1850 Federal Census
Town of Malta

Pg. 76A & 76B

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Dwell# Fam #  Name Surname Age Sex Race Occupation Value Born Where married in last yr other notes page
130 144 Horace PHILIPS 28 M   farmer 1674 NY     76A
  Maria PHILIPS 26 F       NY     76A
  Mary PHILIPS 1 F       NY     76A
  Daniel OSTRANDER 15 M   laborer   NY     76A
131 145 Joseph PHILIPS 70 M   farmer 1500 NY     76A
  Chloe PHILIPS 65 F       NY     76A
  Chloe HALL 15 F       NY     76A
132 146 William CONKLIN 34 M   laborer   NY     76A
  Mary CONKLIN 34 F       MA     76A
  John FOSTER 30 M   blacksmith   unknown     76A
133 147 Samuel CROUCH 73 M   farmer 6300 CT     76A
  Elisabeth CROUCH 72 F       NY     76A
  Mary CROUCH 32 F       NY     76A
  Rachael CROUCH 30 F       NY     76A
  Elisabeth CROUCH 28 F       NY     76A
  Stephen DAY 12 M       NY     76A
134 148 George YOUNG 35 M   farmer   NY     76A
  Clarissa YOUNG 31 F       NY     76A
  Daniel YOUNG 8 M       NY     76A
  Mary YOUNG 6 F       NY     76A
  William YOUNG 4 M       NY     76A
135 149 William ANDREWS 50 M   farmer 3920 NY     76A
  Jane ANDREWS 47 F       NY     76A
150 William SMITH 26 M   farmer   NY     76A
  Charlott SMITH 21 F       NY     76A
  Mirriam SMITH 10/12 F       NY     76A
  Amos AUSTIN 13 M       NY     76A
136 151 John DOLLOFF 51 M   laborer   NY     76A
  Rosannah DOLLOFF 19 F       NY     76A
  John DOLLOFF 17 M   laborer   NY     76A
  Samuel TERWILLAGER 30 M   boatman   NY     76A
  Maria TERWILLAGER 25 F       NY     76A
  Charles TERWILLAGER 4 M       NY     76A
137 152 Schuyler PHILIPS 47 M   farmer 2500 NY     76A
  Sophronia PHILIPS 45 F       NY     76A
  Allen PHILIPS 18 M   farmer   NY     76A
  Cordelia PHILIPS 13 F       NY     76A
  Melissa PHILIPS 11 F       NY     76A
  Alonzo PHILIPS 9 M       NY     76A
138 153 David MOREHOUSE 63 M   laborer   NY     76A
  Ann MOREHOUSE 39 F       NY     76A
154 Jerome WETHERWAY 27 M   laborer   NY X   76A
  Cornelia WETHERWAY 27 F       NY     76B
139 155 Andrew FALL 50 M   farmer 5000 NY     76B
  Catharine FALL 46 F       NY     76B
  Edwin FALL 19 M   farmer   NY     76B
  Sarah FALL 13 F       NY     76B
  Sabrina BILLING 36 F       NY     76B
  Orson BILLING 6 M       CT     76B
  William HARTY 35 M   laborer   Ireland     76B
140 156 Ellis ROORBACK 30 M   farmer 1800 NY     76B
  Lucinda ROORBACK 29 F       NY     76B
  Susan ROORBACK 6 F       NY     76B
  Rebecca ROORBACK 2 F       NY     76B
  Emily BAKER 16 F       NY     76B
  Charles BAKER 13 M       NY     76B
141 157 Joel CHAMPINON 59 M   farmer 3000 NY     76B
  Joanna CHAMPINON 58 F       NY     76B
  Amy CHAMPINON 22 F       NY     76B
  Heman CHAMPINON 19 M   farmer   NY     76B
  Jonathan CHAMPINON 13 M       NY     76B
  Elisabeth COWSE 10 F       NY     76B
  Margaret COWSE 8 F       NY     76B
  Edwin COWSE 6 M       NY     76B
  William COWSE 4 M       NY     76B
  Jonathan COWSE 2 M       NY     76B
142 158 David ROWLEY 42 M   farmer 5000 NY     76B
  Harriet ROWLEY 42 F       NY     76B
  Mary ROWLEY 19 F       NY     76B
  Seymour ROWLEY 18 M   farmer   NY     76B
  Joseph ROWLEY 17 M   farmer   NY     76B
  Clemantha ROWLEY 15 F       NY     76B
  Eliza ROWLEY 10 F       NY     76B
143 159 Josiah BAKER 50 M   farmer   NY     76B
  Mary Ann BAKER 51 F       NY     76B
  Edey BAKER 18 M       NY     76B
  Andrew BAKER 16 M   farmer   NY     76B
  Charles BAKER 13 M       NY     76B
  Daniel BAKER 11 M       NY     76B
  Sarah BAKER 9 F       NY     76B
  William BAKER 2 M       NY     76B
  Willis BAKER 2 M       NY     76B
144 160 Edey BAKER 86 M   farmer   unknown     76B
  Anna BAKER 76 F       unknown      

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