1918 - 1919

This was contributed by Kathleen Novicki, from her grandmother, Hazel B. Allen’s diaries.  Kathleen tells me, "Her diaries reveal she loved social gatherings.  I am amazed how busy they were at entertaining- it seemed nearly every night they would eat dinner at someone's home or someone was eating dinner at their home.  Evenings were spent playing cards or playing music and singing."  Kathleen sent in this wonderful photograph of her grandmother and a friend.

Hazel B. Allen

Hazel B. Allen

Kathleen writes "that the following list of social's were directly transcribed with spelling and spacing as seen below.  (The names in parentheses are names that I added for clarification- they are based on her diaries).  Please email me if you realize any needed corrections in spelling." knovicki@aol.com

Box Social-Checkered Schoolhouse 
April 24-1918

Ivah Jacobson “teacher”
Uncle Geo (George Riley Jacobson)- Aunt Anna (Anna Madison Jacobson), Reba (Jacobson)
Hollis (Ellis), Mr & Mrs Mc Auley.
Leon (Johnson) , Celia (spouse of Leon Johnson) , Vi (Viola King), Hazel (Allen)  Dad (William) Allen
Mrs. Lawrence & Grace, Frank &
Neva Craig, Arthur Ackley
Mr. Potter & School Children

Dance at Will Thorpe’s
Aug. 9-1918

Ruth Benway-Cy Hamblin
Glad. Benway. Paul Jones
Camp. Vi (Viola King)and Ruby. Trix (Hazel Allen) & Shorty (Wyman)
Mr. & Mrs. Tanner. Leon & Celia (Johnson) 
Ilah (Benway) & Earl. Dave (Peabody) & Elizabeth (Holman)
Mryt. Anson (Ayer) & Mary(Miller)-Julian (Miller) &
Beaulah (Claflin)- Noel (Claflin)- Arnold-
Mr. & Mrs. Will & Mr. & Mrs. Chas Thorpe
Mrs. Miller, Ruth Ellis & Melvin Fenton.

Dance at Will Thorpes
Aug 28-1918

David Peabody-Elizabeth Holman
Shorty Wyman- Hazel Allen
Cornelius Campbell – Viola King
Leon & Celia Johnson- Earl Thorpe
Julian & Mary Miller – Anson
Ayer  Beaulah Claflin-Geo & Peggy
Hall. Mr & Mrs. Will & Mr. & Mrs
Chas. Thorpe- Mr. Prouty-
Melvin Fenton

Box Social- Burdick School
May 17-1918

Susie Little ‘Teacher”
Mrs. Smith & Cubby(Smith) , Dad (William Allen) –Trix (Hazel Allen ), Viola (King)
Myrt. Mr & Mrs Miller, Mr & Mrs
Frank Smith  Mary & Julian Miller
Beaulah & Arnold Claflin, Mr & Mrs
Ballou, Irma Ballou.
Reba (Jacobson) & Hollis (Ellis)- Lillian Draper, Ida
Near, Edna Austin, Dorothy &
Mystis Sperling   Mr & Mrs Don
Damons, Mr & Mrs. Art Maxwell
Mr & Mrs. F. Craig- Mr. & Mrs Mowers
George Craig- Mose & Betha March
Hugh Smith  Mr. Ladley. Mr. Bonner
& the school children

Dance at West Amboy
May 10, 1918

Reba Jacobson- Dilbert Freeman
Viola King  Cy. Hamblin
Trix Allen  Cubby Smith
Mary Tyson- Arthur & Edith Sherman
Jess Manwarren- Celia & Leon Johnson
Anson Ayer- Ida Baird, John Smith
Owen & Theo. Barber, Geraldine &
Dorothy Stanton, Mrs Jenkins
Ruth Jenkins, Millard & Mildred
Weaver.  Mrs Alger, Cliff Black
Blanche Morgan  Chas. Allen
Fred & Claude Ware.  Henry Lewis
Leon Scriber, Beaulah Jacobson
Floyd Brown, Hazel Raider, Mike
Connors. John Connors- Fred
Gardner, Mrs. (Lilah Jacobson) Everson.
Minnie Ammon.  Den Haley & Lou Burns.

Dance at Spicer Corner 
July 30-1918

Dad Allen, Viola King  Ruby
Camp, Cubby (Smith) Shorty (Wyman)Trix (Hazel Allen), Myrt
Dave, Elizabeth, Ruth(Benway), Glady (Benway)  Hazel (Benway)
Aunt Toot (Juliette Allen Phillips), Anson (Ayer), Mary,
Mr & Mrs Ayer. Ilah (Benway), Celia (Johnson) , Leon (Johnson)
Andrew Tanner, Herb Speck
Mrs. Miller, Julian Miller
Jim & Floss Smith.

Dance at Twists
Aug 8-1918

Ruth Benway- Cy Hamblin-
Cornel Campbelle- Viola King
Trix Allen- Shorty Wyman
David Peabody. Elizabeth Holman
Cubby Smith-Glady Benway
Ruth Jones & Lon Pierce
Den & John Haley- Julian & Mary
Miller- Anson Ayer. Irma Ballou
Mrs. Miller  Reba (Jacobson) & Hollis (Ellis)
Mildred Wilcox & Arthur Ackley. 

Dance at Lyde Ballou 
July 4, 1918

Dad (William) Allen, Trix (Hazel Allen), Vi (Viola King), Ruby, Reba (Jacobson)
Elizabeth, Dave Shorty (Wyman) Camp
Irma & Hazel Ballou, Ilah (Benway)
Celia & Leon (Johnson) , Earl  Hugh Smith
Beaulah Claflin, Julian Miller
Cubby Smith  Frank, Georgie & 
Neva Craig  Lillian Draper
 Mr. & Mrs. Ballou – Mr. & Mrs. Miller

Dance at Will Allens
Aug 6-1919

Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Jacobson.
Reba (Jacobson) & Guss (Gustau Wild) - Mr. & Mrs King
Ruby & baby, Elma- Fred
Bess- Harriet- Camp- Vi (Viola King)
Cubby(Smith), Trix- Aunt Mat.(Matilda Price Jacobson) Alfred
& Myrtle- Leon (Johnson), Celia (Johnson), Basil
Burl. Walt. Bert Orton
Mr. & Mrs. Bulton- Hollis Ellis
Mr. Ackley- Den & Bill Haley.
Minnie & Ruth Thayer- Frank &
 Ethel Houck  Harry Grant
Fred Britton, Herb Speck
Moses March- Fred Gardner
James & Jennie Cuvanaugh- Will
Thorpe- Noel Claflin- Myrt & 
Bob & Jen Jones & Catherine, 

Our thanks go to Kathleen Novicki for contributing this interesting item, from her grandmother's diary.  Kathleen is researching the following surnames:  ALLEN, JACOBSON, DAVEY, DAVIES, MOWERS, SPERLING, JOHNSON, GARDNER, PRICE, LONESS, SPERLING, and PhILLIPS Kathleen would love to share information.   Please email her at: knovicki@aol.com

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