Peter Vosburg Pension

1812 War Veteran

of Saratoga Co., NY




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Contributed by Deanna Smith

War of 1812 Widow's Pension: Peter and Margaret Lawrence Vosburgh

P 1-Service Pension, War of 1812, Widow's Brief
        Margaret Vosburgh, widow of Peter Vosburgh, Pvt., under Capt. Thomas Carson, Milita, New York
        PO: Waterford, Saratoga Co., NY
        Application filed: Feb. 15, 1879
        Pvt. in Company of Militia, New York Commanded by Captain Thomas Carson from the__of Sept. to 9th of December 1814 and for a term of 3 months and 1 day.
        Evidence of Service: 3rd an__tor reports Sept. 22, 1856. That Peter Vosburgh served in Captain Carson's Co., NY Militia from 8 September to 8 December 1814   
        Length of Service: 92 days
        Proof of Identity: Testimony of identifying witnesses and agreement of names, dates, circumstances, etc. etc. in comparison with bounty land claims of the claimant in 185_
        Admitted: March 3, 1879 to a pension of $8.___from March 9, 1858____
        Warrant for Bounty Land Claim #47,438-160, 1855 issued
        Approved: March 6, 1879
P 2-Summary of Proof
Claim # 34890
Act of March 9, 1878?
Claimant: Margaret Vosburgh
Soldier: Peter Vosburgh
Action: Admitted
Admitted: March 6, 1879
        Marriage: Mar. 12, 1815 of Peter Vosburgh to Margaret Lawrence-Proved by Certified copies of Church record with claimants application for bounty land in 1855 and in present claim for pension said certificates having been signed
        by Richard H. Steele and A. H. Brush Pastors of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Nassau, Rensselaer Co., NY
        Proof as to capacity to marry: Declaration of claimant that neighed she or her husband had been previously married.
        Date: Feb. 10, 1854. proved by the testimony of Margaret Van Keuren in claimants bounty land claim of 1855 and W. C. Porter and Mary C. Scott in present claim for bounty land.
        Widowhood: proved by the testimony of W. C. Potter and Mary L. Scott which corroborates declaration of claimant that she has not remarried
P 3-Claim of Widow for Pension
        1879, Margaret Vosburgh, resident of Waterford, New York, widow of Peter Vosburgh, Pvt. in company commanded by Captain Thomas Carson, regiment of NY Militia, that her said husband an inlisted or drafted, at Albany, NY on or about 8 September 1814 for a term of 3 months and 1 day, terminated by reason of Honorable Discharge 9 December 1814.
        Peter Vosburgh, town of Nassau, Rensselaer, New York on 12 March 1815 by Rev. Peter Van Buren, who was a minister of the Gospel and that her name before marriage was Margaret Lawrence and that she has not remarried
        since the death of said soldier and she further states that neither she nor her said husband had been previously married and that her said husband Peter Vosburgh died at Waterford, New York 10 Feb. 1854.
        She further declares that she has made__application for a Bounty Land Warrant under Oct of 3 March 1855 and was granted such Warrant under date of November 22, 1856 and number 47438 and that her residence is 49 Fourth
        St., Waterford, Saratoga Co., NY and that her post office address is the same place.


P 4-Application for Widow's Pension, War of 1812
        For Widow of Peter Vosburgh of Capt. Thomas Carson, NY Militia (who) died 10 Feb. 1854
        Deposition of Abram C? Waldran (?) and George M. Eddy
        Their residences are in Waterford (very difficult to read). Abram is age 68 and he knew Margaret Vosburgh for 30 years
        They stated that "we have long been well acquainted as friends and neighbors"
        Dated 27 January 1879
Most of this page is very light.
P 5-Record proof of Marriages, Births, and deaths
        Rensselaer Co., New York
        8 February 1879 before me a Justice of the Peace in and for said County personally appeared A. H. Brush, Nassau Village, Rensselaer Co., New York, that he is a Pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church, Nassau; that this is a
        true copy of an extract from the record of marriages of such church. On the 12th day of March 1815, Peter Vosburgh and Margaret Lawrence were married by Rev. Peter Van Buren Pastor of the United Congregation of Schodack and             Union Village, now Nassau.
        Deponent further claims that he has no interest in the prosecution of any claim in behalf of Margaret Vosburgh for Pension.
        Signed: A. H. Brush, 8 February 1879.
        Justice of the Peace: F? E. Boughton
P 6-F. E. Boughton declares that his Signature is genuine, 10 Feb. 1879
P 7-On this 27 day of January 1879 personally appeared before me William c. Pott__and_____who being duly severally sworn depose and say that they are respectively of the age of 62 years and __years. They resided and have for many years resided at the Village of Waterford in the said County of Saratoga__well know Margaret Vosburgh, and did know in his life time her husband Peter Vosburgh. the said peter Vosburgh died on the 10th day of February 1854 and was buried at said place.
      The said Margaret Vosburgh widow of said Peter Vosburgh has not remarried since the death of her sid husband as they believe and aver. Had such an occurrence happened they have every possible reason to believe that from their acquaintance with her and other circumstances they would have known or have been advised of the fact. Signed: W. C. Potter.
P 8- I certify that the affidavits are credible witnesses, and that I have no interest direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim for a Pension. Signed: E. H Peters, Surrogates for Saratoga Co.
P 9-Service Pension War of 1812
        Act of March 9, 1878
        Margaret Vosburgh, Waterford, Saratoga Co., NY, widow of Peter Vosburgh, Pvt., Capt. Thomas Carson
        He died Feb. 10, 1854
        Marriage March 12, 1815
        Received Feb. 15, 1879
        Treasury Department, Washington, DC, Jan. 9, 1879
                In reply to your letter of the 6th inst herewith returned I have to inform you that the name of Peter Vosurgh is ___(too light to read) on the rolls of Captain thomas Carson's Company, New York Militia, War of 1812 from September 8,                 1814 to December 9, 1814. paid for 3 months and 1 days
                Signed: _____Auditor


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