French Cemetery

Adam's Family Notes

by Carlene

This is great work and I am pleased that it is online. I realize it is difficult to get info and hope you will accept mine.
There are some inconsistencies among the Adams entries in French Cemetery.
1.  Adams  Asahel May 1827- Sept 25, 1839 aged 12y,4m,12d is NOT husb of
Polly LOWELL: son of Chauncy and Cynthia (French)                  CORRECTED
  He is the son of Chauncy and Cynthia (French) Asahel Adams, husb of Polly Lowell is buried in Overacker Cemetery
with Polly.
2. Adams Chauncey July 4, 1792-Sept 4, 1884: aged 92yr,2m,: son of Asahel
and Polly LOWELL is incorrect he is son of Asahel and Sarah (Herrick)    This was Asahel's first wife.
# 3 is Adams Chester 1810 Mar 2, 1837: aged 27y; son of Chester and Elizabeth (Southerland)  I have no proof of this one but believe the Chester
of Chester and Elizabeth Southerland Adams was born 21 Sept 1804 in Middlesex and went west with his brother Isaac to Indiana and died there in
1851. Will look for another Chester in this area.
4. Adams Elizabeth S. died Mar 5, 1858; age 8 wk; dau of Chester and Elizabeth (Southerland)
This is impossible,  Chester Adams died in 1829 and Elizabeth Southerland died in 1848. She is someone else's child  CORRECTED
5. Adams Timothy 1844- Jan 30, 1845; age6m,21d; son of Chaucey and Cynthia Although possible, highly unlikely, she would have been 58 yrs old and the
child before him was born in 1830. A gap of 14 yrs. (perhaps stone read wrong 16y?)
Elizabeth Southerland was also buried in this cemetery, I found her tombstone the last time I was there. It was lying on the ground under some
dirt. I do have a photo of it, not a very clear photo as it was drizzling but it does say Elisabeth Southerland (clearly) wife of (not so clear)r
Adams March (not so clear) aged 8 (not so clear) y
Broken below this
Timothy tombstone said Timothy P.D. son of Chauncey and Cynthia Adams and stone was buried below that.
Chauncey Adams tombstone was broken into two pieces lying on ground and just parts of it readable.
There was a In memory of Abner son of Chester and Elizabeth and broken below that.
Asahel son of Chauncey and Cynthia Adams died unclear 25, 1830 aged 12 yrs ?mos, 12 da

Tombstone lying on ground C.A. footstone and S.A. footstones were in Adams row

Cynthia wife of Chancey Adams daughter of Ozias & Elizabeth French died;  stone buried in ground below this.

There was one other tombstone that was completely illegible and deteriorated in the Adams row. I never found Chester's stone, hope it was buried along

with Elizabeth's. We were not prepared to dig in the rain or anytime.  But even a brush would have been welcome to brush away the dirt.
These were scanned into my computer in June of 2003, that would be close to the time I was there. If you would like copies I would be glad to send them.
descendant of Chester, Elizabeth, Asahel, Sarah through Betsey Adams (sister of Chauncey) and Isaac Adams married 10 June 1810 in Middlesex, Yates
County, New York