Alexander & Isaac Nichols Cemetery

West of Himrod Road, South of end of Milo Center Road, Milo, NY

(both located in field and pastures)

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Alexander Nichols Cemetery

Southeast of Isaac Nichols Cemetery

CHAFFEE Mahala 1797 - Sept 26, 1851; 54y,6m,10d; wife of Henry  [listed on own stone & Dickerson monu]
DICKERSON Martha C. 1832 - Jan 20, 1887; 55y; wife of A; nee CHAFFEE   [monu toppled]
NICHOLS Alexander  1778 -  Jan 10, 1858; 81y,8m,1d; husb of Mary CHAMBERS
NICHOLS Josiah G. 1800 - Sept 25, 1864; 64y,3m,25d; husb of ??? & Susan E.
NICHOLS Mary C. 1781 - 185?; wife of Alexander; dau of John CHAMBERS
NICHOLS Samuel A. 1843 - July 3, 1863; 20y,4m,28d; son of Johnson A. & Mary;   Co. B, 148th NY - Civil War Vet
NICHOLS Susan E. 1830 - Dec 16, 1874; 44y; 2nd wife of Josiah G.
NICHOLS unknown died Mar 23, 1861; 1y,7m; son of Alonzo & Amanda


Isaac Nichols Cemetery

West of Himrod Road, South of end of Milo Center Road, Milo, NY

(located in field and pastures, a bit North East of Alex Nichols ceme)


NICHOLS Anna 1753 - Oct 16, 1838; 85y;  wife of Isaac; nee BOON
NICHOLS C. H.  footstone only
NICHOLS Elizabeth Ann died Nov 20, 1832; 1y,3m,14d; dau of Sylvester & Susannah (Crane)
NICHOLS Hannah died Apr 17, 1842; 65y;  wife of Mr. Green & George Nichols; dau of Elizabeth KINYOUN
NICHOLS Isaac 1747 -  Dec 23, 1829; 82y
NICHOLS Isaac S. died Feb 10, 1834; 7m;  son of Sylvester & Susannah (Crane)
NICHOLS Mary Susan died Nov 17, 1842; 1y,10m,27d;  dau of Sylvester & Mary
NICHOLS Susannah C. 1811 - Feb 20, 1834; 22y;  wife of Sylvester; nee CRANE
NICHOLS Sylvester died Jan 23, 1847;  husb of Susannah CRANE & Mary
NICHOLS unknown died 1843; 1y ;   & 3 other unmarked field stones


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