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From the Family Bible of Peter Smith and Betsey Grow - Circa 1850

 Contributedby Michael Mastin

Page 1,Births:

Peter Smith                   9 February 1803

Betsey Grow                 31 May 1807

Sarah Ann Smith          18 March 1827

George B. Smith           18 August 1830

Phebe Jane Smith          22 January 1835

Emily AmeliaSmith       26January 1839

William W. Smith         28 April 1843

James C. Smith              15 May 1849

Lucy A. Smith               1 August 1852


Page 2,Births and Marriages:

James C Smith              15 May 1849

Addie M. Smith            24 May 1852

Charlie B. Smith           24 August 1875

Albertus B.Smith         31 May 1877

Elzer EugeneSmith       23October 1879

Lucy Mae Smith           30 May 1889 

Married at homein Potter, February 2, 1895 by Rev. A. C. Brown, Mr. Charlie B. Smith to MissNellie Champlin of Gorham, Ont. Co., N.Y. 

Married atGorham, Ont. Co., June 28, 1899, by Rev. Andrew Brown, Albertus B. Smith ofPotter to Miss Ella Faulstick of Gage, N.Y. 

Married atBenton Center, December 24, 1902, by Rev. Putnam, E. Eugene Smith of Potter toLaura Faulstick of Gage, N.Y. 

Married atMiddlesex, New York, August 23, 1909 by Rev. H. C. Andrews, Lucy Mae Smith ofPotter and John H. Mothersell of Vine Valley, N.Y.


Page 3,Marriages:

Peter Smith toBetsey Grow, June 25, 1826 

Married inNaples, Ont. Co., November 11, 1868 by Rev. Daniel Clark?, William W.Smith to Amanda A. Slitor.

Married at homein Potter, December 16, 1874, by Rev. G. S. Thorn, James C. Smith to Addie M.Barber. 

Married nearPort Mitchell, I__?, on Wednesday the 21st of January by the Rev.Weeks, Mr. ___?

Taylor to MissS. A. Smith, formerly of Yates Co., N.Y.

Married inMiddlesex, January 2, 1848 by the Rev. Holmes, Phebe Jane Smith to SeymourWheeler. 

Married inJerusalem, November 3, 1850, by the Rev. Douglas, Mary Eliza Smith to Abel B.Briggs. 

Married at ItalyHill, July 4, 1856, by Rev. ___?, Emily Amelia Smith to Edwin James Morgan.


Page 4,Deaths:

Mary AdelineSmith, December 6, 1908. Funeral December 8, Rev. Bruce Pierce officiating. 

James C. Smith,about Thanksgiving 1930 

Elzer EugeneSmith (no date written in) 

AlburtusBurdette Smith, July 8, 1953. 

Lucy Mae SmithMothersell (no date written in)

George B. Smith,September 9, 1830.

Peter Smith,August 25, 1853. 

Phebe JaneWheeler, April 21, 1877. 

Sarah AnnTaylor, September 20, 1878.

Betsey Smith,March 6, 1879, Rev. Bates preached his sermon from 2nd Corinthians, 5thchapter, 1st verse commencing at the verse and reading to the end ofthe chapter.

Emily A. Morgan,June 19, 1889, took her own life by cutting her throat with her sonís razor inthe woodhouse, funeral at the house, Rev. Pratt officiating.

Mary E. Briggs,October 2, 1896, funeral at the M. E. Church, Rev. P. W. Williams officiating.

Abel Briggs,November 15, 1899, funeral at the M. E. Church, Rev. S. W. Eaton officiating.

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