Davis or Conklin Cemetery

West of Corwin Rd., South of Belknap Hill Rd., Jerusalem

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PRIVATE PROPERTY         ABANDONED    (only a few stones left)

BARNES Elizur 1772 - 1836; husb of Experience INGRAHAM
BARNES Experience I. Aug 8, 1782 CT - Aug 18, 1873; 91y; wife of Elizur; nee INGRAHAM
BARNES Ira   son of Elizur & Experience (Ingraham)
BARNES Mary   dau of Elizur & Experience (Ingraham)
BARNES Parmalee died 1820; son of Samuel & Abigail
BARNES Rachel M.   wife of Samuel Jr.; nee MEEK
BARNES Samuel Jr.   son of Elizur & Experience (Ingraham)
COLE Allen died Dec 8, 1829; 34y; son of Joseph & Hannah (Whitaker)
COLE Hannah W. May 22, 1775 RI -  1819; wife of Joseph; nee WHITAKER
COLE John 1797 - 1862; 65y; ; husb of Rebecca MULTER & ???; son of Joseph & Hannah (Whitaker)
COLE Joseph Sept 26, 1770 - Jan 19, 1861; 90y; husb of Hannah WHITAKER
COLE Rebecca M. died bef 1847; 1st wife of John; nee MULTER
CONKLIN Elizabeth  died June 19, 1873?; 61y,16d; wife of John
CONKLIN John died June 22, 1872; 80y,3m,26d; husb of Elizabeth
CORTWRIGHT Jacob W. died Oct 29, 1841; 25y,5m,28d; son of Frederick & Maria
DAINS David died Mar 3, 1834; 51y,7m,29d; son of Jesse & Chloe (Thompson)
DAVIS Huldah B. Oct 2, 1807 - Aug 8, 1900; 92y; wife of Jesse; dau of Elizer & Experience (Ingraham) BARNES
DAVIS Jesse died 1862; 84y; son of Wm. & Nancy (Davis)
DAVIS Nancy D. 17?? - 18??; wife of Wm.; nee DAVIS   
DAVIS William 1748 - 1818; husb of Nancy DAVIS

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