Jones Cemetery 

Starkey, NY


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On Private property Readings were taken by an unknown Eagle Scout candidate. This was located south of Allen Road, and west of Old Lake Road in Starkey. Not known if any markers are left.

My link to 1850 Starkey Census   pg 152

JONES Benjamin E. 1786 - Mar 26, 1872; aged 85y,6m; husb of Mary JONES; son of Edward & Elizabeth [aged 73y on 1860 census, aged 86y on 1870 census]
JONES Edea died Sept 18, 1864; aged 4y   [mortality schedule]
JONES Hannah 1818 - ??   wife of Levingston; nee WOODWARD    [aged 57y on 1870 census]
JONES Joseph 1836 - ??;  husb of Mary [per 1870 census, aged 34y; not located on 1880 census or later] Civil War Vet
JONES Levingstone 1813 - ??;  husb of Hannah WOODWARD son of Benjamin & Polly  [aged 57y on 1870 census]
JONES Mary D. died Aug 10, 1870; 18y,5m,2d; wife of Archibald [on 1870 census w/ husb & dau Mary, aged 1y][Arch on 1880 census w/ 2nd wife, Abbey]
JONES Mary 1793 - Mar 16, 1853; aged 60y,2m; wife of Benjamin E; nee JONES
JONES Patience died July 5, 1847; aged 2d
JONES Winfield died June 28, 1851; aged 6y,28d; son of Levingstone & Hannah (Woodward)

[Note; Levingston is listed as Livingston Jones in census reports]

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