1850 Federal Census
Town of Malta

Pg. 68A & 68B

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Dwell# Fam #  Name Surname Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Where married in last yr other notes page
18 20 Isaac TRAVIS 34 M   fan mill mfgr 350 NY     68A
  Elisabeth TRAVIS 22 F       NY     68A
  Mary TRAVIS 1 F       NY     68A
  Philo SNOW 10 M       NY     68A
  Horace MYERS 24 M   cradle maker   NY     68A
19 21 John JOHNSON 24 M   farmer 3600 NY     68A
  Susan JOHNSON 20 F       NY     68A
  Marion JOHNSON 2/12 F       NY     68A
  John MYERS 18 M   laborer   NY     68A
20 22 Lewis WATERBURY 62 M   wool mfgr 5000 NY     68A
  Lucy WATERBURY 62 F       CT     68A
  Sarah WATERBURY 22 F       NY     68A
  Charles WATERBURY 20 M   oper. Wool mill   NY     68A
  William BARRY 25 M   laborer   Ireland     68A
  Maria BURR 35 F       NY     68A
  Mary GREEN 20 F       Ireland     68A
21 23 Jerome PARKS 24 M   laborer   NY     68A
  Sarah PARKS 21 F       NY     68A
  Hannah PARKS 11/12 F       NY     68A
22 24 Nelson JORDON 31 M   wool mfgr.   Canada     68A
  Emily JORDON 33 F       NY     68A
  Charles JORDON 6 M       NY     68A
  Anna JORDON 4 F       NY     68A
  Elisabeth JORDON 2 F       NY     68A
  Elisabeth PEABODY 17 F       NY     68A
  Sarah HERALD 19 F       NY     68A
  Stephen RYAN 35 M   factory carder   NY X   68A
  Abigail RYAN 20 F       NY X   68A
23 25 Andrew CASHMAN 40 M   laborer 150 Ireland     68A
  Johanna CASHMAN 32 F       Ireland     68A
  William CASHMAN 10 M       Ireland     68A
  Thomas CASHMAN 11 M       NY     68A
24 26 Thomas NORMAN 41 M   laborer 300 NY     68A
  Mary NORMAN 41 F       NY     68A
  Mary NORMAN 9 F       NY     68A
  John NORMAN 6 M       NY     68A
  Edward NORMAN 3 M       NY     68A
25 27 Joshua SEAMAN 29 M   pedlar 500 NY     68A
  Julia SEAMAN 33 F       NY     68A
  Mary SEAMAN 3 F       NY     68A
  Louis OLMSTED 36 F       NY     68A
26 28 Reuben WAIT 47 M   farmer 4600 NY     68A
  Hannah WAIT 45 F       NY     68B
  George WAIT 23 M   farmer   NY     68B
  William WAIT 21 M   farmer   NY     68B
  Emily WAIT 19 F       NY     68B
  Eliza CONKLING 40 F       NY     68B
  Edwin CONKLING 10 M       NY     68B
27 29 Elias HERALD 55 M   laborer 300 NY     68B
  Phebe HERALD 56 F       NY     68B
  John HERALD 27 M   laborer   NY     68B
  Sarah HERALD 19 F       NY     68B
  Almira HERALD 16 F       NY     68B
28 30 Edmond BURK 33 M   laborer   NY     68B
  Hanora BURK 30 F       Ireland     68B
  Winnaford BURK 13 F       Ireland     68B
  Martin BURK 11 M       Ireland     68B
  Ellen BURK 8 F       Ireland     68B
  Cornelius BURK 6 M       Ireland     68B
  Catharine BURK 3 F       Ireland     68B
29 31 John TALMAGE 43 M   farmer 13000 NY     68B
  Mary TALMAGE 41 F       NY     68B
  Samuel TALMAGE 12 M       NY     68B
  Alfred TALMAGE 10 M       NY     68B
  Daniel TALMAGE 8 M       NY     68B
  Charles TALMAGE 6 M       NY     68B
  James TALMAGE 3 M       NY     68B
  Mary EDWARDS 71 F       CT     68B
  Fanny GREEN 17 F       Ireland     68B
  John FOX 35 M   laborer   Ireland X   68B
  Patrick MC ?INTOSH 35 M   laborer   Ireland     68B
30 32 Abel CULVER 32 M   farmer 3000 NY     68B
  Margaret CULVER 33 F   farmer   NY     68B
  Theodore CULVER 5 M       NY     68B
  Mary CULVER 2 F       NY     68B
  Charles CULVER 24 M   laborer   NY     68B
31 33 Calvin PORTER 32 M   laborer   NY     68B
  Lucy PORTER 30 F       NY     68B
  John PORTER 4 M       NY     68B
  Sarah PORTER 3 F       NY     68B
32 34 Henry SWARTOUT 45 M   machinist 2700 NY     68B
  Ann SWARTOUT 36 F       NY     68B
  Hellen SWARTOUT 16 F       NY     68B
  Andrew SWARTOUT 11 M       NY     68B

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