Descendants of William Folston(Fowlstone)

 contributed by MargaretFolston


Generation No. 1 

1. WILLIAM1FOLSTON (Fowlstone)was born Dec 25, 1785 in Askham, Westmorland, England, and died Feb 03, 1849 inAda Township, Kent County, Michigan.  Hemarried (1) JERUSHA GREEN abt. 1812.  She was born Feb 12,1793 in Gorham, Ontario County, New York, and died Jun 08, 1828 in Jerusalem,Yates County, New York.  He married(2nd) . . . . STARKEY/Sutton  abt 1843. (unverified)   [She died Middlesex,Yates County, New York or Kent County, Michigan]   


                     i.    ELIZABETH2FOLSTON,b. Nov 27, 1814, Gorham, Ontario County, New York; d. 14 Mar 1907, West River,Italy, Yates County, New York; m. 1837, New York, John Warner Mower, b. 11 Jan 1811, New York, d. 29 Oct 1887, Italy, YatesCounty, New York.

                    ii.    SARAH S. FOLSTON,b. Dec 24, 1818, Middlesex, Yates County, New York; d. Mar 31, 1854, AdaTownship, Kent County, Michigan; m. 12 Jan 1842, Yates County, New York, JACOBS.SCHENCK;b. May 17, 1819, Potter, Yates County, New York; d. Jan 11, 1895, Ada Township,Kent County, Michigan.

                   iii.    MARY JANE FOLSTON, b. May 17, 1823, Jerusalem,Yates County, New York; d. Feb 22, 1914, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan; m.1848, Yates County, New York, EGBERT A SABIN;b. Feb 14, 1825, Naples, Ontario County, New York; d. Feb 22, 1914, GrandRapids, Kent County, Michigan.

                 iv.    BENJAMIN GREENFOLSTON,b. Feb 10, 1825, Italy, Yates County, New York; d. Sep 30, 1905, Grand Rapids,Kent County, Michigan; m. 27 Feb 1850, Potter, Yates County, New York, Susan AnnFinch, b. 29 Feb 1832, Potter, Yates County, New York, d. 13 Feb 1907, GrandRapids, Kent County, Michigan.


Childof WILLIAMFOLSTONand . . . . STARKEY/Sutton is:

                v.    WILLIAM SUTTON2FOLSTON, JR.,b. Jul 28, 1844, Middlesex, Yates County, New York; d. Nov 06, 1919, Dufur,Wasco County, Oregon.



Generation No. 2 

2.  BENJAMIN GREEN2 FOLSTON(WILLIAMSUTTON1)was born Feb 10, 1825 in Italy, Yates County, New York, and died Sep 30, 1905 inGrand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan.  Hemarried SUSAN ANN FINCH Feb 10, 1850 in Potter, Yates County, New York.  Shewas born Feb 29, 1832 in Potter, Yates County, New York, and died Feb 13, 1907in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan.        


                     i.    Baby Boy Folston,b. 24 Feb 1851, Ada Twp, Kent County, Michigan; d. 24 Mar 1851, Ada Twp, KentCounty, Michigan.

                    ii.    EBIN3FOLSTON,b. Oct 05, 1852, Ada Township, Kent County, Michigan; d. Sep 27, 1854, AdaTownship, Kent County, Michigan.

                   iii.    WILLIAM FOLSTON,b. Jan 06, 1855, Ada Township, Kent County, Michigan; d. Aug 11, 1856, AdaTownship, Kent County, Michigan.

                   iv.    ARGALUS EMERSONFOLSTON,b. May 20, 1858, Ada Township, Kent County, Michigan; d. May 03, 1900, Waterloo,Nebraska.

                    v.    MARY S. FOLSTON,b. Mar 08, 1862, Ada Township, Kent County, Michigan; d. 1953, Orange Co.,Florida; m. 26 Jun 1906 William Phillip Armstrong, d. 1913 GrandRapids, Kent County, Michigan.

                   vi.    SARAH A. FOLSTON,b. Apr 04, 1868, Ada Township, Kent County, Michigan; d. Oct 1938, Kent County,Michigan; m. 28 Jun 1902 Vance A. Emmons, (div).

                  vii.    ORIN FOLSTON, b. Aug 03, 1874, Ada Township,Kent County, Michigan; d. Dec 11, 1898. 


