1850 Federal Census
Town of Day

Pg. 379A & 379B

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Dwell# Family# First Name Surname Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Where married in last yr other notes page
133 133 Samuel HERRICK 23 M   farmer   NY     379A
  Levi HERRICK 19 M   laborer   NY     379A
  George HERRICK 17 M   laborer   NY     379A
  Eleazer HERRICK 15 M   laborer   NY     379A
  Charles HERRICK 12 M       NY     379A
  Orlando HERRICK 10 M       NY     379A
134 134 Lydia SEAVER 60 F     500 MA     379A
  Diana SEAVER 30 F       NY     379A
  John SEAVER 22 M   lawyer   NY     379A
  Sampson SEAVER 20 M   farmer   NY     379A
135 135 Jesse BARKER 60 M   farmer 600 NY     379A
  Experience BARKER 56 F       NY     379A
  Charles BARKER 20 M   farmer   NY     379A
  John BARKER 19 M   laborer   NY     379A
  Amanda BARKER 6 F       NY     379A
  Hiram PETTIS 56 M   farmer 100 NY     379A
  Lydia PETTIS 35 F       NY     379A
136 136 Hezekiah HUSTED 55 M   farmer 500 NY     379A
  Margaret HUSTED 55 F       NY     379A
  Helen HUSTED 11 F       NY     379A
137 137 David RHODES 71 M   farmer 300 NY     379A
  Thankful RHODES 67 F       NY     379A
  Norman RHODES 45 M   farmer   NY     379A
  Lucinda RHODES 28 F       NY     379A
  Charles RHODES 24 M   laborer   NY     379A
  Louisa RHODES 19 F       NY     379A
138 138 Olive WOOD 58 F   lawyer 350 MA     379A
  Catherine WOOD 47 F       NY     379A
  Joseph CAMP 27 M       NY     379A
139 139 Obadiah WOOD 56 M   farmer   NY     379A
  Lucy WOOD 38 F       NY     379A
  Caroline WOOD 30 F       NY     379A
  Betsey WOOD 17 F       NY     379A
  Stephen WOOD 14 M       NY     379A
  Elisa WOOD 12 F       NY     379A
  Daniel WOOD 10 M       NY     379A
  Freedom WOOD 8 F       NY     379A
  Sarah WOOD 6 F       NY     379A
  Frederick WOOD 3 M       NY     379A
  Lydia WOOD 2 F       NY     379A
140 140 John LAWRENCE 28 M   miller 300 NY     379A
  Cynthia LAWRENCE 22 F       NY     379A
  Oscar LAWRENCE 2 M       NY     379B
141 141 William SHEPARD 32 M   farmer 300 NY     379B
  Catherine SHEPARD 33 F       NY     379B
  Samuel SHEPARD 9 M       NY     379B
  La Fayette SHEPARD 5 M       NY     379B
  Harvey SHEPARD 2 M       NY     379B
  Ellen SHEPARD 4/12 F       NY     379B
  John MORRIS 30 M   laborer   Canada     379B
  Abram MORRIS 29 M   laborer   Ireland     379B
  Sarah MORRIS 30 F       NY     379B
142 142 Abner GREENFIELD 50 M   laborer 400 NY     379B
  Susan GREENFIELD 49 F       NY     379B
  William GREENFIELD 17 M   laborer   NY     379B
  Sarah GREENFIELD 14 F       NY     379B
  Elisa GREENFIELD 12 F       NY     379B
  Dana GREENFIELD 7 M       NY     379B
143 143 Joseph FLANSBURGH 50 M   farmer 200 NY     379B
  Betsey FLANSBURGH 48 F       NY     379B
  Nicholas FLANSBURGH 23 M   laborer   NY     379B
  Minerva FLANSBURGH 17 F       NY     379B
  Sally FLANSBURGH 16 F       NY     379B
  Matthew FLANSBURGH 27 M   laborer   NY     379B
144 144 William LAWRENCE 33 M   shoemaker   NY     379B
  Chloe LAWRENCE 28 F       NY     379B
  Harrison LAWRENCE 6 M       NY     379B
  Althea LAWRENCE 5 F       NY     379B
  Roswell LAWRENCE 4 M       NY     379B
  Thaddeus LAWRENCE 2 M       NY     379B
145 145 James DE LONG 55 M   farmer   NY     379B
  Malinda DE LONG 52 F       NY     379B
  Electa DE LONG 17 F       NY     379B
  Malinda DE LONG 14 F       NY     379B
  Elisa DE LONG 14 F       NY     379B
  Edwin DE LONG 16 M       NY     379B
146 147 Gary HOLCOM 46 M   chair maker 600 VT     379B
  Susan HOLCOM 35 F       NY     379B
  Louisa HOLCOM 13 F       NY     379B
  Simeon HOLCOM 11 M       NY     379B
  Carry HOLCOM 4 M       NY     379B
148 148 Henry DEMMING 44 M   farmer   NY     379B
  Martha DEMMING 23 F       NY     379B
  Caroline DEMMING 6 F       NY     379B

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