Please be sure to list your resource information, and remember that copyright material must be 75 years old, or have written permission from the author.   Please consider sharing your information, and help one another in the search of your ancestors.  If you know the cemetery where your ancestors are buried in Oswego County, email the information to me.  It could be just the name someone has been looking for.
I also host the New York American Local History Network for Oswego County, which will feature historical content on Oswego Co. 

Please Read Before Emailing Us  - I do not live in Oswego County and am unable to do any personal research on your ancestors.   For all inquiries about your family, items you don't see on this site, or specific historical questions, please contact the local:  Town Historians, or Historical Societies.

I will not be answering/responding to any emails from anyone requesting information or research on their ancestors.  

The above link for Town Historians or Historical Societies are who can help you for further information.  More resource links can be found on the Table of Contents page under "Local Resources."  I have No access to any records in Oswego County, other than what is contributed by fellow researchers that you see here,  online.  The Table of Contents Page is clearly marked where and what type of information is available here on this site.  Keeping up with emails of these type of questions takes up a lot of personal time. 
Please email only if you would like 
To Contribute:   items, or there is a problem with a link not working, or a correction to a file online.  Suggestions always welcome.  I appreciate your consideration concerning this issue. 

Please send your contribution of information to: ex.volneygal@verizon.net
Thank you, Dianne Thomas.


Some files are scanned images and the names will not show up using the search engine. They are noted as image file.  Please make note of this when searching, and check town pages which have links listed to check files.  The 1917 City Directory is an example, so be sure to check it out for your surnames.

What's New In October 2013

The website has been totally updated and all broken links either fixed or removed.  Dianne Thomas is your new [temporary] Coordinator - a huge thanks to Laura Perkins for allowing us to continue her work, done in the past few years! 

If you would like to Volunteer, to being the administrator for the county of Oswego  NY, to glean and add more information to help those who wish to discover their heritage, please contact Dianne Thomas.  Copyrights, remain with the contributor, if not from a pre published book or newspaper article. 

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    • JOHNSON LOOKER Biography
    • "Denis Sullivan" Maritime History - After a successful voyage through the Barge Canal, the Milwaukee-based  Lake schooner "Denis Sullivan" stopped off in Oswego for nearly a week to be rigged. The scenes are reminiscent of old sailing days in Oswego, and the "Sullivan" is the type of schooner built at by George Goble in the  early 1870s. 

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