Isaac Lain Cemetery

On East side of  Voak Rd., just north of Ferguson Corners Rd.


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BUCKELEW Elizabeth A. R. 1830 - May 6, 1854; 24y; w/o Peter; d/o Thomas & Hannah RICHE
HALL Hannah died Apr 25, 1827; 87y; w/o Wm.
KINNEY Sarah L. died July 8, 1846; 49y,1m,6d; w/o John; d/o Isaac & Elizabeth (Lain)
LAIN Clark C. 1812 - Jan 9, 1834; 21y,9m,25d
LAIN Elizabeth died May 27, 1841; 49y,1m,6d; w/o Isaac; nee LAIN
LAIN Isaac  died 1807; 43y; h/o Elizabeth LAIN
LAIN John 1800 - Sept 12, 1828; 28y; s/o Isaac & Elizabeth (Lain)
LAIN unknown died aged 12y; s/o ?  [next to Clark C.'s burial spot]
RICHE Hannah L. 1805 - Jan 5, 1850; 44y,6m,20d; w/o Thomas C.; d/o Isaac & Elizabeth (Lain)

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