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Thefollowing is a transcription from the "Dean-Fox Reunion Ledger"


DeanFamily History

LauraJ. Dean




Myhistory commences (sic) with the family of my great grandfather SamuelDean. Iknow not his birthplace but he was a Scotchman or of Scotch descent though thefirst real history we have of them is of their living in New Hampshire.  His family consisted of six children, three sons and three daughters. The sonswere Samuel, Darius, Brazilla. The three daughters married three brothers by thename of Dagget. Darius married and went to Canada, Brazilla never married.


Samuelwas my grandfather, of his family I will give you a history as I have it fromold records, some in his own handwriting. He was born in New Hampshire Dec 12 1760, was married to Rachel Chamberlain Feb 24, 1785, and went to housekeeping in Westmoreland, New Hampshire. Grandmother Dean was born in 1763 and died Dec 13 1810 at Ellisburgh, Jeff. Co., N.Y.


Afterthe birth of his second daughter in 1789, he removed to Vermont settling on a farm in the town of Chester Windham Co., remaining there until the spring of 1810. Then he with his family came toEllisburgh Jeff. Co. N.Y., his wife dying Dec. 13 of the same year.


Hethen kept house with his children until Oct 22, 1812 when he was married the second time, to the widow Pierce of the same town (Ellisburgh)and in 1816 came to Italy  settling on the farm now owned byWarren Hayes.


Thelast years of his life were spent with his children. He died April 18, 1846, at the home of his son Davis in the town of Naples on the farm now owned and occupied by Joel Gillett.

Hissecond wife died Sept. 19 1850 at the (home) of her daughter Polly in Wisconsin.

Grandfatherwas a soldier in the war of 1812, had made application for a pension, his widowgetting it after his death.

Hisfamily by the first marriage consisted of ten children, five sons and fivedaughters. Their names were. Rachel, Jane, Hannah, Hepsibah, Samuel, Amos,Increase, Freeman, Davis and Nancy.


(Johnand Rachel Graham)

Rachelwas born Nov. 23 1785, was married to John Graham Feb. 15 1803, by Esq. Heald. Uncle John was in the war of 1812 and received a pension.

Theirfamily was ten children.  Theirnames were, Elizabeth, William, Alvira, Jeremiah, Adaline, Phebe, Nancy, Rachel,John and Edward. All lived to grow up, all married but John and Rachel. Thereare now (1889) living Jeremiah, Alvira, and Edward.

AuntRachel died April 17 1845. Uncle John died Nov. 4 1871.


(Jamesand Jane Fox)

Janewas born Jan. 29, 1788, was married to James Fox Dec 1809 by Aaron Leland. Uncle James was a soldierin the war of 1812, did not receive a pension.

Hewas the first Militia Captain in town, was known as Captain Fox. He was ateacher of some note in his day, and held various town offices, was Justice ofthe Peace from 1819 to 1843. Their family consisted of nine sons: Thomas J.,James L., Amos D., William H., Ira S., Lewis M., Alden D., Charles H., andJeremiah F. There are now living, Thomas J., William and Alden D. Aunt Jane diedFeb 11 1853, Uncle James died Feb 1868


(Amosand Hannah Wood)

Hannahwas born March 26 1790; was married to Amos Wood Jan 31 1819. Uncle Amos was a soldier in the war of 1812. Aunt Hannah receives a pension.Their family numbers six children; two sons and four daughters. Their names are,Simeon, Freeman, Alvira, Marina, Mary, and Marion. All are living but Alvira.Uncle Amos died Feb 25, 1863. Aunt Hannah is still living in her 100th year. Let us celebrate thethe 26 day of March next if she still lives.


(Wmand Hepsibah Wood)

Hepsibahwas born Dec 20, 1791, was married to William Wood. Their family was two daughters; Clarica andNettie. They grew up and were married, and are both dead. Aunt Hepsibah died Jan 28, 1816 and Uncle William soon after.


