Women in History, Oswego County, N.Y.

Biography of Harriet Rundell, Physician, Mexico, NY

New Haven
Elizabeth DeAngelis Wells Shepard
Anna Spencer
Rhoda Green Searles

Biography of Frances Zufelt, Richland, NY 

Medora Mary Warner LeRoy

Hazel B. Allen

Oswego County
Dr. Mary E. Walker Obituary

This being Woman's History Month, I've added some links on notable Oswego County Women.  If you would like to contribute information on your pioneering  women ancestors please contact me. 

Civil War Nurse of the 147th New York Infantry, Elmina Pheiades Keeler Spencer:
See also: The History of the 147th NY,     Elmina Spencer
3/7/01 Also includes a photograph of Mrs. Spencer.

Dr. Mary E. Walker
Photograph in Later Years and Suffrage article

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