1850 Federal Census
Town of Waterford
Pg. 7 A & 7 B

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Dwell # Family # First Name Surname Age Sex Color Occupation


Place of Birth Married in last Yr Other Notes


  David WHATFORD 1 M       England     7A
  Sarah JACKLIN 17 F       England     7A
73 95 Edward DWYER 38 M   shoemaker   Ireland     7A
  Allice DWYER 35 F       Ireland     7A
  John DWYER 13 M       Ireland     7A
  Catharine DWYER 11 F       Ireland     7A
  Hanora DWYER 9 F       Ireland     7A
  Mary DWYER 8 F       Ireland     7A
  Daniel DWYER 6 M       Ireland     7A
  Edward DWYER 2 M       NY     7A
  Allice DWYER 2/12 F       NY     7A
74 96 Hiram WOOD 46 M   tailor        700 NY     7A
  Sarah WOOD 45 F       NY     7A
  Charlott WOOD 23 F       NY     7A
  Harriet WOOD 16 F       NY     7A
  Sarah WOOD 15 F       NY     7A
  Mary WOOD 15 F       NY     7A
  Giles WOOD 12 M       NY     7A
  Lydia WOOD 6 F       NY     7A
  John WOOD 3 M       NY     7A
  David KING 57 M   none     8,000 MA     7A
  James KING 47 M   stove mfgr     4,000 NY     7A
75 97 Moses SCOTT 47 M   Saratoga Bank cashier     1,125 NY     7A
  Harriet SCOTT 38 F       England     7A
  Sarah SCOTT 18 F       NY     7A
  Thomas SCOTT 17 M       NY     7A
  William SCOTT 7 M       NY     7A
  Charles SCOTT 1/12 M       NY     7A
  Catharine FLYNN 22 F       Ireland     7A
76 98 Thomas BENNETT 70 M   milling     8,100 NY     7A
  Elisabeth BENNETT 58 F       MA     7A
  Ann BENNETT 21 F       NY     7A
  Margaret RYLY 18 F       Ireland     7A
77 99 John 2nd CRAMER 44 M   lawyer   12,000 NY     7A
  Sarah CRAMER 38 F       NY     7A
  Catharine CRAMER 15 F       NY     7A
  Georgianna CRAMER 12 F       NY     7A
  Mary CRAMER 46 F       NY     7A
  Catharine KINE 16 F       Ireland     7A
78 100 Robert BLAKE 57 M   button mfgr   13,000 NY     7A
  Eliza BLAKE 50 F       NY     7A
  Eli BLAKE 27 M   bank teller   NY     7A
  Charlotte BLAKE 21 F       NY     7B
  David BLAKE 16 M   bank clerk   NY     7B
  James BLAKE 13 M       NY     7B
  George BLAKE 10 M       NY     7B
  Margaret BLAKE 67 F       NY     7B
  Anna DWYER 9 F       unknown     7B
79 101 William WRIGHT 50 M   laborer   Ireland     7B
  Marsha WRIGHT 22 F       Ireland     7B
  Joseph WRIGHT 9 M       Ireland     7B
  Elisabeth WRIGHT 73 F       Ireland     7B
  James HAMILTON 10 M       Ireland     7B
102 William CLARK 72 M   laborer   Ireland     7B
  Mary CLARK 70 F       Ireland     7B
80 103 Jeremiah GREENE 50 M   merchant   NY     7B
  Sarah GREENE 32 F       NY     7B
  Catharine GREENE 8 F       NY     7B
  Anna GREENE 6 F       NY     7B
  James GREENE 4 M       NY     7B
  John GREENE 2 M       NY     7B
  Isaac BAILEY 68 M   none   NY     7B
  Rebecca SABAL 19 F M     NY     7B
104 Delia STILES 39 F B     NY     7B
  Christopher JACKSON 40 M B laborer   NY     7B
81 105 Conrad CRAMER 50 M   none     2,000 NY     7B
  Lucinda CRAMER 28 F       NY     7B
  John CRAMER 4 M       NY     7B
  Ellen DIAMOND 55 F       unknown     7B
82 106 Andrew HOFFMAN 26 M   editor/printer   NY     7B
  Harriet HOFFMAN 26 F       NY     7B
  Lewis HOFFMAN 3 M       NY     7B
  Elisabeth FARLEY 19 F       Ireland     7B
83 107 Joseph BROCKWAY 58 M   dentist     9,300 NY     7B
  Margaret BROCKWAY 57 F       NY     7B
  George BROCKWAY 24 M   dentist   NY     7B
  Ellen BROCKWAY 21 F       NY     7B
  John BROCKWAY 16 M   brush maker   NY     7B
  Charles BROCKWAY 14 M       NY     7B
  Cornelia BROCKWAY 12 F       NY     7B
  Rosa FITZPATRICK 25 F       Ireland     7B
84 108 Henry VAN DEWERKEN 50 M   boatman   NY     7B
  Ann VAN DEWERKEN 41 F       NY     7B
  Charles VAN DEWERKEN 16 M   boatman   NY     7B

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