(Samueland Martha Dean)

Samuelwas born Dec 12 1793 was married to Marth Haynes, March 4 1821. Uncle Samuel was a soldier with his father in the war of 1812. His widow recda pension. Their family consisted of eight children; four sons and fourdaughters. Their names were Alvira, Philancy, Emila, Edwin, Lyman, Aruna, Dillisand Martha. All grew up, all married, and all are living now. The youngest overfifty years of age. Uncle Samuel died Aug. 28, 1840. Aunt Marth or “Aunt Polly” as she was called, died Feb 11, 1881.


(Amosand Betsy Dean)

Amoswas born July 3, 1796, and in the of 1814 or 15 came from Ellisburgh to Italy on foot bringing his ax with him. He was married to Betsy Ludlow July 14, 1824. Their family was nine children; five sons and four daughters Their names wereAmos, Darius, Ezra, Thomas and Emory, Nancy, Rachel, Amanda and Rosetta. Allgrew up but one, Thomas died in infancy. All married but Ezra, he was in thelate war, and has never been heard from since. Five are now living, Amos,Darius, Emory, Rachel and Amanda.

UncleAmos died June 26, 1858. Aunt Betsy died Apr. 17, 1888.


(Increaseand Polly Dean)

Increasewas born Oct 18, 1798 and married Polly Mansfield. Their family was two children, one son and onedaughter. The son went west about 1844 at the age of 18. Uncle Increase died Nov1831, and Aunt Polly some years after.



Freemanwas born Dec. 19, 1800, and was killed in a carding machine at Ellisburgh July 15, 1815.




(Davisand Hannah Dean)

Davis was born Apr. 13, 1803, was married to Hannah Bradish Feb. 1, 1827. Their family consisted of nine children, four sons and five daughters.Freeman, Josiah, Laura, Roxa, Luther, Samuel, and Amy. Two died in infancy. Theothers are all living, three are married. Uncle Davis died Nov. 1, 1874, Aunt Hannah died Dec. 27, 1886.


(Georgeand Nancy Carpenter)

Nancy was born May 30, 1805, was married to George Carpenter Nov. 5, 1826. Their family consisted of six children; four sons and two daughters. Rebecca, Chester, Eastman, George, Samuel and Alice. All grew up, one daughter died, and Samuel was in the late war, was wounded atthe battle of Gettysburgh July 2, 1863 and died of his wounds on the 10 of the same month. He was brought home andburied at Sandy Creek.

UncleGeorge and Aunt Nancy celebrated their Golden wedding Nov. 1876 the only ones ofthe ten children.

UncleGeorge died April 21, 1888, and Aunt Nancy Nov. 3 of the same year.


Grandfathersfamily by the second marriage was on son and two daughters, Harvey Eliza andHarriet.


(Harvyand Eliza Dean)

Harvywas born May 2, 1814 and was married to Eliza Wilkins Sept. 23, 1838. Their family consisted of five children, two sons and three daughters.Charles, Martin, Susan, Chrisa and Caroline. All grew up, all married and allare living.

UncleHarvy died Jan. 14, 1865 and Aunt Eliza is still living with his children in Wisconsin.

Theyhave twenty five grand children, and four great grand children.


(Deckerand Corwin Family)

       Eliza was born July 23, 1816, was married to Solomon Decker, who died in Dec. 1836. She was married again toNoah Corwin Aug 1839. Of the first marriage there was one daughter, Mary who ismarried and now lives in Pulteney. Of the second marriage five children, twoliving,


(Williamand Harriet Caldwell)

Harrietwas born Nov 25, 1818, was married to William Caldwell in 1847. Their family numbered eight childrenthree sons and five daughters; William, J. Parrish, and Thomas D, Mary J.Harriet Eliza S. Marrilla and Emma. Six grew up, four married. Uncle Williamdied Apr. 8, 1881, Aunt Harriet died Oct 13 1883.



