 1 00
(Russel T Smith)        
Feb 4th        
Horace Wells to a whipeltree (whffletree) for D   25
Feb "13th        
Alexander H. Barton to two bushels corn D    
David Tinney to spoking and reaming waggon D 3 50
  (wagon) hind wheel      
  to painting wagon wheel     25
  by two bushels of corn Cr 1 0
Feb 18th        
Henry Stacy to an order on Wm Williams D 4 50
Alanson Simmons by 3 bushels wheat 71 pr bu   2 13
  by one bushel wheat for .........      
Levy Rowe to sley tung and brace D 1 00
(Levi Rowe)        
Hart & Bullen to 6 bushels ashes D   50
Herman Hitchcock to making ox sled      
March 17th        
Porter Waugh to hind wheel to a waggon D 4 50
  (wagon for David Tinney      
Amos Gratton 47ft board Cr    
March 20        
Charles Stacy by 793 ft of hemlock board Cr 3 95
Lyman Hatch by leather Cr 3 00
March 22d        
Charles Stacy by 999 ft of hemlock board Cr 4 64
Horace Wells by one bushel of potatoes Cr   25
(Horace Welles) by one bushel of potatoes Cr   25
Samuel Bradner to waggon (wagon) stake D   18
Chancey B. Doolittle to a stable door frame D   63
John Doolittle by 288 ft of ash lumber Cr 2 88
Ira Smith to a dragg (drag) D 1 0
Apr 7th        
Stephen F Kinney to mending cart body D   75
James Cowgill to to a waggon (wagon) box D 20 00
  meeting house      
Palmer Hewitt to waggon (wagon) stake D   18
Henry Stacy by team work to Cicero      
  by 1 bushel of wheat Cr 3 25
April 12th        
John Peck to a waggon (wagon) wheel D 4 50
  for John Simmons      
Warner Drake by 6 doz eggs 8cent pr doz Cr   90
  by 3 lb 6oz butter .. pr pound      
April 14        
Alexander H Barton   D 1 88
  horse waggon (wagon)      
April 17th        
John Doolittle to a harrow wood D 1 00
April 21st        
Chancey B. Doolittle to work on harrow D 1 00
B.B. Barnes to work on one horse wggon D 1 38
(Barnum B. Barnes) (wagon) axletree      
Benjamin Van Alstine to waggon (wagon) gearing D 8 00
April 25th        
Robert Jerrett to a harrow      
(Robert Jerret)        
April 29th        
Ira Smith to putting in two spokes and one D   63
May 2d        
C.B. Doolittle to putting in axletree into Hart & D 1 50
(Chancey B. Doolittle) Bullens waggon (wagon) or to      
  Stephen Bently      
May 9th        
Gideon Waugh by cash Cr 1 00
Wm Taylor to making ... for ox ........ D   31
Warner Drake by 3 lb of butter     31
  by 4 lb of butter Cr   50
May 17th        
Chancey B. Dolittle to putting in an axletree into D   88
  Seth Doolittle one horse waggon      
May 19th        
Robert Jerritt to cash lent Paid    
(Robert Jerret)        
Palmer Waugh to spoking waggon (wagon) wheel D 1 75
Barnum B. Barnes by an order the ........... committe Cr 1 00
May 26        
John L.. Calkins to 52 ft of scantling Paid    
  to 12 ft plank .................      
Palmer Hewitt putting in reach      
  to reframing one horse waggon D   50
Wm Taylor to a set of cart wheels 14 spokes D 11 50
May 28        
Widow Parkhurst to two felloes and one spoke D   69
Luther Clark to a coffin for child D   75
Wm Taylor to cart axletree D 1 25
June 2d        
Wm Burt to putting in two spokes into D   38
  one horse waggon (wagon)      
June 5th        
H. Nichols to making coffin for child D 1 38
(Harry Nichols)        
Hugh Johnson to a waggon (wagon) thill D 1 50
  to seat and spring for one horse   2 25
  by 1 peck of pea pods      
