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From the Family Bible of the Struble Family

 contributed by Susan Austin

            Family Bible Records
Adam Struble was born July 5th, 1785
Mary Struble was born March 11th, 1790
Moses Struble was born May 29th, 1808
Henry Struble was born January 16th, 1810
Levi Struble was born July 12th, 1812
Dean Struble was born April 19th, 1814
Sidney Struble was born Oct 20th, 1816
Lovisa Struble was born Feb. 11th, 1819
Ira Struble was born Jan 21st, 1821
Elizabeth Struble was born June 9th, 1823
Morgan Struble was born May 23rd, 1825
Hannah Struble was born Sept 30th, 1828
Phebe Struble was born July 15th, 1829
Ellen Struble was born April 19th, 1831
Fowler Struble was born March 29th, 1835
Adam Struble was born March 5th, 1843
Dean Struble died Sept 19th, 1818
Hannah Struble died July 6th, 1830
Phebe Struble died July 8th, 1830
Fowler Struble died March 19th, 1843
Henry Struble died August 17th, 1870
Levi Struble Died January 3th, 1887
Moses Struble died July 10th, 1889
Adam Struble died Oct 22th, 1867
Mary Struble died August 30th, 1869
Viola Struble was born March 27th, 1864
Salinda Struble was born April 13th, 1872
Nancy Smith was born Aug 6th, 1834
Morgan Struble was married Oct. 7th, 1859
Ernest Peter Florance was born April 21, 1895
Viola Emma Florance was born Dec. 8, 1902 (date changed to 1900)
Viola Struble died Apr 13th, 1865; aged one year + sixteen days
Morgan Struble died June 6, 1908
Nancy Struble died August 28, 1908
Adam Struble was married July 15th, 1807
Morgan Struble and Nancy Smith was married October 7th, 1854
William Florence and Dollie Struble was married December 30, 1891"
(there are more modern entries in different writing and different colored ink,but these entries are for living individuals)
Ernest Florance and Laura Dillistin was married November 3, 1915
Viola Emma Florance and Myrtal Charles Rose June 28, 1921
Doris Elizabeth Florance was married to Charles John Cogsdill on July 5th, 1942
Richard Norman Rose and Joyce Marie Kuttner November 23, 1944


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