Grandfatherssecond wife (the widow Pierce) had four children by her former husband. As theyall came to Italy and were more or less connected with the family I will a history of them. Theirnames were Martin R, Fanny, Polly and Wealthy.


(MartinPierce family)

Martinmarried Nancy Bartlet for his first wife. They had two sons, Frances and Byron.For his second wife he married Emily Graham. Their family was six children, twosons Seymour and Martin, four daughters Emily, Mariah, Fanna and Ella. All grewup and married and all are living Honeoye.

(Valentineand Fanny Graham)

Fannymarried Valentine Graham. They had a large family of children, seven are nowliving: Fidelia, Amy, Lydia, and Calisha, Guy, Martin and Elisha.

Valentinewas the first Post Master in town, having been appointed in 1824. He alsoerected the first distillery in 1818. He was Justice of Peace and Town Clerk forseveral years. He died in 1864 his wife in 1873.


(Johnand Polly Bartlett)

Pollymarried John Bartlett, they had a large family of children. They moved to Wisconsin in 1847 or 8 and are yet living.



Wealthymarried Mr. Bebee and went west. No history of their family.


Thegrandchildren of Samuel Dean Jr. was seventy seven, of this number seventy onegrew to be men and women, sixty married.

Amongthem we find ministers and farmers, professional men and worthy politicians,some of them filling honorable offices in town and county.

Whilenone have acquired great wealth, still all are in their way independent.

Noneof the daughters are remarkable for great beauty, but all are good housekeepers,good cooks, pleasant wives and mothers, the kind that make home    pleasant.  






TheFollowing is the DeanFamily History

Correctionsand additions

RogerW. Wilson




Theearlier Samuel Dean was probably born in Raynham, MA in 1735. He was of English descent. He and his wife Hannah had eight childrenand three of the girls; Anna, Hepzabeth, and Polly did marry young men with thelast name of Daggett, though not all brothers. (Anna married Simeon, Hebzabethmarried Darius, and Polly married John.)  Thereis no record of a Brazilla. Darius ended up in Chester, VT (see below deposition)


 Thefollowing is a deposition from Darius Dean, Samuel Dean’s brother supportingSamuel’s application for a Revolutionary War Pension.


Stateof Vermont

WindsorCounty  ss           Personally appeared before the  subscriber, a justice of the peace, in and for the said county, Darius Dean ofChester in said county, aged seventy eight years this present month, after beingduly sworn according to law, deposes and says that Samuel Dean, formerly ofTaunton in the county of Bristol and state of Massachusetts, late of Chester,Vermont, and now of Yates County State of New York, who made application for apension from said Yates county, is this Deponent's brother, that his saidbrother Samuel Dean was born in the year 1760, that this deponent was born in1767, being nearly seven years younger than his said brother Samuel, that thisdeponent, Samuel Dean, and his father whose name was also Samuel Dean, residedin Taunton during the War of the Revolution; that his said brother Samuel Dean,served in the War of the Revolution in the service of the United States severalterms of enlistment; one of nine months, one of three, and some other termsamounting to about two years in all from the year 1777 to the year 1780 or 1781according to his now best recollection, knowledge, and belief. That thisdeponent well recollects his going to the army with his said brother Samuel Deanand encamped with him one night on Rhode Island. This deponent further says that hisfather’s name also being Samuel Dean Served in the War of the Revolution inthe three years service. That he knows of no other person of the name of SamuelDean except his father and his brother above mentioned.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     DariusDean


Swornand subscribed this   

7thday of July 1845  


Thedeposition also puts Samuel’s place of birth as Taunton, Massachusetts.  


The“widow Pierce” was Jemima Round, born about 1777/78. She was the daughter ofMartin Rounds and Jemima Ballou. She married Leonard Pierce of MA. They had fourchildren: Wealthy/Weltha born 1804, Martin born 1807, Leonard, and Polly born1810.                                                                                                                                                       

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