  by 1/4 veal      
Warner Drake by two pounds of butter Cr   25
June 17th        
Ansel Drake by 81 lb sugar   8 10
  by potatoes     50
      8 65
June 18th        
Porter Waugh to spoking and reaming two D 6 00
  horse waggon (wagon) wheels      
June 27        
C.B. Doolittle to home wood D   25
(Chancey B. Doolittle)        
Palmer Hewitt to repairing waggon (wagon) D 2 88
  gearing set to Reuben Doolitle      
July 4        
Seth Doolittle to bedsted (bedstead) to ......... D 2 50
Reuben Doolittle 10 ft scantlin (scantling)     10
July 19th        
J. Worden to repairing waggon (wagon) wheel   1 50
  Paid in wheat      
Horace Wells by 2 bu corn Cr 1 00
Zadock Farman to making coffin for child D 1 50
August 4th        
Theodore Gridley to a coffin for child D 2 75
  by trimmings Cr   32
Ira Smith to 5 spokes and reaming the fore D 2 13
  wheel two horse waggon (wagon)      
August 10        
Hyrum Bracy to to a coffin for your Father D 5 00
(Hiram Bracy)        
.......... Minor to reaming and putting in 6 spokes D 2 15
  into one horse waggon (wagon) Paid    
  hind wheel      
August 23        
H. Nichols to ........ ......... ......... ... Paid    
(Harry Nichols) to 2 days in mill   2 00
  to 5 days of J McAlister      
  to myself 4 days      
  to myself 4 1/2 days      
  to John McAlister 3 days      
  to John McAlister 4 1/4 days      
  to myself 3 1/4 days      
Elijah Ketcham to making block tung D 3 88
  to tung      
  to sand board      
  to braces      
  to circle piece      
  to bolster      
August 23 th 28        
Chancey B. Doolittle to putting in crotch and reaches D 1 25
  into Ketchams waggon (wagon)      
August 30th        
Theodore Gridley to a coffin for child D 1 75
  by trimmings Cr   44
Roswell Farman taking cow to pasture      
Sept 1st        
Benjamin Van Alstine to spoking and reaming hind wheel D 3 50
(Benjamin Van Alstyne) to his 2 horse waggon (wagon)      
Sept 8th        
Reuben Doolittle to one felloe and two spokes and D 1 75
  waggon (wagon) tung      
  mending stone boat      
J.W. Worden to repairing waggon (wagon) D 1 00
(Joseph W. Woden) Paid in wheat      
  by 1 bushel apples Cr   25
Ira Smith by 3 bu apples Cr   75
Sept 27th        
Henery Simmons to cart axletree D 1 25
  by oxen and cart one day Cr    
John Doolittle to 1/2 day work framing D   50
Ira Smith to making spring to waggon D   38
  (wagon) seat      
October 9th        
Warner Drake to a coffin for his girl D 3 75
Amos Lindal to one horse waggon (wagon) wood D 18 00
(Amos Lindall) to springs and seat   3 25
  to making box   1 50
  letting in irons     75
Ira Smith to making waggon (wagon) wheel D   75
Nov 3d        
Seth Doolittle to putting in stakes into waggon D   37
Nov 10th        
Charles Stacy by cash Cr 10 64
  by wood and bark last winter Cr 11 00
  to 523 ft board D 2 62
  to waggon (wagon) thill and putting D   75
  in irons      
Nov 14th        
C.B. Doolittle to filing cross cut saw D   38
(Chancey B. Doolittle)        
John Doolittle to ons days work laying floor D 1 00
Rufsel T. Smith by 130 pounds of beef 3 cent pr Cr 3 90
(Russel T. Smith) pound      
Ari Rowe by 500 ft of hemlock board Cr    
  by 518 ft of hemlock board      
Dec 15th        
Beasley Snow to a bedstead D 2 00
  to coffin for Nelson Jones   2 50
Jefsey Haladay by cash Cr 5 00
(Jesse Halladay)        

