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1. James BALEY (b.1752-Prob New Jersey;d.12 Mar 1826-Romulus,Seneca Co., NY)
sp: Rhoda (b.1754;m.bfr 1774;d.20 Aug 1819-Romulus, Seneca Co., NY)
2. Joseph BALEY
2. Jonathan BALEY (b. Oct 1774;d.25 May 1846-Milo,YatesCo., NY)
sp: Permelia (b. Abt 1766-Pennsylvania;d.5 Sep 1850-Milo,YatesCo., NY)
3. Sarah BAILEY (b. Abt 1799-New York; d.20 Oct 1875-Livinsgton Co., NY)
sp: George WILHELM (b.2 Sep 1791-New Jersey;m.27 Dec 1815;d.7 Mar 1855- Conesus,Livingston Co., NY)
4. Ursula WILHELM
4. John WILHELM (b.14 Sep 1818-Milo,Yates Co., NY)
sp: Lora HUMPHREY (b.2 Jun 1815-Chenango,New York; m.23 Apr 1843) 
4. Jonathan WILHELM (b.1821-Yates Co.,New York)
sp: Mary A (b. Abt 1826-NY; d. Bef 1870-Livingston Co., NY) 
4. Benjamin F WILHELM (b .Abt 1823-Yates Co.,N.Y.)
4. William B WILHELM (b.15 Oct 1825-Milo,Yates Co.,NY)
sp: Pharazina ALLEN (b.13 Jan 1831-Conesus, Livingston Co., NY; m.1849;d.15 Feb1870-Conesus, Livingston Co., NY)
4. Joseph George WILHELM (b. Abt 1808-NY;d.Aft 1866-Livingston, NY)
sp: Lucinda (b. Abt 1830-New York)
4. Elsie Ann WILHELM (b. Abt 1831-Livingston, NY)
sp: Lester MACK (b.1835-New York)
4. James G WILHELM
4. Rhoda WILHELM
4. Philip C WILHELM (b. Abt 1839)

3. James Longshire BAILEY (b.31 May 1800-Ontario county,NY;d.1 Mar 1873- Springwater,Livingston Co., NY)
sp: Jerusha COOLEY (b.9 Jul 1799-Pennsylvania;m.21 Jul 1819;d.23 Dec 1869- Springwater,Livingston Co., NY)
4. Amos BAILEY (b.28 Aug 1819-Milo,Yates Co., NY;d.20 May 1840)
4. Job BAILEY (b.8 Sep 1821-Milo,Yates Co., NY;d.8 Dec1898-Arcada,Gratiot Co., MI)
sp: Mary Amanda DENNISTON (b.24 Apr 1824-Conesus,L,NY;m.6 Jul 1846;d.4 Aug 1893-Arcada,Gratiot,MI)
5. Mary M BAILEY (b.16 Feb 1847-Conesus, Livingston Co.,NY;d.1916-Detroit,MI)
sp: Lester Bradley JACKMAN (b.1849;d.1917)
5. Byron BAILEY (b.24 May 1848;d.12 Feb 1930-Baldwin Park, LA, California)
sp: Minerva M SANBORN (b.3 Jul 1841-Conesus, Livingston Co.,NY;m.28 Feb 1869(Div);d.10 Jan1921-Conesus, Livingston Co., NY)
sp: Malinda C BORROSE (m.22 Jun 1904)
5. James G BAILEY (b.28 Jan 1850-Conesus,Livingston Co., NY;d.11 Sep 1910)
sp: Etta SWIFT (b. Abt 1852)
5. Beman Dewitt BAILEY (b.29 Nov 1856-Springwater,Livingston,NY;d.17 Mar 1931-Alma,Arcadia,Gratiot,MI)
sp: Emma BERLIN (b.1 Apr 1860-Carey,Wyandot,OH;m.22 Nov 1882;d.24 Mar1955-Perrinton,MI)
5. Charley Belmont BAILEY (b.5 Dec1860-Conesus,Livingston Co., NY)
5. Edward Eugene BAILEY (b.3 Mar1864-Conesus,Livingston Co., NY; d.15 Oct 1932)
sp: Nellie 
5. Bert Job BAILEY (b.3 Jul 1866;d.18 Feb 1926-Arcadia,Gratiot,MI)
sp: Hannah Lucy BROWN (b.30 Jul 1867;d.14 Mar 1940-Alma,Gratiot,MI)
5. Grace Agatha BAILEY (b.4 Apr 1870;d.25 May 1952)
sp: Harry STROUSE
5. Lydia Mabel BAILEY (b.23 Dec1873-Conesus, Livingston Co., NY;d.8 Oct 1950)
sp: William H STEWARD (m.8 Apr 1895)
4. Abner BAILEY (b.4 Nov 1823-Milo,Yates Co., NY)
sp: Philana REDMONT (b.1819-CT;d.1902-Springwater,Livingston,NY)
4. David BAILEY (b.15 Sep 1827-Milo,Yates Co., NY;d.20 Apr 1875-Springwater.Livingston Co., NY)
sp: Laura ERVIN (b.1839-Livingston, NY;m.1 Jan 1857; d.1909- Springwater,Livingston Co., NY)
4. Truman BAILEY (b.21 Mar 1829-Livingston Co.,NY;d.15 Apr 1903)
sp: Mary Jane REDMOND (b. Abt 1828-New York)

3. Jonathan BAILEY (b.1 Sep 1805-Seneca,New York;d.25 Nov 1875-Starkey,YatesCo., NY)
sp: Ann R (b. Abt 1807-Tompkins Co., NY;d.13 Mar 1861-Milo,YatesCo., NY)
4. Eleanor B BAILEY (b. Abt 1832-Yates Co., NY)
sp: Cyrus MEADE (b. Abt 1827-New York)
4. George W BAILEY (b. Abt 1834-Yates Co., NY)
sp: Eveline PEABODY (b.Abt 1841-New York)
4. John W BAILEY (b.Abt 1836-Yates Co., NY)
sp: Matilda (b. Abt 1837-NY;m.Abt 1860)
4. Martha Ann BAILEY (b. Abt 1839-Yates Co. NY)
sp: Morrie J GILBERT (b. Abt 1832-New York)
4. Daniel BAILEY (b. Abt 1841-Yates Co., NY)
sp: Henrietta (b. Abt 1842-MI)
4. Joseph BAILEY (b. Abt 1845-Yates Co., NY)
4. Mary Elizabeth BAILEY (b. Abt 1850-Yates Co., NY)
sp: Charles W COOK (b. Abt 1837-New York; m.15 Oct 1873)
4. Sarah BAILEY

3. Samuel BAILEY (b.1801/1810-New York)

2. Abner BALEY (b.1778-New Jersey;d.31 Dec 1856-Romulus,Seneca Co., NY)
sp: Sally (b. Abt 1784-New Jersey;m.1802;d.Aft 1856-Romulus,Seneca Co.,NY)
2. Samuel BALEY (b. Mar 1780;d.28 Sep 1851-Romulus,Seneca Co., NY)
sp: Sally (b. Abt 1783;d.17 Jan 1846-Romulus,Seneca Co., NY)
2. James BALEY
2. William BALEY (b.1804;d.15 Dec 1872-London,England)
2. Hannah BALEY
2. Rhoda BALEY
2. Eleanor BALEY

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