3.  WILLIAM SUTTON2 FOLSTON, (WILLIAMSUTTON1)was born Jul 28, 18441, and died Nov 06, 1919 in Dufur, WascoCounty, Oregon2.  Hemarried HANNAHLUCINACASSETYOct 14, 1866 in Tyrone Township, Kent County, Michigan3,daughter of FRANKLINCASSETYand CHARITYGILBERT. She was born Nov 12, 1848 in Reed Township, Seneca, Ohio, and died Nov09, 1919 in Dufur, Wasco County, Oregon4.



                     i.    WILLIAM3FOLSTON,b. Apr 24, 1867, Tyrone Township, Kent County, Michigan; d. Apr 24, 1867, TyroneTownship, Kent County, Michigan. Burial: Apr 1867, Unmarked Cassety family plot, CasnoviaTownship, Muskegon County, Michigan  

                    ii.    FRANK(LIN) FOLSTON,b. Aug 05, 1868, Tyrone Township, Kent County, Michigan; d. Apr 16, 1887, SilverFalls, Marion County, Oregon. Burial: Apr 1887, Mt. View/Hult/Green Cemetery,Silverton, Marion County, Oregon  

                  iii.    WILLIAM FRANKLINFOLSTON,b. Feb 22, 1870, Casnovia Township, Muskegon County, Michigan; d. May 18, 1962,Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon.

                  iv.    EDITH SUTTONFOLSTON,b. Jan 26, 1872, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan; d. Mar 30, 1971,Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon.

                   v.    EUGENE THOMASFOLSTON6,b. Feb 17, 1874, Ada, Kent County, Michigan6; d. Jul 15, 1930,Stockton, San Joaquin County, California6.

                 vi.    HERBERT VERNONFOLSTON,b. Aug 21, 1876, Silverton, Marion County, Oregon; d. Jan 27, 1953, Prescott,Yavapai County, Arizona.

                 vii.    ETHEL IRENEFOLSTON,b. Jun 14, 1879, Silverton, Marion County, Oregon; d. Apr 04, 1967, Oakland,Alameda County, California.

                 viii.    BENJAMIN GILBERTFOLSTON6,b. May 05, 1882, Silverton, Marion County, Oregon6; d. Apr 24,1949, Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, Oregon6; m. ALMALAWRENCE6,May 14, 19186.   Burial: Apr 1949, Mt. View Memorial Garden Cemetery

                  ix.    RALPH PHILLIPFOLSTON,b. Jul 16, 1885, Silverton, Marion County, Oregon; d. Apr 23, 1957, Prineville,Crook County, Oregon.

                   x    KENNETH CARSONFOLSTON6,b. Jun 04, 1886, Silverton, Marion County, Oregon6; d. Nov 20,1917, Paradise Valley, Maricopa County, Arizona6. Notes - He was murdered in Paradise Valley, Arizona, by a gunshotto the back of the head by Ival McCann over the sum of $300.00. [Maricopa County Superior Court, Records of Murder Trial of Ival McCann]    Burial: Nov 1917, Greenwood (Memory Lawn) Cemetery,Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona


Generation No. 3  

4.  WILLIAM FRANKLIN3 FOLSTON(WILLIAMSUTTON2,WILLIAMSUTTON1) was born Feb 22, 1870 in Casnovia Township, Muskegon County, Michigan, and diedMay 18, 1962 in Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon7. He married ALMIRAJANEKEYESNov 27, 1898 in Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon. She was born Jan 08, 1880 in Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon, and diedMar 17, 1925 in Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon7.


                     i.    SELDON FRANKLIN4FOLSTON8,b. Aug 08, 1899, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon8; d. Aug 31,1986, California9; m. ALPHA OLIVEVANHORN,Jan 01, 1921; b. Nov 10, 1901, Oregon9; d. Sep 29, 1979,California9.  Notes for Seldon - 1900 Census: Jun 19, 1900, Son of William & Allie,Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon  

                    ii.    AGNES EDITHFOLSTON,b. Jan 03, 1903, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon; m. WALT JORDAN, May 09, 1920, Wheeler County,Oregon10.  Divorced 

                   iii.    IALEEN OLGAFOLSTON,b. Apr 16, 1905, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon13; d. Dec30, 1973, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon13,14; m. RAYSTALKER15,16,Jun 18, 1936; b. Feb 09, 190217; d. Dec 1982, Portland,Multnomah County, Oregon17.

   iv.    JAMES EUGENEFOLSTON18,b. Aug 06, 1907, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon19; d. Sep24, 196619; m. ELIZABETH BELLE LAIRD20,21, Jun 08, 1929; b. Abt. 1905, Minnesota21. Note on Elizabeth - 1930 Federal Census lists Elizabeth as daughter-in-law,living with James and her father-in-law, William  

                    v.    LAURENCE NEILFOLSTON,b. Mar 27, 1910, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon; d. Mar 06, 1971, Linn County,Oregon22; m. FLORENCE JESSIE CLARK23, on Sep 13, 193923; b.Jan 17, 191324; d. May 1986, Albany, Linn County, Oregon24.  

                   vi.    ELLEN LUCINAFOLSTON,b. Oct 30, 1912, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon26,27,28; d.Jan 05, 1986, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon28; m. ANDREWJACKSONWADDINGTON29,Jun 12, 1936; b. Mar 21, 190930; d. Apr 27, 1990, Eugene, LaneCounty, Oregon30,31.  

                  vii.    WILLIAM FOLSTON32,33,b. Nov 23, 1917, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon34; d. Dec1976, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon34; m. MARYLOU 35  

                 viii.    ORENA RUTHFOLSTON35,b. Jun 30, 1920, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon36,37; d. Aug30, 2000, Crook County, Oregon38,39.


