Buckley Johnson  Cemetery

Waugh Road, north of South Glennora Road

Starkey, NY

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"This Para-phrase taken from Fran Dumas' cemetery listing"

"This is the heart of the "Canada Settlement" where families that were forced out of Canada because they refused to swear an oath to the King of England" in the War of 1812, came to live.   The plot was at the edge of the gully and may have been partially destroyed by erosion as well as the grazing of livestock in later years.  Buckley Johnson came to Starkey in 1814 and married twice.  His 1st wife died here, but his 2nd wife, Julia Youngs went west with her daughters.  Lyman, son of  Buckley, and Lyman's son Buckley Jr., live on the homestead. The rest of the Johnson family moved out of Yates County.  The Sawyers & Newcombs who came from Canada along with the Johnsons' are mostly buried in the Rock Stream cemetery, as is Lyman Johnson.  

This list is of family members who could not be located elsewhere."

JOHNSON Ann 1808 - Apr 27, 1879; 2nd wife of Lyman; dau of Anthony & Patience SHARP
JOHNSON Anna abt. 1821; 1st wife of Buckley Sr.; dau of Azariah NEWCOMB
JOHNSON Buckley Sr. abt .1824; husb of  Anna NEWCOMB &  Julia YOUNGS
JOHNSON Buckley Jr. died Dec 14, 1903; aged 62y,5m,12d; son of Lyman B. & Anna (Sharp) [town record]
JOHNSON Margaret 1838 - ????; wife of Buckley; nee MC MANNERS

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