1850 Federal Census
Town of Malta

Pg. 73A & 73B

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Dwell# Fam #  Name Surname Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Where married in last yr other notes page
  Charity DERBY 60 F       NY     73A
  Cyrus LEWIS 35 M   farmer 1100 NY     73A
  Charity LEWIS 30 F       NY     73A
  Maria LEWIS 12 F       NY     73A
  Washington LEWIS 8 M       NY     73A
  Orlando LEWIS 3 M       NY     73A
  Jacob NEAR 28 M   laborer   NY     73A
83 95 Charles MOORE 36 M   merchant 1600 NY     73A
  Margaret MOORE 24 F       NY     73A
  Schuyler MOORE 11/12 M       NY     73A
  Freelove WILLSON 26 F       NY     73A
  Ralph SCHUYLER 19 M   clerk   NY     73A
  Blatchford MOORE 21 M   clerk   NY     73A
84 96 Christian BECKER 75 M   farmer 6000 NY     73A
  Elisabeth BECKER 64 F       NY     73A
  Gilbert BECKER 26 M   student   NY     73A
  James BECKER 24 M   farmer   NY     73A
  William UNKNOWN 25 M   laborer   Ireland     73A
  Jane HERMANCE 32 F       NY     73A
85 97 Thomas JOHNSTON 46 M   butcher 500 CT     73A
  Betsey JOHNSTON 43 F       NY     73A
  Amanda JOHNSTON 17 F       NY     73A
  Jane JOHNSTON 13 F       NY     73A
  Sarah JOHNSTON 10 F       NY     73A
  Matilda JOHNSTON 9 F       NY     73A
  George JOHNSTON 7 M       NY     73A
  Alexander DENTON 16 M   laborer   NY     73A
86 98 Amanda PHILIPS 49 F     600 NY     73A
  Lewis DUNNING 85 M   none   CT   blind & insane 73A
  Hannah DUNNING 82 F       CT     73A
87 99 Alanson BARBER 33 M   none   NY     73A
  Mary BARBER 27 F       NY     73A
100 Eliza DENTON 25 F     400 NY     73A
  Gercilla DENTON 1 F       NY     73A
88 101 Francis VAN DE WERKIN 30 M   laborer   NY     73A
  Eliza Ann VAN DE WERKIN 25 F       NY     73A
  James VAN DE WERKIN 7 M       NY     73A
  Mary VAN DE WERKIN 2 F       NY     73A
89 102 Cortland ROGERS 29 M   farmer 6000 NY     73A
  Sarah ROGERS 27 F       NY     73A
  Florence ROGERS 5/12 F       NY     73A
  Thomas HALINANE 28 M   laborer   NY     73A
90 103 Barnabas VAIL 63 M   farmer 4410 NY     73B
  Mary VAIL 60 F       NY     73B
  Ann VAIL 20 F       NY     73B
  Henry NEAR 12 M       NY     73B
91 104 Benjamin CULVER 38 M   farmer   NY     73B
  Emeline CULVER 29 F       NY     73B
  George CULVER 11 M       NY     73B
  William CULVER 9 M       NY     73B
  Esther CULVER 7 F       NY     73B
  Caroline CULVER 2 F       NY     73B
  Martha CULVER 5/12 F       NY     73B
  Orrin CULVER 63 M   laborer   CT     73B
92 105 Warren OSTRANDER 29 M   farmer   NY     73B
  Sarah OSTRANDER 26 F       NY     73B
  Livingston OSTRANDER 7 M       NY     73B
  Eugene OSTRANDER 5 M       NY     73B
  Mary OSTRANDER 3 F       NY     73B
93 106 Riley RASS 40 M   farmer   NY     73B
  Jane RASS 43 F       NY     73B
  Harvey RASS 17 M       NY     73B
  Fanny RASS 12 F       NY     73B
  Lucy RASS 10 F       NY     73B
  Melissa RASS 7 F       NY     73B
94 107 John IRELAND 69 M   farmer 3700 NY     73B
  Anna IRELAND 58 F       NY     73B
  Job IRELAND 32 M   laborer   NY     73B
  Anna IRELAND 20 F       NY     73B
95 108 Samuel SILLIMAN 64 M   laborer   MA     73B
  Elanor SILLIMAN 69 F       NY     73B
  Sally SILLIMAN 7 F       NY     73B
  James PINKHAM 21 M       NY     73B
96 109 James ANDERSON 45 M   machinist 1000 Ireland     73B
  Rebecca ANDERSON 44 F       Ireland     73B
  Mary ANDERSON 15 F       NY     73B
  Margaret ANDERSON 10 F       NY     73B
  Thomas ANDERSON 7 M       NY     73B
  Catharine ANDERSON 4 F       NY     73B
  Philip MOSHER 21 M   laborer   NY     73B
97 110 Oliver IRELAND 43 M   farmer   NY     73B
  Betsey IRELAND 45 F       NY     73B
  David IRELAND 18 M   farmer   NY     73B
  Daniel IRELAND 10 M       NY     73B

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