Ledger Glossary

         auger - hand tool for boring: a hand tool with a corkscrew-shaped bit for 
         boring holes, or a larger tool, using the same principle, for boring holes in the ground.

         axletree - shaft between wheels: a shaft that runs underneath the body of a vehicle 
         such as a cart or carriage and connects a pair of wheels.

         bedstead - frame of bed: the structural framework of a bed, excluding the mattress and 

         belt - band as part of machine: a band of strong flexible material used in machinery 
         to transmit motion or power or to move articles

         bobsled - sled made of two short sleds: a long sled made of two short sleds attached one 
         behind the other, used for recreation or for carrying things over snow.

         bolster - pad preventing friction: a pad or cushion fitted to machinery to prevent friction 
         or give support.

         brace - clamp: a device that keeps something steady or holds two things together.

         cart - horse-drawn vehicle carrying goods: an open horse-drawn vehicle, especially one with 
         only two wheels, used for carrying goods or as a farm vehicle.

         cutter - small sleigh: a small sleigh pulled by one horse, used in the past.

         drag - horse-drawn coach: a large coach, similar to a stagecoach but privately owned, with 
         seats inside and on top and usually drawn by four horses.

         evener - pivoting bar on horse-drawn vehicle: a pivoting bar or set of bars on a horse-drawn 
         carriage or other vehicle that equalizes the force of two or more whiffletrees (regional). 

         felloe - outer-rim of a wheel, one of the wooden sections of the rim of the wheel. 

         gig - one-horse carriage: a light open two-wheeled carriage pulled by a single horse. 
         It was a popular form of private transportation in 19th-century Europe and the United States.

         grindstone - stone wheel for sharpening: an abrasive wheel that sharpens or polishes 

         harrow - farm machine for breaking up soil: a piece of farm equipment with sharp teeth or 
         disks that is used to break up soil and clods of dirt and to even up a plowed field.

         hub - central part: the central part of a wheel or a similar device that rotates.

         rack -  feed-holding framework: a framework containing hay or other fodder for livestock.

         ream - form hole with reamer: to form, enlarge, or shape a hole with a reamer.

         scantling [skantling] - thin piece of timber: a piece of timber with a small cross-section, 
         for example, a rafter.

         shoe - metal strip on sled: a strip of metal along the runner of a sled.

         sleigh - snow vehicle pulled by horses: an open, usually horse-drawn vehicle on runners, 
         used for travel on snow and ice.

         spider - frying pan: a cast-iron frying pan, originally one with legs or feet for cooking on a 
         hearth (dated) (regional) 

         spoke - supporting rod for wheel rim: any of the bars or rods that extend from the hub of a 
         wheel to support or brace the rim.

         stake - post to retain a load: an independent upright post inserted into sockets of a flat 
         wagon to keep long loads such as logs in place.

         stave - band of wood: a long thin piece of wood, one of several sealed together to make the 
         the body of a container such as a barrel

         sulky - horse-drawn vehicle for one person: a light open two-wheeled vehicle for one person, 
         pulled by one horse. Sulkies are today used mostly for racing.

         tallow - fatty substance used to make candles: a hard fatty substance extracted from the fat 
         of sheep and cattle and used to make candles and soap.

         thill - wagon shaft: one of the two shafts of a carriage or wagon.

         tongue [tung] - pole on carriage: the pole at the front of a coach or carriage to which the 
         horses' harnesses are fastened.

         trundle - cart with wheels: a cart with small wheels.

         whiffletree - crossbar for an animal's harness traces: a horizontal crossbar used to attach 
         the harness traces of a draft animal that is then attached to a vehicle or device. Also called 
         whippletree, Also called singletree, U.K. term swingletree.

         yoke - animal harness: a wooden frame for harnessing two draft animals.

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