1850 Federal Census
Town of Waterford

Pg. 16 A & 16 B

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Dwell # Family # First Name Surname Age Sex Color Occupation


Place of Birth Married in last Yr Other Notes


  Lucinda PHILO 17 F       NY     16A
  Frederick POWEL 21 M   machinist   NY     16A
192 234 John SWELT 34 M   saloon keeper   NH     16A
  Martha SWELT 27 F       NY     16A
  Martha SWELT 8 F       NY     16A
  Emeline SWELT 4 F       NY     16A
  Clarence SWELT 1 M       NY     16A
  John LAMB 17 M   clerk   NY     16A
193 235 John QUACKENBUSH 46 M   machinist     2,700 NY     16A
  Margaret QUACKENBUSH 46 F       NY     16A
  Sarah QUACKENBUSH 18 F       NY     16A
  Peter QUACKENBUSH 16 M   none   NY     16A
  William QUACKENBUSH 13 M       NY     16A
  Tunis QUACKENBUSH 10 M       NY     16A
194 236 Mary MELICK 76 F       NY     16A
  Mary MELICK 45 F       NY     16A
  Magdelene MELICK 42 F       NY     16A
195 237 John WOOD 41 M   merchant/tailor     2,200 NY     16A
  Abbey WOOD 32 F       NY     16A
  John WOOD 15 M       NY     16A
  Franklin WOOD 11 M       NY     16A
  Maria UNKNOWN 30 F       Ireland     16A
  Isaac OSMSBY 29 M   lawyer        600 NY     16A
  Laura OSMSBY 23 F       NY     16A
196 238 George EDSON 56 M   wool dealer     2,000 NY     16A
  Mary EDSON 5 F       NY     16A
  William HAMILTON 11 M       NY     16A
197 239 Lewis OSTRANDER 22 M   Landlord   NY     16A
hotel Peter OSTRANDER 45 M   travel agent   NY     16A
  Tames OSTRANDER 44 F       NY     16A
  Nelson OSTRANDER 14 M       NY     16A
  William JOSLIN 29 M   machinist   NY     16A
  J. B. ENAS 26 M   miller   12,400 NY     16A
  Lawrence ENAS 22 M   clerk   NY     16A
  Joel OSTRANDER 23 M   carpenter   NY     16A
  William PHILO 22 M   carpenter   NY     16A
  Mrs. GIBSON 60 F       NY     16A
  Cornelia GIBSON 25 F       NY     16A
  Thomas MORGAN 39 M   farmer   17,400 CT     16A
  Alida MORGAN 35 F       NY     16A
  George KIDNEY 25 M   carpenter   NY     16A
  Thomas SMITH 55 M   ostler   unknown     16A
  Jane THOMPSON 47 F B     NY     16B
  Ellen ALLEN 35 F       NY     16B
  Ellen GORDEN 20 F       NY     16B
198 240 Miles SAVAGE 33 M   painter   NY     16B
  Catharine SAVAGE 27 F       MA     16B
  George SAVAGE 9 M       NY     16B
  Ralph SAVAGE 25 M   artist   NY     16B
199 241 Charles PICKET 24 M   clerk     1,800 NY     16B
  Mary PICKET 25 F       NY     16B
  George PICKET 1 M       NY     16B
  Keziah PICKET 61 F       NY     16B
  George HALLET 23 M   machinist   NY     16B
  Catharine CONNER 21 F       Ireland     16B
200 242 John HIGGINS 31 M   druggist & apothecary     1,200 England     16B
  Julia HIGGINS 35 F       NY     16B
  John HIGGINS 10 M       NY     16B
  Ann HIGGINS 8 F       NY     16B
  Jane HIGGINS 5 F       NY     16B
  Mary HIGGINS 1 F       NY     16B
  Mary HIGGINS 40 F       Ireland     16B
  William GRANDINE 14 M       NY     16B
  Sarah DUNHAM 30 F       NY     16B
201 243 John Jr. HALL 50 M   tailor   CT     16B
  Delia HALL 46 F       NY     16B
  Mary HALL 21 F       NY     16B
  Emeline HALL 11 F       NY     16B
  John HALL 9 M       NY     16B
202 244 Joshua MORSE 45 M   lumber merchant     5,000 NY     16B
  Vian MORSE 42 F       NY     16B
  Selah MORSE 16 M   laborer   NY     16B
  Frances MORSE 14 F       NY     16B
  Charlott MORSE 11 F       NY     16B
  Elisabeth MORSE 8 F       NY     16B
  Martha MORSE 3 F       NY     16B
  Elisha MORSE 5/12 M       NY     16B
203 245 Philip PALMER 40 M   none   NY     16B
  Martha PALMER 35 F       NY     16B
  Phebe PALMER 14 F       NY     16B
  Robert PALMER 7 M       NY     16B
  Laura RYNDEN 23 F       NY     16B
  Patty BEDELL 55 F       NY     16B
  Levi BEDELL 21 M   laborer   NY     16B

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