5.  EDITH SUTTON3 FOLSTON(WILLIAMSUTTON2,WILLIAMSUTTON1)39was born Jan 26, 1872 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan39,and died Mar 30, 1971 in Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon39. She married MARTINLUTHEROLIVER39Sep 20, 1894 in Silverton, Marion County, Oregon. He was born Apr 21, 1868 in Martinville, Morgan County, Oregon39,and died Jun 05, 1960 in Hermiston, Umatilla County, Oregon39.     EDITH- Burial: Mar 1971, Hermiston Cemetery, vault interment,Hermiston, Umatilla County, Oregon    


                     i.    MARTIN LUTHER4OLIVERII, b. Mar 15, 1897, Silverton, Marion County, Oregon40,41; d.Nov 24, 1993, Washington County, Oregon42,43; m. (1) VERNA44;m. (2) MARYALYCE 45.

                    ii.    ADAH MAE OLIVER45,b. Jan 06, 1899, Sisters, Crook County, Oregon45; m. JOHNTHEODOREFERRIER45,Dec 12, 1919.  Later divorced 

                   iii.    MILDRED LOUISEOLIVER45,b. Jul 04, 1903, Sisters, Crook County, Oregon45; m. CLARENCEFELIXMCKENZIE45,Jul 05, 192145.  

6.  HERBERT VERNON3 FOLSTON(WILLIAMSUTTON2,WILLIAMSUTTON1)45was born Aug 21, 1876 in Silverton, Marion County, Oregon45,and died Jan 27, 1953 in Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona45. He married BEATRIZTAPIA-URIAS45Sep 24, 1923 in Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona45. She was born Jan 03, 1906 in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico45,and died Jun 24, 1996 in Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona45.          


                     i.    LIVING4FOLSTON45.

                    ii.    LIVING FOLSTON45.

                   iii.    ALBERT FOLSTON45,b. Nov 16, 192745; d. Dec 16, 1927, Prescott, Yavapai County,Arizona45.

                   iv.    LIVING FOLSTON45.

                    v.    GEORGIA ROSEFOLSTON45,b. Dec 07, 193345; d. Jul 25, 2004, Prescott, Yavapai County,Arizona45.  


7.  ETHEL IRENE3 FOLSTON(WILLIAMSUTTON2,WILLIAMSUTTON1)45was born Jun 14, 1879 in Silverton, Marion County, Oregon45,and died Apr 04, 1967 in Oakland, Alameda County, California45. She married HERMANERNESTBOETTGER45Sep 14, 1904 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon45.  He was born Aug 26, 1878 in St. Paul, Howard County, Nebraska45,and died Sep 10, 1928 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California45.       


                     i.    THELMA GLADYS4BOETTGER45,b. Mar 13, 1906, Auburn, Marion County, Oregon45; d. Jan 19,1976, Redmond, Deschutes County, Oregon45; m. JOHNHENRYVINCENT45,Unknown, unknown.  THELMA- Burial: 1976, Stockton Rural Cemetery, Stockton, SanJoaquin County, California45  

                    ii.    WILLIAM ERNESTBOETTGER45,b. Dec 31, 1907, Auburn, Marion County, Oregon45; d. Sep 24,1937, Stockton, San Joaquin County, California45.

                   iii.    GOLDIE IRENEBOETTGER45,b. Dec 10, 1909, Auburn, Marion County, Oregon45; d. Apr 22,1969, Alameda, Alameda County, California45.   GOLDIE- Burial: 1969, Stockton Rural Cemetery, Stockton, SanJoaquin County, California45


8.  RALPH PHILLIP3 FOLSTON(WILLIAMSUTTON2,WILLIAMSUTTON1)45was born Jul 16, 1885 in Silverton, Marion County, Oregon45,and died Apr 23, 1957 in Prineville, Crook County, Oregon45. He married ALTAM.NICHOLAS45Oct 13, 1912.   RALPH-Burial Apr 1957, I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Mitchell, WheelerCounty, Oregon  


                     i.    DELBERT CLARENCE4FOLSTON45,, Oregon45; m. JAMES SHELL45,

   ii.    GILBERT EUGENEFOLSTON45,b. Jan 28, 1915, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon45; d. Jun05, 196945; m. VIRGINIA JUNE WINEBARGER45.

                   iii.    EVERETT MASONFOLSTON45, b. Mar 07, 1920, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon45; d. Jun25, 199345; m. VIVIAN MAE LOWTHER45.

                   iv.    ROBERT RALPHFOLSTON45,b. Sep 04, 1930, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon45; d. Sep05, 1930, Mitchell, Wheeler County, Oregon45.

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